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  • Am I ready for Ayahuasca?
  • What does Integrity means for you (Ute)?
    Integrity means for me that I feel aligned with offering my services. I think the work we offer is important for the individual and for our world we live in. I honor the Shipibo Medicine and their ancestors who carried on the wisdom of working with this strong plant energies. I´m grateful that I could learn and heal so much through the Shipibo Ikaro and through my Shipibo Healers who transmitted to me the healing energies of the plants. I feel my whole life guided me to Peru and to offer this retreats and online work I provide. The work I have done before in my life, my studies, my own dark times, my own healing journey, my disconnections & connections, my trainings and my own long term plant diets taught me exactly to do what I do. This learning/healing experience together with my Shipibo Maestros and the Higher Plant Wisdom I treat with respect. I reflect frequently on myself and I check in with myself if all feels in integrity or if something is out of alignment. If this is the case I take responsibility and give my best to align "things". Integrity and alignment is for me ongoing work and needs here and there calibration again and again as self, team members, places, energies, situations, mindsets, opinions are always evolving.
  • Why should I work with sacred plants?
    Sometimes in our life we learnt to be in our head, maybe if we are lucky we also learnt to be in our heart and sometimes we even also learnt to be in our body. If we are able to live in alignment with our head, heart and body this already can be a very good life. Some of us might have the sense, something still is missing. Sacred Plant Medicine, also called sometimes "the plants of the Gods" can help us to remember and to connect to more dimensions in order to feel more whole. These experience can expand our consciousness and can activate more of our potencials of being a human.
  • What is a Shipibo healer? Why did you choose a Shipibo shaman?
    With each of our Shipibo Healers I have done many months of Diets (Shipibo Plant Diets). I tested each of our healers by myself. I learnt to trust each of them while I went by myself in deep own processes. By each one I felt guided and hold very well over the years of working and learning with them. There were many challenges along the path so far and always I received support by them.
  • How much is an ayahuasca retreat and why do we pay for healing?
    A healthy world and a healthy state of an individual is for me a state where energies are flowing in different directions freely. Money is energy and we use it for exchange. I feel having a healthy relationship with money is a part of being healthy. Everyone in our True - Journey team gives his/her own life energy in our services. For me it is highly important that everyone who gives something, works, offers a service, gives own life energy also receives energy in some ways. These balance is important and money gives a way of regulating this exchange as we all need it for different things in our lives. Of course life and the whole universe in general is in exchange, connection and flow with us and there is probably a huge learning about energies for each individually for us, maybe a life time learning. I can not go into that here ;-) Money is just an easy way to create balance for something we receive. Working in the healing and learning field is a job, it is a calling which in my opinion needs to be deeply rooted in "good and aligned energies". I love my work, I feel aligned, I feel deeply called to offer healing/learning space for myself and others. I want that we all are having a good life. I feel called to give to others and myself equally. In my experience it goes in both directions and we need to listen well to universe to receive our guidance how we create a healthy flow. In True - Journey lays a lot of energy, care, love, compassion, many years training, transformed own deep challenges/life experiences, effort to make it possible and a deep guidance and connections with Plant Wisdom. Our Shipibo Healers carry life long experiences and a strong ancestral healer lineage. Our locations and our hosts are very caring in offering a unique place to be. Actually the plants are great teachers about own value, services, work and the exchange with other energy for example also money to feel full and in abundance as well. I trust that everyone has own self healing capacity in self. Sometimes we just need some other humans to remind us, to support us to connect to this inner trust and process. Healing: Energie moving towards wholeness. We can practice as well on our own and I love to encourage you with that. Sometimes we just need some helpers. I pay here and there people to support me too and it feels good to let energy flow. Also I love the idea of exchange different other things, but often maybe I just right now don´t need the carrot or the free house of someone. I just need the money to let it flow freely with something else I like to let to flow through me or in my life.
  • Why do people take ayahuasca? How does it help?
    Ayahuasca can help you to understand more who you are. Said that it also can bring up in this process confusion. Sometimes you might feel worse before you feel better. Do you want to find truth in order to liberate and align? Yes then Ayahuasca can help you. Working with this plant can show you different ways to think, analyse or judge about something. For this reason it can shift your views and your relationship towards certain aspects. Experiencing differently can shift patterns and can create space for new movements. This can cause expansion, healing and new learnings. We can create new pathways internally which reflects in the outside, as we might respond differently to life.
  • Why is preparation before Ayahuasca important? How long should I diet before working with plant medicine?
