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Ayahuasca Retreat Reviews - Plant Medicine Testimonials


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14 day Masterplant Diet, November 2021

28 day Masterplant Diet, August 2021, Hailey,

28 years

28 day Masterplant Diet, August 2021, Sidharmo,

42 years

14 day Masterplant Diet, 2022 April, Lila 27 years

14 day Masterplant Retreat, August 2022, Kaylee,

34 years old

14 day Masterplant Retreat, September 2022,

37 years old

I am truly humbled by the beautiful work that Ute does, and the warm and nourishing way in which she holds space. She is supporting an incredible lineage of powerful maestros, serving as the bridge between their experience and wisdom, and the Western mind and needs. To have a chance to drink medicine or diet with that particular family is an incredible honor, and not something that would just happen.

Even though I have requested to spend my diet in silence and full isolation, Ute assisted me when it was needed in a very discreet and loving way. I felt unconditionally held, through the calm and the crazy. :)

My time in the jungle with True Journey was a huge stepping stone in my personal work, and I cannot wait to be back again.

Marta, 34 years, December 2018

The sessions with Ute were unexpected in the most positive way. 

She really helped me to understand how and why I’m judging myself and that I’m allowed to acknowledge every or my experiences and feelings.

Together we explored different key happenings as  causes for deep shame, which I was carrying with me subconsciously without ever really facing it.


We trained how to focus on my body signals in order to understand and release the emotional block.


I felt seen and appreciated and guided very well during the whole sessions.

Now I’m left with new tools with I can work on in future on my personal self healing journey.

Marina, 27 years old, German

2020, October

I am so grateful for Ute, Maestra Juana and the Shipibo family for providing such a safe spot to do very deep transformational work. It is because of the professionalism, kindness and wisdom of the people involved at True Journey that I was able to bring my awakening through and clean of the remaining things that prevented me from truly being me without feeling embaressed or having fear of other peoples opinions in the way. In short, I have learned and learning/remembering how to heal myself. I would come back here anytime, with most joy, if I get the calling for more diets and ayahuasca. I also highly recommend True Journey to others on the path of healing. True friends were made here and wisdom shared for individual and collective healing which is specially necessary in these chaotic times of transformation. A true journey indeed.

With love and respect, Luke, 23 years

Wow, I could not speak more highly of an experience and facilitator!
Ute provides one of the most unique experiences you could imagine with the retreats that she offers, the integrity of the people involved in running this service is honest, true and loving.
We were listened to and understood at all times during the retreat and very well looked after, Juana and Ute really bring a loving and caring energy to ceremony and the facilities are fantastic, a real jungle experience.
I feel blessed to have shared in this experience and it was truely, truly life changing for me, I can not put to words the amount of healing I was able to work through in this 14 day period! 20 years of therapy in two weeks for me.
I am forever grateful and feel like a new person, and I am. With such variety, so positive. I really can not recommend True Journey and Ute enough, I can not speak more highly of this experience.
I hope that whoever joins in this journey can have as much benefit as i.
Thanks again Ute!

Ari, 32 years, New Zealand,

January 2021

In January 2021, I was in my first ayahuasca retreat with a masterplant diet. My friend advised me True Journey and it was the right choice! Ute the facilitator and organizer of the retreat has now a place in my heart.

I was amazed about her work ,for me her work had a high quality. She asks very faithful questions that lead you to important revelations and understanding.

Ute supported me and all of us 24h during the retreat. I felt fully secured. I also want to note that Ute is singing incredible beautiful shipibo Icaros, full with love. Her voice was so lovely for me. 

I had experiences with shamans and other plant medicine before, never with a shipibo shaman. Our shipibo maestra Juana did a tremendous job. Her Icaros acted strongly on my body, and I could feel the work inside of me. And again, I felt security. She sings perfectly, I wanted to listen these Icaros again and again. 

The retreat place was also very soulful and authentic. In our bungalow  you had everything you need and nothing superfluous. The team of the retreat place, a shipibo family were very joyful and very kind people. I immediately liked the family. Gisella the cook and the sister of the owner I loved her immediately. She was very attentive and cooked everything with love. I saw just sincere smiles on their faces. Another important thing was the food. It was super delicious, even without salt , sugar etc. It was very simple cooked ,but with love.

Now I can say sincerely I advise to everyone of my friends in Russia to participate in a retreat with True Journey, if they want to work with this medicine.

It is very important to choose a safe and loving place, if you pass such a deep experience.

I trust completely True Journey and Ute. 

