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Ayahuasca Retreat & Shipibo Plant Dieta

by the Peruvian Pacific Coast

14- and 28 day Sacred Plant Medicine Retreat in Peru

Our first Masterplant Retreat on the Beach!

Experience Shipibo Medicine and Yoga/Breathwork

in front of the Pacific Ocean.

Es02. Sept. - 16. Sept. 2024

16. Sept. - 30. Sept. 2024

(with Maestra Juana)


more about Ayahuasca & Shipibo Plant Diet read here

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The alchemy of a sandy beach, the ocean, the sound of waves, the sprawling view of the horizon where the blue line of the sea meets the sky, experienced with powerful strong Shipibo medicine..

I am beyond excited to offer together with my Shipibo Maestra a Masterplant Retreat right on the shores of Peru.

​This retreat strives to alchemize the combined energies of the ocean and Shipibo jungle plant medicine into a transformational healing experience.

Early Bird Price!
Booking before 1 December, 2023

Who is this Ayahuasca healing retreat for?

The ocean retreat is created with water & beach lovers in mind.

It is ideal for those who have often longed during Diets/Ayahuasca Retreats to relax close to the water.

This retreat is for those who feel like they are ocean/beach people and see the ocean, the waves, and the flow of water as medicine too.

To be clear, this retreat is not for those who are looking just only for a beach holiday. This is a serious plant medicine retreat similar to what we offer in the jungle- a space to go deep, We offer the opportunity for transformational healing and life-changing experiences. Your commitment to working with strong plants and Shipibo Medicine still needs to be your priority and the primary reason why you choose to join us.


Peru Ocean Ayahuasca Retreat Accommodation & Location:

Participants will be staying in private huts on the beach. I first stayed at the lodge in 2017 with a friend while integrating one of the first longer dietas (samas) I completed. During that period of time, I enjoyed having a break from the jungle. Another time I spent almost one month there dieting and having ceremonies to continue my learning with a sacred jungle tree. This place was so comforting and supportive in my learning and healing process that I knew I wanted to create a True-Journey Retreat on the beach with the ocean in plain view.


Our accommodation is located on a sandy beach. The strong waves from the ocean punctuate the space with its rich vibration and ongoing movement.

​You'll be provided with a sweet and simple beach bungalow or room. Some of the huts have a private bathroom and some have a shared bathroom. The first people who sign up might receive a hut/room with a private bathroom. We will see ;-)

There is also a big swimming pool to take a swim and a small one to sit and relax below a palm tree roof.

Sometimes the waves are very strong and it might not be safe to swim in the ocean. The pool provides an easy option to jump into the water for a swim or just to relax, integrate, and have a soothing experience between ceremonies and deep journeys.


The venue is mainly built with the ecological materials of wood and clay. It is simple and harnesses an environment of creativity. The venue owner is originally from Spain and has expressed his creativity uniquely through the way in which he has built the space.


Where will the Ayahuasca ceremonies take place?


We have a very spacious Maloka. A typical ceremony building it is directly on the beach as well. Typically in September the weather is sunny, dry, and promises almost no rain. Often the scenery can appear desert-like. The long sandy beach invites you to take walks, do some exercises, or do some jogging in the morning or evening.


Whale Season in Peru

Between August and October, it is whale season on the Peruvian coastline. During this time whales pass through the area to swim south. It is a stunning experience to witness this and for me personally one of the most magical moments I’ve had.


Envisioning working with plant medicine, while on the beach, and possibly witnessing whale migrations evokes within me a sense of magical connectivity, healing, and deep learning processes.


Of course, I cannot promise the experience of seeing the whales, but usually, during this time of year, they can be seen from the shore.

The venue is situated oceanfront with a road passing behind the property.

This road extends along the entire Peruvian coast. If you know Peru, you know about it.

Although this is not 100% ideal, I like this place very much, as for me the stunning nature of the property and the beautiful sounds of the ocean waves outweigh the minor inconvenience of having a road passing by.