    Working with the Shipibo Healer and using this Sacred Plants for learning and healing is for me something very special. This is an opportunity to change your life and receive deep knowledge and healing. The more clean and clear we show up the quicker the plant energies and ikaro can go into in our system. Said that, obviously there is higher plant wisdom involved and we never can control how the plants will work with us. Experience shows, that if the mind and the body prepared with intentions to be clean and clear for this work that the energies go more straight to the reasons why you are in the retreat. The more prepared you are the more clear mostly you understand your process. With understanding I mean a deeper sense of understanding (not just mentally). This deeper alignment often is more clear when you prepared your self moving towards the retreat time. This includes stopping/reducing sugar, fat food, stimmulances, chemical things, strong spicies, heavy meals, alcohol, drugs, pork, cow milk products, etc. As well it is good to create more space for self, to be more connected and aware what is really happening in you. Patterns which are not serving you, getting more aware about. Thinking and feeling more about the reasons why you choose to join our Masterplant Retreat. Reducing strong input, stressful environments, not necessary talks etc. much as possible... It is about creating more open space to allow to be, to feel and to allow energies to move. Not having Sex with someone before the retreat is recommended to stay more in your own energy, not to be meshed up with the energy with someone else that strongly. You can start to journal, being more in nature, singing, yoga, meditation, breathwork, dancing, painting...what every your thing is to connect with yourself truely.
  • Do I have to fast before taking ayahuasca?
    We have certain times on the afternoon before the ceremony and on the morning after the ceremony where there is no food during our retreat. These 24h fasting times are helping you to be empty to receive the "work of Ayahuasca" and to be more open to receive the Ikaros from the maestros/maestras during the ceremonies. These emptiness and lightness helps to let energy move. With less food in the body and a more "quite body" energies can move more easily and you can go deeper in your processes. Also there is the option to fast even more or longer, this can happen in communication with the facilitator as well. We want that you are strong enough to go through your healing and learning experiences. To the same time there is a field in a plant diet, where to be more empty physically can lead to more rich insights/seeing and more profound experiences. So you have the option to do some more fasting during the retreat if you feel that this is good for you.
  • Why does Isolation help during an ayahuasca retreat?
    1. Being in silence. Being just with your own thoughts, feelings, sensation and what ever is appearing in you can be a special opportunity to get to know yourself better. Very often in life we are receiving all the time input, stimulation and are in interaction with other people. Many people never have really a quiet time with self, so during the retreat it is your chance to be with yourself. 2. In our retreats you are drinking Ayahuasca and maybe also another plant (Shipibo Plant Diet). Our Masterplant Retreats are giving you the great opportunity to connect to the energy of the plant. These plants we are using are also called teacher or healing plants. Each of us has the chance to build up a unique relationship with this plant energy. If you are in silent by yourself most of us are more open and receptive for this subtle experience. In silence often it is more easy to fine tune our senses in order to connect to these subtle energies and plant worlds. You can choose for yourself in our retreats if you want to be "alone" without talking and interacting. It is an option and I highly recommend to do that for at least 50% of your time. You will see that this experience is a gift to your self. The facilitator of course is around to reflect, listen or be with you during the retreat if needed and wished.
  • What does it mean for Ute / True - Journey to create a safe retreat?
    For me safety starts with the registration process. Everyone has to fill out a questionnaire and then there is a minimum 20 min video call with each person before someone can sign up for the retreat. After that for new people there are at least 2 Preparation online Sessions included in the price. In these sessions I explore with you your vulnerable spots, your traumas, your limitations, your fears or/and challenges in life. For me these sessions are important as it belongs for me to the preparation to go deep with the plant medicine. Before someone comes, I want to get to know you, so I get a sense about your system, your patterns and your energy. This creates already a connection between us and I get an idea how I start with the dosaging of Ayahuasca with you and I´m getting aware about which type of support you might need. This helps to create a safe space for you in ceremony and during the retreats. This work we do before also creates most of the time a field of trust as we get to know each other. The Shipibo Maestros who work in our retreats are well chosen, which creates a safe field. As well I´m through my diets connected with this maestros, which invites the Plant Energies in a certain way. There is already a web of connection created, which holds the group and the individual. Myself and the Co - Facilitators went through different trainings, educations and own experiences in order to be skilled to be and interact with you during the process. We are all trauma informed. We can sense and feel when emotions or energies are arising and we can be with you and hold the process with you together. Afterwards there are for new people at least 2 Integration Sessions included, with this service I offer you support in your time afterwards back in life.
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