Ayahuasca Retreat & Shipibo Diet

in the Sacred Valley / Peruvian Andes

10. - 24. April 2023

(with Maestra Manuela Mahua)

Early Bird Price!
Booking before 1.1.23

Accommodation & Location:

Lodging will be at an idyllic Andean Mountain Lodge. The venue is situated above a tranquil community where local people live together with many international expats.

Guests are provided comfortable private rooms and bathrooms. The grounds lead out into a sprawling garden area speckled with local permaculture projects. Ute, the retreat organizer and facilitator lives nearby and will be available to guests during the day and throughout ceremonies.

This mountain retreat has been created with mountain lovers in mind. It is ideal for those who are seeking to experience jungle medicine in the high Andes.

This retreat has also been created with consideration to guests who feel challenged by the prospect of adapting to the simple conditions and facilities offered on our jungle retreat. The Andean mountain venue allows guests the opportunity to work with sacred plants without being confronted by native wildlife such as insects and mosquitos. You will have comfortable beds and rooms to relaxe and integrate.

Jungle retreat prices are lower due to accommodation being considerably more simple.

The host venue supports various Quechuan projects, and uses retreat fees towards local education and preservation efforts. 

The venue owner demonstrates unrelenting integrity as she has dedicated her life to supporting Quechuan children and youth. 

You can find more information and pictures about the Mountain Retreat Venue here.

Included are:

  • 14 nights & 6 ceremonies

  • Ayahuasca 

  • 1x plant for your Dieta (Bobinzana or Noya Rao)

  • 2x daily meals (in respect to fasting periods prior to ceremony)

  • 3x meals on final day

  • Drinking water and tea

  • Diet friendly fruits

  • Ceremony support

  • 1:1 Compassionate Inquiry & Psycho-spiritual Guidance throughout retreat duration 

  • 2x Group Sharing Circles (at retreat start/ finish). Participants are encouraged to share only if they feel called to do so. 

  • Group sharing during the dieta is optional. Sharing unfolds organically and is entirely determined depending on how participants feel during their dieta, and where they may be in their process. 

  • Translation Support (Spanish, English, German)

  • Mapacho (jungle tobacco)

  • Aqua Florida

  • Plant/ Flower baths before ceremony

  • 1x massage

  • Integration Support (final day)

  • Optional hike (final day)

  • Last day: Andean cooking class

  • "Welcome package", first time with True-Journey: 2 Preparation and 2 Integration Calls

  • "Friends package", returning guests: 1 Preparation and 1 Integration Call

  • 3 Group Video Meetings: Integration & Sharing Circles: dates will be announced

  • Emergency Call if needed

Additional offerings that can be booked:

- Cancha Cancha Hike: Offered two days prior to retreat start date. 

- Andean Weaving Art Workshop: before, during, or after.

- Andean Permaculture Workshop: Offered for people who like to stay longer.

more about - click here

Accommodation Before/After:

I highly recommend arriving at least two days prior to the retreat start date. This is so guests can adjust to the altitude before beginning to work with medicine. If you like to do the Hike to the upper lagoons and community, let me know for this you need to arrive at least 3 days early. I highly recommend doing that if you feel physically healthy. 

Guests traveling by air will arrive at the Cusco airport. Cusco is situated at 3,400 meters above sea level. The altitude in the Valley is lower at about 2800-2900 meters. This is why I recommend driving into the Valley and organizing accommodation for the first few nights. There are many hotels that can be found between Pisac and Ollantaytambo. 


Ceremonies: The first ceremony begins on the second evening, and will be held every other night.

We will meet at the venue around 11:00 am on the first day before lunch.

Departure will be after breakfast on the last day.

The address of the guesthouse and our meeting point will be shared by email.

What To Expect: 

When deciding to partake in our mountain retreat, there are some points to take into consideration. While in the Andes we will not have our Shipibo host family with us. Our Vegetalista who prepares extra plant remedies will also not be available. Please be aware that this special service is only offered on our jungle retreats. 

