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Healing with different Medicines

Mostly I write about Shipibo Medicine, the plants, the Ikaro, the tobacco and the Rao Inti perfume. The processes that are triggered, the healing and the learning that can be experienced. Yes, Shipibo Medicine, the trees, ayahuasca and my Shipibo teachers have shown me so much about energy work on many levels and dimensions. I am so very grateful for that. I also use many other methods and helpers. Recently someone pointed out to me that I should also tell you about my other variations, which I use for myself and sometimes offer to others. So in this text I'll tell you what else resonates with me. There are a few methods and helpers that have sneaked into my life and become integrated. I had learned some techniques or practices once and had left the rational part behind, but everything has left a footprint in me and shown me deeper knowledge, which has shaped me further. Sometimes I only learned something, as it seems to me in retrospect, so that my confidence was deepened and I was allowed to experience that there is MORE. I am so grateful for every thing I have learned, because every impression has allowed me to "go further" into the magic of the universe and life. I had participated in courses/trainings in Reiki, Theta Healing, Yin Shin Jyutus, shamanic acupuncture techniques with bones, silver and gold tips in Guatemala, rituals in the Andes which are connected to the magic of animals, elements and the chakras, and these are just a few of the methods I had gained insight into. Everything had an impact and influence before I started my SAMAS in 2016 with my Shibipo teachers. Nowadays at the age of 42 everything starts to flow together. I am reawakening to things and subtleties that I learned at some point. I have the feeling that some of the things I have learned want to be used again specifically. Integrated in a new consciousness. I am open and allow myself to be guided... I would like to tell you a little bit... For my 14th birthday, I received my Tarot Rider Waite deck as a gift from my father with a book explaining it. Maybe I had missed a little more introduction, I remember a few difficult situations in the first use. At the same time I had received very important lessons!!! I am so very grateful for this gift. It had given me an introduction at a young age. This deck is still with me, I don't use it often, but it is always there when I wish to get clarity or a perspective from the cards. I love herbs, resins and oils for incense and use them almost daily depending on whether I want to cleanse my space, create creativity, go into myself, connect deeper, invite softness, concentration etc.... It is fantastic how certain smells, aromas, the fire element and the spirit of the plant spread their effect. I also make my perfumes, face/body oils with certain essences to accompany me here and there. In certain phases of my life, I can be totally absorbed in them. It is important for me that they are pure natural products. Otherwise I perceive the vibration differently on a subtle level.

For a long time I have had flutes, a drum, mouth drums, an old harmonica and I sing here and there. I came a long way with singing. My vocal cords have been connected to old traumas and vulnerabilities on and off for the last 10 years. It's a rollercoaster with me and singing. It is a story of its own and always unfolds new exhausting and challenging layers for me, as singing is so important in working with plants and I am always crossing blockages and deeply connected feelings come up. "An on going journey for me". I´m still curious when this journey will come to a completion and singing gets easy and fun for me. Producing sound yourself is deep medicine and directly and quickly moves energies within you and around you and goes far out into the universe. As we know everything is sound and vibration, what we hear as humans is only a relatively small area. Utilizing this realm is extremely powerful, and therefore a very important part of the healing and awareness process. Free sounding and producing sounds can go very deep and release a lot. It is a fantastic practice that sometimes takes courage. Because my thoughts want to block me with, for example, "what do the neighbors think" etc.... It is very liberating when we can break through this. It can involve a lot of laughter, which is super healthy and so good for you. Tobacco has been a companion of mine in a consciously spiritual form at least since I made my first Shipibo SAMA (dieta) in 2016. Whether smoked pure or through the pipe, it is a strong companion. Nowadays, I also experience the power of tobacco when I'm not smoking it myself. This plant, combined with the element of fire and air, is super sacred and special to me. It is a great teacher plant for me! A great helper since my journey as a student in Shipibo medicine and beyond.

There are many flowers, herbs and trees that are very close to me. I make teas or have them in my garden or house to invite their energies and powers. For as long as I can remember, I have always used plants first for my healing. Very rarely in my life have the natural helpers not helped and I have had to reach for products of the chemical variety. Super seldom! I have had 2 accidents in the last 10 years, in these cases I was super grateful for the chemical and so-called western medicine. Apart from these incidents, I strengthen myself with natural supplements all the time. I also had a lot of plant helpers during the Covid period. I am super grateful that my system and the plant systems interact so well together. It's magical alchemy and such magic. Thank you. Healthy food is usually the most delicious food for me. Food is medicine for me. I eat consciously and am very grateful that I live in a country where many healthy and nutritious foods grow. I am constantly learning which foods are good for me at which moments, and which are not! It is a great journey for me to realize which things I eat because I really need them and because they really nourish me and when I eat something to balance something emotionally or mentally. I was able to realize that I have to let go of some things if I want my gut and brain to function at their full potential. The important thing is to feel and really feel what is good for you. The more sensitive and open we become, the more sensitive our gut and body become. We learn to feel what we really want to digest and what limits us and sets us back during digestion. Which nutrients make us grow and which don't... is an important question. In general: Which energies make you grow? Which energies keep you small in the old limited field? This doesn't just refer to food in the sense of eating. It refers to everything you pay attention to and/or make space for in your life. That's another chapter I can write about at length. Crystal bowls came into my life through a friend about 9 years ago. I was immediately hooked. When I hear the vibration of the bowls, my nervous system relaxes, I experience a reset, I let go and am present. I've had my own for a few weeks now and it's so much fun to play and experiment with them. I love it.