They all did a very good job , so I could dive into a deep experience .

This retreat changed my life completely. Thank you.

Salima, 32 years, Russia,

2021 February

I can highly recommend Ute’s session. She is a wonderful, experienced space holder and guide. Very sensitive, compassionate, gentle and focused. My journey with her felt safe and I was able to allow myself to revisit hidden corners of my subconscious. With her guidance through present feelings and body sensation I’ve undertaken a journey of exploration of past events that created strong believes about myself and patterning that influences my everyday life. After the session I felt empowered and gained a sense of clarity and focus.

Zuzanna, Peru, 41 years, October 2020

Dear Ute, A brief quick word of appreciation and to extend my humble and sincere gratitude to you for a BEYOND exceptional time in Ceremony in the Rain Forest with your self and Meastro Juanita. The Meastro's tireless commitment to working late into the night with those struggling long after others had retired was deeply touching. I cant thank you enough for the dedication and attention to detail that you placed into this Retreat. Ive gotten more out of these ten days than any previous Aya workshop in the last 4 years of my journey with these sacred medicines.  As I write, Im still settling into the new me....enjoying walking it around. Still fragile but loving it. Being able to switch off my phone and un-plugg from Society made all the difference in taking the experience even deeper. Living with the indigenous family in the ceremonial environment was an exceptional experience all of its own. Experiencing simple Peruvian cuisine to support the Dieta was so appreciated, as was the abundance of fresh local fruit. Many Retreat Centers do not pay enough attention to the post ceremony integration work. It was thus refreshing to see your commitment to this vital and often neglected spect of Plant Medicine Work.I cant recommend this type of Retreat Experience highly enough to anyone serious about rolling up their sleeves and committing to doing their deep inner work. 

A Massive thank you. 


Coatzalcoatl, 50 years, June 2019.

In January 2021, I participated in a Masterplant diet retreat held by True Journey. When I am writing these testimonials, it’s already late February. And I am still hardly able to find the right words to embrace the experience I had. 


It wasn’t my first time working with plant medicine, still I am confident to say that it was the most profound work I’ve done so far. 


To reveal some details, I did spent in the jungle almost two weeks, during this time we had 7 ceremonies. In order to feel the energy of plants, we have been advised not to talk with each other, avoid touching and any other possible intrusion in an other person’s space. We also have been told better not to consume any other teaching so we are open to receive what comes from the plants themselves, i.e. not to read, listen to music, use the phones etc. 


I could say that all conditions were organised by Ute in a most perfect way. I was settled in a spacey tambo, where I was able to spend countless hours listening to the sounds of surrounding jungle. The work was so deep, that numerous times during the retreat I felt the urge to share all the things that were coming up. I could say that Ute was always available to talk. And our conversations were meaningful and deep.


During the retreat we had some restrictions in terms of food. As I said, True Journey retreat wasn’t my first one, and I can say that I am pretty away of food normally is served at that kind of Peruvian retreats. But the food we enjoyed at La Perla was different and truly deserves a special word! Wonderful Gisela, a cook, obviously loved to cook for us, and we could feel it. The food, despite being without salt, spices and everything ‘forbidden’, was still delicious and various.


The last, but not the least (and maybe the most important) thing I want to share is my experience with maestra Juana. Maestra Juana is a healer. What she did, I am not able to express in words without narrowing the meaning. I could say just one thing. With her icaros, she worked with the very essence of my fears, blockages in my body and spirit. She was manage to create the safe space in which I felt confident enough to dive more deep, much deeper that I had courage to dive in my previous experiences. 


During the ceremonies Ute also sang the icaros and healing songs which were simply magnificent and immediately found a place in my heart. I wish I was not to be so shy to sing more during the ceremonies. Next time, next time. 


Upon my arrival in my home country, big things happened to me. All in the Universe happens to us only at the moment when we are ready. Thanks to all the things I learned through the Master Plant Diet I feel prepared for the change more than ever. 


I am hoping to continue my work with the sacred plant in my near future. I couldn’t agree more that we all need to find our power in order to serve love, light, and wisdom.


I can definitely recommend Ute as a facilitator and True Journey as a retreat center for this intimate work. 


And I send all my loving to future dieteros, who will be brave enough to commit this journey.

Eugen, 33 years from Russia

Ute led me through a profound psycho-spiritual inquiry session. She provided a loving and safe environment as she guided me through a deep internal process of exploring emotions and their origins, observing the complex intelligence of the mind-body connection, and reconnecting with the inner child. She’s a beautiful healer with a sweet and kind energy who authentically cares about helping you grow!

