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Our Workexchange Helpers


Our True-Journey Workexchange Helpers were dieting with us before several times. They are Returning guests and long-term students with the plants and our Shipibo healers.

Being a Workexchange gives you the possibility to continue your journey with the plants, learn about facilitation, and go in a type of exchange. How you and True-Journey can go into receprocity we will discuss and explore individually. 

The Work Exchange is an individual arrangement for long-term plant students.

We can create different steps and forms depending on the needs and interests of you and True-Journey.


Jacqueline was born in 1982 in San Diego, California and it has been her home for many years now. She also lived in Baja California, Mexico from the age of 5 to 15 years old in a small coastal town where she developed her connection to the ocean and the love for nature. By embracing both very different cultures at an early age, it opened up her view of the world. Her healing journey started in late 2014 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. A two-time cancer survivor that feels that it was the catalyst to her awakening. She’s an explorer by heart and has always been fascinated in understanding the way the world works and that passion took her to travel to many countries and to pursue a degree in Political Science/International Relations. Cancer shook her to her core and it made her realize that there was an inner world in her to explore. She wasn’t sure at that time how, but knew that her healing would not just be on the physical level but also on the spiritual and emotional levels of her being. This realization first brought her to meditation where she attended a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in India in 2017. She’s attended more of these meditation retreats at Spirit Rock in California and has a daily practice ever since, which has helped her cultivate awareness.  As the inner exploration continued, she felt a strong calling to work with plant medicines and in 2018 attended her first retreat in Iquitos, Peru. Then in 2021 for a second retreat in Costa Rica (both highly renowned centers). These experiences with the plants ignited this inner sense in her to continue to work and cultivate a deeper connection with them, which led her to participate in her first month long Masterplant Dieta in 2022 in the jungles of Peru with True Journey. It was a profound and impactful experience that has inspired her to continue to learn, heal and grow from these sacred plants and she continued in 2023 to participate in two more plant dietas. It’s also led her to breathwork and is deepening her practice.  Sacred plants have been a big part of her healing and she’s deeply grateful for all their wisdom and guidance and that has sparked a calling to serve. She feels honored to be a part of the work exchange program with True Journey under the guidance of Ute to continue to learn and grow form this higher plant wisdom and to contribute and give back. She looks forward to the upcoming ocean retreat in September 2024 where she will participate in her dieta and also help as a kitchen link, setting up the maloca for ceremony, translating English/Spanish and other tasks that might be needed during the retreat.



Luke participated very dedicatedly in a total of 4.5 months dieting with True-Journey and our Shipibo Maestros in the last 2 years. He has a strong connection to spirit and is a young grounded man who is learning with the wisdom of the universe. We are immensely thankful for Lukes's help in our last 42-day retreat in August and September 2023. We are very happy that he will join and support us again in September 2024 during ceremony. He has come a long way with his own healing and faced many challenges on his journey of healing and wholeness, which he passed with trust and commitment. He feels one of his most important lessons learned through dieting so far has been about thoughts and learning how his mind works because it has been his own thinking which was clouding the alignment with the true world and creating more glitches in life. His journey with plant medicine started in his early twenties after training in the military, with the first experience within the “plant medicine” realms being with mushrooms. Plenty of playing with mushrooms came before eventually reaching a point where he was ready to be humbly shown a glimpse into deeper understanding of the subtleties of the universe. From this point on; his experiences with the mushrooms changed and became focused on medicine, setting up sacred space and learning with them. These experiences were sparked from a deep disconnection from his body since as early as he could remember and is what led him to working with Ayahuasca. Through work with the plant realms he became aware of very old sexual trauma from his childhood acting as a root for many poisonous thoughts to grow from. But still he says that it does not matter what he went through because, “we are more than our traumas and what happens to us, and what is truly important is how we process the harsh events of life which creates the real trauma and attachment for more to come.” Meeting the Shipibo Medicine and style of work brought light, deeper love and clarity into his life. The Shipibo, Ayahuasca, the Mahua lineage and “Samabos” (plural plant diets) has brought and continues to bring validation to, “what a glorious life can look like” and helps bring present challenges into alignment with the light. He currently lives in Peru to enjoy life and continue his path of evolving... "

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