You can find more information and pictures about the Ocean Venue here.


What's Included In the 14 & 28 Day Ayahuasca Retreats:​


  • 14 nights: 6 ceremonies 

  • 28 nights: 13 ceremonies

  • Ayahuasca Jungle Medicine

  • One Masterplant plant for your Dieta

  • For those dieting for one month, there is the possibility of dieting two plants depending on discussions with you and our healer

  • Energy Work by Maestra Juana during ceremonies / personal Ikaros

  • 14/ 28 nights: Private hut / private rooms with private bathroom

  • Group Setting: ONLY maximum 13 participants!!

  • Facilitator support from Ute during daytime and ceremonies

  • Additional Facilitator support during ceremonies from Iris

  • 1:1 process work: Compassionate inquiry & psycho-spiritual guidance by Ute

  • Yoga / Breathwork / Movement Classes to support you in your integration process during the retreat. Offered about every 2nd by Iris. 

    • 14 days: 6 - 7 Classes​

    • 28 days: 12 - 14 Classes

  • 14 days: 4 massages from Maestra Juana

  • 28 days: 5 massages from Maestra Juana

  • Beginning and end group sharing circles

  • *During the retreat group shares are optional and happen organically depending on the present moment and each guest’s individual process*

  • Final day: Integration talk/class

  • Translation support: Spanish, English, German

  • Mapacho: Jungle Tobacco to use during ceremonies for

  • Aqua Florida


  • Fasting times are recommended depending on the individual / this will be discussed with Ute

  • Clean drinking water

Included Preparation & Integration Support:

  • "Welcome package", first time with True-Journey: 2 Preparation and 2 Integration Calls

  • "Friends package", returning guests: 1 Preparation and 1 Integration Call and 1 extra!! and 

  • 2 Group Video Meetings: dates will be announced

  • Ebook: True - Journey Masterplant Retreat Guidebook & video playlist

  • Ebook: Preparation Guidebook & video playlist

  • Ebook: Integration Guidebook & video playlist

  • A free True - Journey online sharing circle some time after the retreat


Plant Medicine Diet & Food:


  • Meals/juices/coconuts are additional orders, and not included in the retreat price

  • There are vegan/vegetarian/chicken/fish and gluten-free options available (all respecting dieta restrictions)

  • You can have 2x meals every day during your dieta (sama)

  • Non-ceremony days: There will be lunch and dinner offered

  • Ceremony days: There will be breakfast and lunch offered

  • Arrival day: There is lunch and dinner offered

  • Last Retreat Day: 3x meals offered

  • Departure day: Breakfast

  • Important: Regarding your meals/juices/coconuts; all food orders will be paid at the end of the retreat by you in cash additionally. The meals/juices are not included in the retreat price. You need to order them based on your wishes.

  • Ute is able to give advice regarding fasting during the dieta / during the retreat. People have different needs based on their processes during the Sama.


Retreat Accommodation Before/After:

I highly recommend arriving at least two days prior to the retreat start date so you can adjust to the climate and acclimate before working with the medicine.

After the retreat it is highly recommended to plan to take at least several days to adjust in a calm environment so as not to shock your nervous system. Post-retreat dieteros will find that they are more sensitive to stimuli, and it is important to consider post-dieta aftercare.

Guests traveling by air will arrive at the Tumbes airport. Tumbes is a city in the North of Peru. There are many hotels and Airbnbs around. 

Depending on your travel plans you can also travel from Lima by bus or internationally from Ecuador. 

Master Plant Retreat Procedure & Practicalities:

  • The first ceremony is on the second evening, and then every other night.

  • We will meet at the venue around 11:00 am on the first day before lunch.

  • Departure will be after breakfast on the last day.

  • The address of the beach venue and our meeting point will be shared by email after your registration.

  • You will need to bring cash in Peruvian soles to pay for your food. There is also the opportunity to buy additional massages, your own pipe or Shipibo Art Pieces to take home.