Mara, 30 years

October 2020

Working with Ute was beautiful.

Sitting with her and Juanita together made me feel so secure. 

They are such a nice team, old traditions and our new generation of spirituality are coming together trough them, creating so much beauty and transformation. 


Ute is very good in what she is doing.

Following her deep calling in this world, clear on the path to create those beautiful possibilities for people to receive the medicine, love and light. 


Jakob, 22 years, german, February 2018

Retreat with True Journey and Ute was a truly beautiful experience. I loved our small group which felt very intimate also with Maestra Juanita. I loved the moments before the ceremonies when we were all in the maloka and on our matresses pretty close to each other and Maestra Juanita would be there and talk little bit to Ute and us in the candle light surrounded by jungle that is very alive.

I have worked with Juana in another place too and I have full trust on her and she is absolutely amazing in her work and being in service as a healer. I respect her work immensly. 

And Ute as a facilitator is very grounded, organized, warm hearted and a great guide and a helper inside the ceremonies and between them. She holds the space in a way that I could feel safe and supported. She has learnt a lot from her experience with the plants and on top of that her studies as a coach brings a great extra knowledge on how to walk through the process during the retreat and integration. I felt like with her I got the best and clearest tools for integration that I've had until now.

I did a dieta with Bobinsana and I am so grateful for this plant spirit. Big transformation, opening my heart more, opening more for love, finding male and female balance in myself, clearing of my emotional body and getting stronger boundaries with that. Downloads and teachings. Lots of love. 

So grateful for Ute for facilitating these retreats. I am going back in few months. 

Thank you! "

Amrita Marjo Finland, 36 years, April 2018

It’s hard to express in words just how grateful I am for this experience. I’ve been integrating what came up throughout my journey with Ute over the past few weeks and It’s so exciting to be able to confidently share the profound shifts that have already taken root in my life since the retreat. I came in with feelings of fear and anxiety that felt out of my control and so deep I couldn’t pin point specifically where they had come from which made it even more difficult for me to navigate and trust. I felt like these feelings were holding me back from knowing I am empowered to even heal myself which effected everything because how could I move forward if I didn’t even feel that was my choice?... This retreat had the perfect combination of every important element necessary for me to feel safe enough to go into some pretty deep places. The intimate group size, genuine hosts of the location we stayed at, and truly... having an incredibly present, strong, and loving guide and space holder like Ute really were what allowed the journey to be as powerful as it was. Today I feel lighter, a deeper sense of purpose and clarity along my path, trust in myself and life, and most importantly for me at this time, a strong sense of capability no matter what. So grateful and excited to continue to live, learn, and share more journeys with Ute and her groups in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Natalie, 24 years , California, June 2018

I cant imagine a better facilitator then Ute. 

Her way to help with the inner preparation for the dieta was great and as well her care during and after the dieta. In every moment 
she was there for us, very helpful, empathic and gentle, and also playful, very positve and strong. it was easy to feel super safe with her.

Itś an honour for me I got to know this powerful, strong and wise women, who is so humble at the same time.

Thank you Ute, for leading us so graceful through this deep and healing journey! 

Sabine, 28 Jahre, Germany, June 2018

Ute has a deep understanding of the inner processes and dimensions of the Soul, she is an incredible guide on the journey within the inner universes. She has a beautiful ability of holding space for others - I felt safe, held and yet given enough space to stay in dialogue with my own process. 

The whole retreat was very well structured and organised. I can’t recommend Ute enough!

Thank you Ute for all you are and for helping me walk my true journey."

Olivia, 33 years, Italy, April 2018

Wow ! Writing this it feels a bit silly because no words are there to describe the gratitude I feel to have had my first experience with ayahuasca which was guided by such loving and carrying beings. I felt save like in a mothers womb that nurtured me to go through all what was shown to me. There were times where even the simplest things like going to the toilet were not manageable for me, Ute was such a support. As well when my boyfriend was going through something very hard, Ute was by his side as well the Maestros. It allowed me to let go my concern knowing he is in very good hands and taken care of. Not only during the ceremonies as well the process through the days Ute was always there for us 💛. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I Carry You all in My Heart with gratitude 💛🙏

Anna, 27 years, November 2018

"Ute makes the journey to Amazon as smooth and easy as possible. She makes sure that all the itineraries are coordinated well, is very mindful of each person's needs and circumstances and makes sure she does everything she can to support each person in his/her process. She provides great support through sharing her experience and asking the ‘right’ questions at the ‘right’ times. She is also very supportive both in and out of the Amazon i.e. through preparation work and integration.  Papa Gilberto is a very special Maestro with soft yet very deep ceremonies and full heart of love. He is very attentive to every dietero and is very humble despite of his sometimes grumpy looks. His vast experience is evident and his confidence is electrifying.”


