Ready to embark?

more about my approach:
- a blend of coaching, psycho - spiritual inquiry, mentoring, compassionate inquiry -

​In our session I like to provide space to explore your complexity being a human. 

Psycho - spiritual inquiry it self is the adventure of consciousness.

Getting a better understanding of who we are is for me very essential to live a aligned and full filled life. Only then we can differentiate between true self and parts in us which are just run by auto pilot or old programs.

It is in my highest interest to explore mental, emotional and habitual patterns with the goal of creating a path of self empowerment and self mastery together with you.
In our sessions my intention is to be open, to be present, to be curious, to include everything that appears and to exclude nothing.
Together we create a save space to dive deep into your experience.
We use the wisdom of your body, your sensations and your emotions to enter in a multidimensional journey towards your true being.
Experiencing wholeness means to make space for all facets of being a human.
Conscious space for experiencing personal truth can open up through giving attention and focus to the sensations of the body.
Through the physical body, we can enter and access implicit fields of memory and wisdom.
Exploring the full spectrum of perception, sensation, emotion and to learn to give all parts full attention and space to be,
a new quality of consciousness awakens in us.
We learn to weave awakened consciousness in our being and doing in our daily lives. 
We develop a more spacious way of receiving and perceiving.
Our relationships to ourselves, to life and to everything what exists transforms.
Our experience with reality gets more direct and present, when we connect more to our true nature.
Healing and learning flows when we stay open and let life and consciousness flow through us.
Only if we connect to our full being, learn to accept every part in us, being able to hold space for what appears in us, only then we learn fully to love and live our full potential.
​Our societies/cultures often exclude the spiritual aspect in therapies, coaching, medical treatments and in everyday lifestyle.
For me it is very essential to include all the parts which are existing in you and which are present for you in your life.
Connecting our dimensions of experiencing gives us empowerment, knowledge and understanding.
Being able to experience our full being gives us completely new skills to navigate through our lives.
Seeing and accepting who we are shapes and forms our life paths in an authentic way.
​​The material world where we live is the tip of the iceberg. Under the tip of the iceberg, there is a wide room to explore and when we begin to explore this space, we discover that we are the creator of our life.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
C.G. Jung

Through increasing our self-awareness and our consciousness, we learn to respond in a more flexible manner both internally and externally.
In this place of awareness we can create a space for changing ingrained patterns.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." Viktor E. Frankl


Pain & Vulnerability are often coming to the surface when it is about personal growth, it is mostly the root cause for defense mechanisms and blockages.
Many of us developed addictions, coping mechanisms, belief systems, certain dynamics and mental/emotional programs not to feel pain.
This is the way humans function in order "to survive" when uncomfortable emotions get unbearable.
There comes a time where these old programs/patterns/dynamics are blocking our healthy development and well being.
My intention is to create a safe "space" together with you, where you feel supported, where you can let go of your protective shield and where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable.
If you are in a shell you only grow so far as the wall of the shell will permit you to grow.
How much are you stuck in your life, because you don´t permit yourself to be vulnerable???

"Whatever you do, don´t shut off your pain. Accept your pain and remain vulnerable"
(Tibetan book of living and dying)

Do you feel ready to explore uncomfortable emotions? Do you feel ready to show up for yourself and find your own strength in being vulnerable?

There is no pressure, I offer packages where we have time. You decide the pace and how far we go into your process.

"The mind is creating your world" we can find in many Buddhist teachings.
"The world is creating your mind", also must be considered (modern psychology), when we want to explore our inner patterns/beliefs/programs etc. Especially during childhood we are helplessly exposed to the circumstances around us and our belief systems are formed and shaped by the circumstances of our environment.

The more we understand the way we function, the more we can free ourselves to live fully in the present and have new choices about how we live our lives.
We learn to respond to the present instead of responding to the past.
If we become more aware of our whole being, if we become more conscious of our natural true essence, then we can tap into an inner strength. I like to compare this strength with a ray of light. This new power of awareness of inner connection and alignment we can use to straighten our thoughts and emotions, and through our actions we can bring it out in our life.
To bring life into alignment is immensely powerful and opens up new possibilities.
When we realize on deeper levels what integrity means for us, when we experience the difference between our personality and our true essence then we can create truth in our life.

It arises a sense of deeper meaning and power. We feel connected to source.