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Sacred Plant Medicine

Entheogens (also referred to as hallucinogens and psychedelics) are naturally occurring and synthesized substances that are used as tools for greater self-awareness, healing, spiritual awakening and clarity.

On my website I only refer to natural substances. My specific focus is on the sacred use of plants for healing and learning experiences, and this is what I discuss on my website. I leave it to each person to form their own assessments and opinions regarding other types of entheogens, such as those that are chemically synthesized.

Entheogens connect you to something higher, something universal. The word is derived from an ancient greek word which means "full of god" or "full of divinity".

Some currently well known natural Entheogens/ Sacred Plant Medicines are: Ayahuasca, San Pedro/Huachuma, Peyote, Psylocibin Mushrooms, Iboga (oneirogenic), etc.

“The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants” lists over 400 psychoactive plants and it’s possible there are hundreds more.

Many different entheogenic plant species have been used around the world through human history, as depicted in ancient artifacts, language, and pictograms, illustrating spiritual truths through symbolism, mythology and mystics.

In many tribes the use of psychoactive plants is mythologically associated with the origin of the world, which is one reason they are considered Sacred Plants.

Natural Entheogens were commonly used historically and in some cases are still used now by many traditions and religions, usually within ritualistic and/or ceremonial frameworks. They are used to gain wisdom, to find truth, to receive clarity, to create peace, to find solutions, for healing, connect to spirit, for learning and personal and communal development.

In addition to all of the documented ancient knowledge, there seem to be many new discoveries regarding psychoactive plants.

Luckily (from my point of view), humans are returning to the use of these sacred tools and medicines.

Experiences with psychedelic plants can often bring back into our awareness a sense of reciprocity and universal interconnectedness. This has the potential to be integrated into and reflected in our lifestyle.

For a long time now modern societies have been lacking those experts who carry forward traditional knowledge about the ritualistic/ceremonial use of entheogens for healing of the individual and tribe.

In many parts of the world knowledge about Sacred Plants, their uses, etc. were destroyed as a result of different forceful movements. A huge part was played by the missionaries and the Christian church against the spiritual use of Sacred Plants. The keepers of traditional knowledge and guidance disappeared and for this reason cultures in many countries carry a big wound.

Who knows in which ways this is affecting us on a collective unconscious level?

Albert Hoffmann expressed about Entheogens:” Our fractured consciousness must be replaced by a consciousness in which creator, creation, and created are experienced as a unity”

Many authors, researchers and public speakers hold the opinion that the root of many spiritual traditions is Sacred Plants. Some believe it´s possible that the beginnings of religion started with psychedelic plants and the sacred rituals associated with them, and that this was the way in which humans initially connected to light, to their gods and to the universe. For many following religious founders/leaders it was difficult, that the plants mostly teach and show you that "God" is everywhere. This point of view and this type of awareness is not in the interest of religious leaders who want to gain power over others or to lead humans in an ego driven way.

Users of Entheogenic plants realize very often that life is about unity/wholeness and not about separation. Many receive the sense that "God" is in every living being.

About Entheogens it´s said that they open doors to your journey of self-awareness and self-realization.

Often you can ask who is opening this? From where are the teachings/visions/etc. coming? Is it from myself? Is it from a collective subconscious level? Is it a higher intelligence? Does it comes from a deeper soul level? Does it come from a plant spirit(s)? Is it carried from a specific frequency? Is it just a stored memory? Is it a reflection of my mind? Is it the unrevealing mind? ……. Etc. The answer is up to your individual spiritual belief and approach.

The use of these plants can lead to a spiritual awakening or can make a mystical experience possible.

Used in the right way the plant medicine can shatter all kinds of delusions, expose false beliefs, and unfold personal or collective areas which are not serving the highest good.

According to Prof. Grof Entheogens can open up new points of view about self and the ego. They can produce a transformative and transcendent experience and produce altered states of consciousness or so called holotropic states (holotropic=focused on wholeness). They can take a person beyond their known sensory world into metaphysical and spiritual realms.

“Entheogens can open doorways to the greater intelligence of the psyche (soul)” (Huxley).

Shamans, who are the traditional specialists, speak of natural Entheogens as Plant Teachers, Magical Plants, Plants of the Gods, Sacred Plants, Doctors, …etc. The plants are honored as teacher, mother, father, doctor or other realities.

Shamans don’t use entheogens just to get high or as recreational drugs. They only use them for their sacraments/ceremonies to connect to spirit, the gods, the demons .. etc. They use the energy of the plants to move energy, to liberate sickness or bad energies, and to drive out harmful spirits & energies.

These plants, used in a sacred way, can nourish our souls, can cause enlightenment for our mind, and can maintain our body in general.

Psychoactive plants get smoked, chewed, sniffed, licked or drunk. Some in a higher dose, some in a very small dose. It´s very important to know the right doses, the right ingredients etc. To use the wrong dose can be very dangerous.

To use these powerful plants is for me a sacred ritual and it needs the right set & setting. Personally I`m very convinced of and believe in the power of old traditional rituals. Healers/shamans who learnt in this traditional way carry for me a unique connection to old stored wisdom and universal memory. Guidance in an old traditional way connects the human psyche in a deep way to the so called other world.

I can recommend, if you have the option to work with one of the old, traditional, skilled shamans, someone who is trustworthy, do it and take the chance. Don´t wait too long, they will probably disappear one day.

I’m not saying that new modern methods can´t be a healing approach, I personally just feel very connected to the traditional ones.

Just to clarify, the plant is not doing the work for you. What the effects will be is a very individual experience. It´s about creating a partnership to the plant and committing to doing your inner work on your side.

Entheogenic Plants are not a solution, but they can show you a path to finding solutions.

When I speak/write about the use of Entheogens, I speak in reverence of a sacred and honored practice for healing and learning. Of course, even if you use the plants for recreational (just having fun) purposes beneficial things can happen for you. I just don´t refer to it here in my writing and explanations neither do I recommend it

In most countries most of the Sacred Plants/Entheogens are considered illegal substances. I don´t encourage you to use forbidden substances!!!

There is much more to research, to read and to become informed about. The use of Entheogens is such a huge field and there are many different perspectives on how to approach this topic.

For me it´s very natural that everyone has his or her own opinion about the use of these plants etc.. We are all very different, so we will have different opinions, different approaches and different explanations.


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