  • After your registration, you will receive detailed information.


Registration Deadline: 1st June 2024

Not Included:

  • Flights

  • Transportation to and from the retreat venue

  • The next airport is about 45min away. There are taxis/ collectivos/ buses available

  • Extra massages with the Maestra

  • Meals/Juices/Coconuts

  • Health Insurance: I recommend booking travel health insurance, including flight cancellation insurance

  • Travel Insurance (recommended)

  • Hotel/ Accommodation before & after the retreat

  • Shipibo Art/Craft: There will be handmade art products displayed for guests to buy that have been made by the Shipibo Maestra’s family

  • Pipe to smoke tobacco from the Peruvian Jungle

  • Additional coaching sessions for preparation and/or integration (contact me for prices/schedule)

  • In case of emergency: doctor/ hospital/ transport fees


Additional information:

  • I will announce the retreat address via email before arrival.

  • Please read the “Medical Guidelines Form” before contacting me.

  • Preparation and integration are very important. I encourage participants to please schedule online sessions with me. There are 1-2 sessions before and after included in the retreat price.

  • You will receive documents/ebooks after your registration to support you in your preparation, retreat, and integration time.

  • You will need to accept the “Pre & Post Dieta Restrictions”- please read them carefully!

  • I will send you a “To Bring List” of items that might be practical and/or necessary for your stay.

  • It is obligatory to sign a disclaimer, a retreat agreement, and the retreat guidelines


Registration & Payment Information:

Please contact me via email for price information. 

The registration process includes:

  • 1st step: To fill out a questionnaire

  • 2nd step: A free 20min call to connect

Once it is decided that you will join our Masterplant Retreat, then you need to sign a disclaimer and a retreat agreement and pay the deposit. After that procedure, your spot is reserved for you. 

Personal note from Ute: Always in my life I have loved being in the ocean. Walking barefoot in the sand, jumping into waves and listening to them naturally carries me into a meditative state. When I particpated in my first Plant Dieta on the beach, having the warmth of the sun present, walking along the sand while processing my experiences, laying on the beach being massaged by the waves; this way of learning and studying with plant medicines just seemed so beautiful. I remember there was a certain ease and lightness with how the plant energies steeped into the energies by the sea. I’m fascinated by different natural environments and the unique powers that they hold. It is so interesting how the plant energies connect with us individually and how our learning processes are also shaped by the distinct nature of our environments. There is something about oceanic waves while sitting on the beach after ceremony and watching the stars. Or simply having the sounds of the waves nearby reminding me of the constant nature of flow. I love the prospect of new offerings in 2024 and this location excites me enormously. ​I enjoy offering our retreats in different natural environments that call to me, and where I also feel that I can offer you interesting environments to learn with Plant Wisdom. The jungle has a unique vibration. You are held in the density and sounds of the green and alive surroundings.  ​The mountains carry clear air, sprawling views, majestic locations for reflecting in the Apus, and inspire a different way of connecting to the earth. All these places offer their unique magic. ​Although the ocean and mountains are not the traditional Shipibo medicine setting, I highly value these different natural environments and how their energies interconnect with the Plant Medicines of the jungle. Beach life gives me a sense of ease, freedom, and lightness which combined with serious plant medcine work feels so wonderful. I am in a personal phase in my life where I want to invite more playfulness and ease; a lighter attitude mixed with deep dedication for healing is for me a balanced way of life. Preciseness in energy work is essential to me. To be clear and aligned while also creating space for ease and playfulness.

Do you have doubts ??? Unsure? This is okay and natural.
Maybe you like to read some of our FAQs.

How did you (Ute) choose the Shipibo Healer for the retreats?

With each of our Shipibo Healers I have done many months of Diets (Shipibo Plant Diets). I tested each of our healers by myself. I learned to trust each of them while I went by myself in deep own processes. By each one I felt guided and held very well over the years of working and learning with them. There were many challenges along the path so far and always I received support from them.

More FAQ´s here.

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