Elena, 32 years, April 2019

“Ute has a strong and soft presence throughout the whole process, including the pre and post dieta. She was available at all times when I needed help or reflection for what I was going through. It is a blessing to have the chance to work on myself with Ute’s support in Shibipo way of medicine ceromonies. The grounded clarity I have gained is serving me to create new self-support tools, bringing more compassion and empowerment in my daily life. Lots of gratitude...” 

Sarasai, 39 years,June 2018

I just have been in a 10 days retreat with Ute and Juana. It was an amazing experience!!! life changing I would say!!!!


Ute did a great job in facilitating the retreat. She prepared us very well for the retreat( as much as u can prepare somebody for this :-)) and I felt very safe and secure in the setting and could myself just concentrate on my journey. 

I really liked the fact that she works with small groups!!! Which felt like a small family and very safe!!


Ute was always there if needed during the ceremonies if help was needed. Always having the sense for the right moment!


She was always available for talks during the days. With her experience, dedication, knowledge, sensibility and compassion she guided me and helped me lot in my process. 


She works with a loving family together how provided us with great food during the retreat!


Looking forward to work with her in the near future again!!!


Lots of Love

Birgit, 47 yeras, July 2019

It's been a transformative journey in a beautifully held space. We got to know the Shipibo tradition and it's medicines in a very authentic way. The intimate group sharings as well as the one on one sharings helped a lot to integrate the ceremony experiences and to actually bring insights into everyday life. I'm super grateful to Ute, Juana and the host family for providing this space and grateful to myself for going on this journey!

Doro, 24 years, July 2019

“Thank you Ute! I had a wonderful experience of being in the jungle. The support I was given before, during and after the ceremony made me feel connected & safe to work though my inner landscape. This experience has moved me physically & energetically to wonderful deep places. I am grateful for the setting, the maloca, the icaros I was sang to for the first time, Juanita and her grounded being, the lovely group, the beautiful food & the space to sit by the river & process while watching the sunrises & sets.”

Jana, 33 years, from Estonia, December 2019

Wow, my session with Ute was incredible. She took me through many scenarios and many issues that I thought I needed to address. We traveled through many avenues where my monkey mind wanted to take us. Ute was patient and guided me exactly where I needed to go. Back to my Childhood trauma. The Childhood trauma that I never even knew existed, but that had shaped who I am throughout my entire life. As we came to that point, it was sometimes hard for me to see it for my self. She gracefully guided me to view it in other perspectives as though it wasn’t happening to me but to someone that I care about deeply. It was only then that I saw the depths. After visiting and understanding where that came from and exactly what emotions it held. I was able to go back and visit that little girl. I could hold her and comfort her and give her everything that she would need to become whole again. As I did I felt the emotion and change travel through the timeline illuminating and healing the path for me to step into who I am now with a whole and enlightened perspective. Thank you so much Uta. Thank you for going into those depths. Thank you for teaching me to heal what I didn’t even know needed to be healed. Thank you for finding those places deep within. I would definitely recommend her work to anyone. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


With love,

Sadie Kai George ~32 ~USA 

2020, October

"What a gift to have experienced such a supreme medicine and having done this with True-Journey was a real blessing. Maestra Juana has a very powerful connection to the Noya Rao energy and an incredibly strong way of working with the medicine. Such an honour to be under her wings. And Ute is truly wonderful facilitator, invisible guardian at the ceremonies - always there where needed in a very humble manner. She was incredibly supportive and open to listening. I was always surprise how carefully she listened as her questions were always so accurate opening me to new ways of thinking or showing a bigger picture of my true journey. The space was held beautifully and undisturbed so I could fully immerse myself into the process. The energy required to maintain this invisibility field was phenomenal. All the way trough I felt safe and taken care of. I was surrounded by truly wonderful people. Thank you Ute for making this happen and without hesitation I very much recommend True-Journey to everyone who feels the calling of the medicine.”


Dominika, UK/Poland, age 42, December 2019

My dear Ayahuasqueras and Ayahuasqueros!