A few months ago I was in ceremony in the jungle and it came very clear to me that I needed tuning forks to help me move energies. I answered that call and bought some planetary frequencies, and other frequencies to start learning with. I also have Brain Tuning Folks to work with frequencies of the brain. Super exciting. One of the most important medicines in life for me is nature. Going hiking, seeking out powerful natural places, being in touch with the elements, experiencing physical exertion while climbing a mountain. Experiencing lakes, lagoons, beaches, the sea, meadows, forests or deserts all have a power and can be a teacher for us if we are open and experience ourselves as part of the whole. Experiencing nature is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. I am grateful to my parents, who regularly took me on hikes and walks. As a child I wasn't always enthusiastic, but in hindsight I'm super grateful. It has become something special and important for me to give certain "offernings" to some power places. When I realize that it is energetically appropriate either for me and/or for nature, I enjoy doing it and find it very powerful. During my first psychedelic experiences as a teenager, my closeness to nature always helped me. That was worth more than gold. It's like being connected to God. It reflects life and transformation. Nature shows you all the principles that are important for life if you are open and learn to understand the language. The information finds its way into your knowledge through BEING. The power of fire. A fire in connection with a ritual/prayer/inspiration is a powerful element that helps you to transform, to center yourself, to remember, to give you strength and insight. Experiencing a fire alone or with other people around it has had great power since the beginning of life. Elements! The foundations of existence. Awareness of the elements, having them integrated and developing a connection to their forces is extremely powerful. It is important to use these forces with good intentions, like all forces of course. Integrating rituals and practices into your life honors life, the big bang of all existence, and can bring you to the foundation of creation. Temezcals (ceremonies with the power of the elements) and other practices, rituals and ceremonies can teach you more. Traditions have the advantage that they have passed on knowledge and experience over centuries. Lessons have already been learned and we can therefore start with a certain structure. Cacao became a medicine for my heart, for my femininity and creativity. Used in a mindful mindset, this plant is a very empowering heart medicine.

Other medicines that I have integrated into who I am: Simple short meditations I use individually in the present moment: different simple ways that everyone can practice. I use it for intention settings, to connect with myself, somatic exercises, to use the intelligence of the body to experience where I stand and what I need, to gain clarity, to feel, to reset, to experience stillness, etc. Movement/feeling the body/dance/fitness/jogging A healthy body reflects a healthy mind and vice versa. Appreciation of our physical temple/our body is the basis for living our lives to the full on all levels. Psychosomatic exercises / Compassionate Inquiry helps to build a deep understanding, love and compassion for yourself and others. It helps to be in contact with yourself and everything that exists within you. It is infinitely applicable. The inclusion of all parts and parts within you is important on the path to wholeness. Social connection / leading authentic friendships and relationships. We learn by reflecting on other people. Heart connections keep us healthy and connected. A healthy social environment is important for a healthy inner life. It reflects each other. Sharing circles: Expressing yourself honestly and vulnerably. Being heard, seen and felt is a great medicine that has been practiced by people for centuries. This practice has been lost in the era of industrialization. It is returning more and more in conscious communities. Feeling oneself in the expression of deepest honesty and vulnerability and at the same time being perceived by others in this state is immensely important for inner and outer healing and becoming whole. In order to create consciously, clearly and healthily on a micro and macro level and to develop further, these spaces are very valuable. Plant medicine can offer high levels of awareness. It is important that it is well accompanied by someone who has a fine connection to the forces which are arround. A small dose or a large dose offers a very different experience. Plants have been teachers and helpers of mine since I was a teenager. Important to know are energetic structures, which we often receive through old traditions. A finely structured energy work and deep knowledge helps energies and processes to move and flow safely. Here too, I am very grateful for learning with my Shipibo healers, who carry within them knowledge about energies that they have experienced for many years. We live in a world where conscious and healthy energy structures are missing, so learning about subtle energies and the levels of creation plays an important role. This brings the Creator back into each of us. Everyone has a great responsibility. How do you use your powers? First you have to become aware of what is happening on a subtle level in the Micro and Marko Cosmos. Subtle energies can cause confusion and misdirection if we are not clearly anchored with the energies that support and assist us in life. It can be very important when working with strong plants to have someone who knows certain structures and pathways of energies to help you connect with the light and life-supporting energies. Other important tools for me are Prayer Use of an altar How do you design your house/place of residence so that it is energetically conducive Rituals: individually developed based on your situation

All of this medicine flows into my life and I offer recommendations and practices in my mentorships with my participants. I work very intuitively and if I sense that a certain practice or a certain plant or element is good for you, I offer you ways to integrate this medicine into your life. I only share what I have experienced on my own and what feels in alignement with myself. In my 1:1 sessions we work together in a very personalized and present way. Whatever is current for you flows into our work and accordingly ideas and consciousness awaken in our collaboration. I enjoy the interaction and emergence that unfolds in longer mentorship relationships with my participants.

Also I´m in the process of creating online content to share soon in pdf´s and video format. If you are curious about a certain topic or theme, please send me an email. Special attention in my life is given to topics related to the relationship and connection to yourself. Living your inner potential to the full has an tremendous effect on your whole life. I love to find a flow creatively and individually for myself and others in which we let different methods, helpers and different medicines flow together. Let's play. Let's enjoy our humanes Let's live in our potential and share it with the each other.


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