This mountain Masterplant Retreat offers a comfortable experience. The lodges have been adapted to cater to western living standards while maintaining an authentic Andean space.

The jungle and the mountains differ greatly from one another; each harnessing strong attributes unique to both environments. 

Registration Deadline:

1st February, 2023

Not Included:

  • Flights

  • Airport transportation to retreat venue

  • Transport from the retreat venue to the airport

  • Extra massages with the Maestra

  • Health Insurance: I recommend booking travel health insurance. I take no responsibility in organizing this (I also recommend flight cancellation insurance). 

  • Hotel/ Accommodation before & after the retreat

  • Shipibo Art/Craft: There will be handmade art products displayed for guests to buy that have been made by the Shipibo Maestra’s family

  • Additional coaching sessions for preparation and/or integration (contact me for prices/schedule)

  • In case of emergency: doctor/ hospital/ transport fees

  • Additional Andean Workshops


Additional information:

The destination airport is Cusco Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport. You will need about 1h 15 mins to reach the retreat location if traveling by taxi. 

We are located in between Urubamba and Calca in the Sacred Valley.

  • I will announce the retreat address via email before arrival.

  • Please read the Medical Guidelines Form before contacting me.

  • Preparation and integration is very important. I encourage participants to please schedule online sessions with me. There are 1-2 sessions before and after included in the price.

  • You will receive documents after your registration to support you in your preparation and integration time.

  • You will need to accept the Pre & Post Dieta restrictions - please read them carefully!

  • I will send you a “to bring list” of things that might be practical and/or necessary for your stay.





Registration & Payment Information:

Please contact me for price information. 

The registration process includes filling out a questionnaire, signing a disclaimer and agreement document, and a free 20- minute call to get to know each other.

Additional Andean Cultural Workshops

 Offered to support guests’ processes before, during, or after the retreat:


Two Day Hike to Cancha Cancha (about 30km): 

The Cancha Cancha hike lays fertile ground for guests to take in the Apus by journeying along the breathtaking surrounding Andes. While trekking along the mountains, visitors can gain insight into Quechuan living and find oneself completely immersed in nature’s divinity.

Included in this experience is an overnight stay in a laid back community located in a high Andean locality. A trek to sacred translucent mountain lagoons is also included for guests to grasp the diversity of the towering mountain range. 

Meals will be included.

Requirements: It is necessary to arrive at least three days prior to the retreat start date. Good physical health is required, and you will need to be adjusted to the altitude. If you are able to arrive even early to get used to the environment.

I recommend booking this hike prior. It is one of my favorite hikes to take before a dieta as it creates opportunities to connect with the heart, body, and mind. This hike can be an effective way to cleanse the mind and dispose of stress before entering into dieta.

Andean Weaving Workshop:

This workshop is ideal as it introduces the practice of weaving. An element that is integral when discussing the topic of integration. Weaving can calm the mind, draw focus, and call about presence. While partaking in this ancient practice, the interlacing of vibrant Andean colors and patterns may provide wonderful opportunities that inspire the restructuring of internal landscapes. The essence of weaving reflects the energetic construction of new pathways assembled along one’s healing process.

You will learn about spinning, dyeing, and fabrics.

The class will take about 3:30 hours.

This workshop is possible to book before, during, or after the retreat.

If you book the Workshop before the retreat starts, you can keep the material and continue the weaving during the retreat which can be a great activity during your retreat.

Andean Permaculture Workshop:

This activity is offered by a team of local community members facilitating the permaculture project. They are enthusiastic about sharing their mission with guests in order to further their efforts in safeguarding cherished resources. The team considers agriculture to be a vital resource for all. They seek to sustain and regenerate their sacred land.

The owners of the land describe that having a strong commitment to the environment is essential in order to carry out the necessary daily conservational tasks. The family weaves the ancestral wisdom passed down to them from many generations into their efforts to achieve self-sufficiency.

The duration of this workshop is roughly three hours and can be taken before or after the retreat. Participants would need to arrive earlier for this or use the opportunity to stay longer to ground.

For more information about pricing and details please feel free to send me an email.