I am on my plant journey now since almost 5 years - once a year ever since I dedicate my leave to go for a few weeks to Peru for a Dieta and “reset” myself and my soul completely… That’s how it feels for me - this deep and profound connection with these amazing plant teachers!


During my research to find someone you can trust in these vulnerable times, I came across the great Shaman and Maestra Juana! I worked with her now for 4 years in a row and what I have seen and experienced with her, during these  nights goes beyond any spoken word! 


Not any language can even closely describe the feelings, visions and teachings, simply because: THERE ARE NO WORDS for it!


The first 3 dietas with Maestra Juana were in the mountains of Peru, in the Sacred Valley! And she served her medicine with so much love and compassion, but as well with so much dedication and power that one can sit in front of her only in AWE!!


Last year although, I had the privilege to experience her in the Peruvian jungle - and she took it to the next level - being in her own habitat, where she is originally from, she became simply a high priest, a pontiff. The work that I could achieve, the things I have seen and felt, went beyond words and beyond the wildest imagination!


But not only that - Ute as the facilitator of the group went above and beyond as well - I felt always very safe and looked after - before, during and after the retreat!


Always an open ear, always able to listen and the fact that she was in long Dietas herself for many years, makes her understand ones problems first handed. She knows how to channel energies and point one in the right direction and is able to give advice, but in a way, so you are able to embark onto your own journey - THE TRUE JOURNEY!


And her singing is just ANGELIC - nothing was more soothing for the soul after a long (sometimes painful, but still wonderful) night, than Ute’s singing! We all were looking forward to it and we wouldn't want her to stop…..


But enough said - you have to experience it yourself and if you are looking for a place for an Ayahuasca experience, don't look any further!


Maybe I see one of you very soon in the jungle - I will be there in April 2020 again!


Much love,


Oliver, age 48

July 2019

Ute’s dieta facilitation is caring, gentle and thorough. She supports sweetly in equality and encourages each person to connect with themselves individually, to truly engage with our own personal healing processes, our Master plant dieta and daily practices ongoing. Everything is taken care of with the dieta friendly food, Skype preparation and post-dieta chats, and also beautiful sharing, enquiry, integration sessions during the retreat. Her work with and respect for the medicine, maestra Juana, the plants and the ancient Shipibo wisdom tradition is all highly aligned in a pure light trusting way, which resonates with my personal medicine journey. Thank you Ute!


Luisa, 32 years, June 2018

It was my privilage to come to such a distant place and be able to do a Masterplant Diet for the first time in my life. I felt suported and guided through the whole experience by Ute. I was going through a lot of fear that was already triggered in me by corona virus. (outside of my situation)

HoweverI came here to find out thtere was even more fear and darkness that was self created and it was so dark because I confused it with reality. During one ceremony I was shown by plant medicine that there is great power in me and I can use it to create love, peace and harmony. It was huge. I was experiencing bliss, which was expanding. I felt love, peace, serenity as never before in my life. I can´t really describe it with words.


In my dark and challenging moments during ceremony, I have learnt to ask for help without feeling shame and Ute would come and sit with me and whisper her words of wisdom. She was a big help. I felt more save with her and I felt well guided by her. Some of her words were: Trust the medicine, trust in yourself, you are doing great, you will pass through that.... I will take these words with me because I experience now their real power and meaning.

I believe I created during the dieta through this experience new habits.


It was very beneficial to practise silence and focus on my process without distraction during the days. I want to continue that from now on, to take regular some time in silence. I learnt that I deserve to take my time.


I learnt to say no to the feeling of guilt, I replace it with responsibility. Thank you Ute for showing me this new angle.

I learnt the importance of feeling "difficult emotions" or so called negative emotions, they are real powerful teachers.


Thank you Ute for the choice you made in your life to be in this service to connect different worlds together, to create a space where we can learn in a nice and positive way together.


It was such a privilage to meet Juanita the shipibo maestra. She is a real miracle maker on earth with so much love and dedication.


As well the family which runs the retreat place was amazing, to live together with them and being cared for by them was an wonderful experience and lesson in itself. They were loving and kind to all of us.


Thank you to myself for comming here. Thank you Ute for organizing and creating this retreats with Juana together. Thank you to Juana.


My journey will continue, I welcome changes and new experiences with an open heart, open arms and an open mind. Thanks to this retreat I know that I am brave and that I can live fully.


Much love and big gratitude, Anita, 32 years


August 2021

"My true journey experience exceded my expectations.

Two things are different in what Ute proposes as opposed to other possibilities for working with plant medicine in my opinion. I think Ute is providing a service first and foremost. She is "of service" to the plants, the maestro curanderos to the journiers that embark on the voyage she proposés. It's not a "center" or a business. Second, she offers a truly personalized experience that bridges modern psychology and spiritual inquiry to the Shipibo traditions of master plant dietas and the ancient Ayahuasca / Ícaro healing techniques and chamanism. She works only with elderly Shipibo healers whose practice goes back decades and whose knowledge spans generations. 

Because she is not running a for-profit organization and maintaining a center, the money you spend is at once going directly to the Shipibo healers and to the Shipibo owners of the retreat location, but it also means that Ute has (and takes!) the time to work closely with you and the healers in a way that is both thorough and thoughtful.

The other aspect that really made this experience for me uniquely affecting and effective was its simplicity. Ute's approach is unencumbered by what can sometimes feel like a lot of lingo and hot air. 

Also, living in the jungle, though a challenge, imbued my experience with extra layers of meaning and resonance, being a part of the environment where the plants grow, where the "technology" originated and were developed. And living under the auspices of a Shipibo family of modest means, whose ancestry is part of the plant medicine tradition, made the experience even more wholistic with vapor and flower baths made from plants on their property as well as other curatives tailormade for many conditions. I felt as if I were being cared for by a family, not a staff, that I was in a community, not a "center for..." And, finally, not having stable internet access and living simply allowed me to focus on the inner work that I had come to do.


I would like to say that not only are Ute and the healers and family she works with truly gifted and gentle, but their integrity, dedication, unique life experiences, and capacity to connect with different people and bridge the cultural differences made my experience one of deep, dramatic and, what I believe will be, far-reaching change and betterment. 


Ayahuasca was for me bitter, ultimately sweet and extremely powerful, the master plant dietas, subtle.... and yet, I feel, them capable of being life-changing. Though I felt weird about personalizing them, they are true allies, mysteries and teachers. As with many realities that are poetic and mystical, it helped for me to suspend my disbelief to allow myself to learn, enjoy and benefit from something that is new and unknown.

The experience was disorienting, sometimes difficult, but mostly joyful, relaxing, more than surprising and truly profound.


I had some reserves about participating in what I saw as the "Ayahuasca tourism industry." I'm extremely grateful that my introduction to this world of healing was with True-Journey. Thank-you!"

Harry, 54 years

April 2022

I feel so grateful to be back at True - Journey for a second month of dieting. The space held here makes it possible for me to open up to very vulnerable places in me and work through them so they no linger hold me back in my life. Ute is wonderfully insightful and helpful for all of my needs and very knowledgeable about plants and how to navigate through tough spots. Very maternal and even comedically witty when the mood is light enough, to the same time a professional through and through. 

The healers Manuela and Juana are true power houses of healing plant energy. They guided me with their Ikaros through my most vulnerable spots and also joyful areas with their gentle awesome power.

Ute and the healers always encouraged me to do the work by myself what is very empowering  because I can take that with me forever. 

The Shipibo host family of the venue was always very kind, helpful and light hearted. A joy to be around with. The food was wonderful as well. Clean and tasty.

I´m happy to have this place to come back, when I get the call. I consider Ute as my friend and I´m forever grateful for her part in preparing me to continue on my journey of life with an open heart.

Luke, 25 years

April 2022

Here is my testimonial: I’m so happy I chose to do my first master plant dieta through True Journey. Ute works with incredible Maestras and it was very inspiring to witness their power and dedication to their work. The Shipibo host family was incredible and welcomed our group with open arms. The matriarch, Beatrice, was able to create so many different remedies that further helped in my healing process. Ute creates such a safe container for all of her participants and is always there to help you work through your processes. She provided me with great perspectives and was there to offer guidance. I feel so privileged that I had the opportunity to diet Noya Rao, this medicine is so healing and I already recognize huge shifts inside myself. This last month helped me heal something inside me that I never thought was possible. I will definitely be back soon to participate in another dieta. Thank you Ute for the incredible work you do, it really does make the world a better place.

Guilliana, 27 years

April 2022

Having just completed a second life changing True Journey retreat, I find myself relishing daily in moments of immense gratitude. So often throughout my month-long dieta my eyes were teary and my heart full. In knowing that the deep soul dive I was taking was held by such a powerful, compassionate, and honest space holder. Ute is gifted at holding space. She facilitates spaces that invite and inspire retreat participants to explore the vastness of one’s inner landscape. Ute’s respect and devotion to learning from the Shipibo tradition is truly inspiring to witness. Her years of dedicated learning provide a bridge for retreat participants to explore sacred plant wisdom collected and shared through the Mahua lineage. I feel incredibly privileged to have worked with two powerful and kind Shipibo maestras. Each of whom refer to Ute as a Maestra as well (because she is one!). As a result of Ute’s retreats, I feel more prepared than ever to step into the next chapter of my life. What has happened for me personally during my time spent dieting with Ute and her powerhouse maestras has been nothing short of magic. As was told to me when being referred to work with Ute and as I will write here; participants of Ute’s retreats will be in the absolute best of hands. Over the course of my time with Ute I have felt validated, seen, heard, and held in love. Our sessions that were respectfully interwoven into my vow of silent isolation punctuated my experience with clarity and motivation to continue leaning inwards. I am so enthusiastic about Ute’s work and look forward to continuing my journey with plant medicine in spaces masterfully facilitated by her. Ute’s work epitomizes the emotive words of Ram Dass “We’re all just walking each other home.” Thank you beautiful Ute! You are light in this world.

Hailey, 29 years

2022 April

I had a wonderful time in the jungle on the 4 week retreat with Maestra Manuela and Maestra Juana. Ute supported me and all other participants of the group in the best possible way during this time. She was always present at the right moment and asked the right questions with incredible empathy, so that I was able to see things that otherwise remain hidden. There was always humor involved, which enabled me to devote myself to challenging topics. The two maestras were just amazing and I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart that I had the chance to meet them. The family was extremely friendly and helpful and I immediately felt very comfortable. For me it was very comfortable to spend my time in the tamboo and to perceive the jungle. I wholeheartedly recommend Ute and participating in a True Journey retreat and I am deeply grateful for the time I was able to spend with her.

April 2022, Felizitas, 55 years old, German

I returned for the third time to do a dieta with True Journey and I’m
so glad I did! Like all the other times I came, it’s been a truly life
changing experience. I felt my whole sense of self being dissolved and
gradually re-woven. It has been a profoundly meaningful and
transformative experience that deepened my spiritual connection to the
Ute is a most wonderful facilitator and guide - in her grounded, warm,
authentic and inspiring presence I felt safe and welcome right from
the first moment.
She brings great clarity, precision and compassion to her work and I
appreciate her nuanced and respectful approach that truly honours the
wisdom in every individual. She is always there when you need her and
yet she gives participants plenty of space to stay in dialogue with
their own inner processes and the sacred plant teachers.

The retreat was well structured and organised and took place in a
stunning and magical jungle location, right by the river in a retreat
centre of a very loving Shipibo family. (if you are lucky you can see
pink dolphins!)
Ute’s extensive experience with plant medicine and with dietas can be
clearly felt, she truly embodies what she teaches. She has a refined
understanding of the inner dimensions and processes of the Soul and a
beautiful ability of holding sacred space for others. I can’t
recommend Ute and True Journey enough!

A heartfelt thank you dear Ute for all you are and for all you share
and bring into the world. You embody a new kind of feminine leadership
that is medicine for the world!

– Liv Milani, 37 years old

April, 2022

Working with Ute came at a time of profound upheaval and growth in my life. She has been instrumental in showing me how to find my own voice, cultivating my sense of possibility, and getting me in touch with that which I fear the most. Her wisdom, intelligence, keen perception and bravery has allowed me to find my own strengths. She has guided me intuitively to practices that have made a significant positive impact on my life. Ute is the real thing, incredibly knowledgeable and deeply connected. Working with her has given me direction and also great solace. With my heart (which I am learning how to access more and more), I recommend working with Ute Behrendt.

Caitlin, 50 years

May 2022

Ute's 1:1 sessions are simple yet incredibly powerful. Her compassionate inquiry approach helped me stay connected to the plants, integrate, and gain valuable insights. Highly recommend!


Claire, n/a, Earth

July 2022

I had the honor to meet Ute in Feb 2022 when I was at The Temple of the way of the light in
PERU, experiencing a 12-day Ayahuasca Plant based medicine retreat. I got to know her on the
trek to the boat to the temple on our first day.
It ensured that I was going through my first plant-based medicine experience with someone who
had deep personal experience with the medicine and could quickly help with the introspection
that I came to do at this retreat. I was immediately taken aback by the calm-centered approach
to communicating with the participants, her colleagues, and me. She has a pleasant calmness
to her way of communicating with others, offering an inviting space to be in.
I had several opportunities during my time in PERU to connect with Ute on a 1:1. She offered
me compassionate listening time several times, free of judgements. She helped me navigate
through making sense of what the ceremonies were offering me. During the ceremonies, she
was very helpful in ensuring the container was safe and offered me space to lean into my super
powers of supporting myself in embracing my emotional experience.
A few months after my retreat, after a few months of integration, I reached out to Ute for a
follow-up call. 
She was prompt to respond back, and we quickly found time in our schedules to connect. I was
working with making more sense of my plant-based medicine experience, and she helped me
see my experience from a different light and allowed me to integrate more of my past.
I am grateful Ute has been part of my healing journey and contributing to the connection I am
building with my authentic self. I would highly recommend connecting with Ute and allowing her
love to spark the love you have within you.
Julie Christine (Marrast)
Victoria, BC, Canada

I had a private session with Ute a few months after a 12 days Ayahuasca retreat in PERU,
where I first met her. From the moment of booking our time together to finishing up the 90-
minute call, it all went smoothly. In the session, I was guided to talk about what concerned me
and then connect with my body and see what needed to be felt. I felt comfortable as Ute was
warm and inviting and always led me through exploring my experience with gentleness and at
my own pace. I received a lot of clarity from having a private session with Ute. Having a private
session allowed me to integrate more life understandings of why my life experiences unfolded
as they did and helped me work through an emotional block. I would highly recommend
integration sessions with Ute. She is deeply compassionate, has a deep well of personal
experience, and is highly passionate about helping others. I am grateful to have connected on
our healing journeys.
Julie Christine (Marrast)
Victoria, BC, Cananda

July 2022

14 day Masterplant Retreat, August 2022, Yazan,

37 years old

I have been in Ute´s retreat the second time now and I would always come back. I could not think

about a better place as being here in this small groups for doing the work. I personally love the jungle

and believe that the power of the plants and of the Maestras are especialy strong here.


3 years ago I started my healing journey and finally I was able to return to the jungle and being able

to experience an other extraordinary healing journey. Due to the amazing work of la Maestra Juana 

and Ute´s support before, during and after the ceremonys I was able to finally see and understand how my

childhood had affected my life. Ute guided me amazingly in my journey with all

her experience in working with plant medicine. She was always available and felt when she was needed.

On the other hand she gave me the space and encouraged me to really stay with myselfs and fast for periods

to go deeper into my own process. 

I felt so save and cared for during the whole time. Thank you so much Ute!!!


I would like to thank Juana for her dedication and hard work during the ceremonys. She did and extraordinary 



At the end I would like to thank the Shipibo Family who where hosting us and providing us with so delicious food 

and all what was nessecery. My special thanks goes to Beatrix who is and extraordinary vegitalista and provied me

with a lot of remedies to heal.


Looking forward to be able to come back :-)


Much Love


August 2022

53 years, german

28 day Masterplant Retreat, August 2022, Jacky,

39 years old

14 day Masterplant Retreat, September 2022, Guiliana,

28 years old


No deep inner work with Plant Medicines and in particular Ayahuasca
would be complete without two vital ingredients. 1. An authentic
custodian of the sacred traditions of Ayahuasca preferably passed on
down through generations of family lineage and 2. A highly experienced
facilitator to act as both a guide on this worthy journey and an
interpreter between the Maestro and the sacred Plant Medicine
experience. Ute (True Journey) is such a facilitator and go-between for
Juana of the Mahua family lineage with her DECADES of experience as

One would be hard-pressed to find a better combination than Maestra
Juana and Ute hosting the 14-day and 28-day retreats in the Amazon Rain
Forrest. This unique combination of acting with the greatest integrity
and authenticity brings the hidden realms and deep transformative
potential of Ayahuasca and the Master Teacher plants of Noya Roa &
Bobinsana to you in a safe authentic Jungle context. Groups are
intentionally kept small to ensure you get the individualised attention
that you may need.

Having sat with Juana and Ute over the last few years, and now returning
again to the Peruvian Amazon this year for a 28-day retreat has shown me
again that Ute goes to enormous lengths to ensure we have access to the
best possibility of being prepared for our Plant Medicine experience and
all it can bring us.

No journey would be complete without an integration service being made
available afterward (something many Aya Retreats fail at) allowing you
to make sense of the nuggets of wisdom, the deep transformative
healings, and the heart-opening experience you have just been privy to.
It is thus with great certainty and confidence that I can recommend Ute
and True Journey as a premier facility to experience all that Ayahuasca
can offer you. If it's deep inner transformative work you would like to
do, you have come to the right place.

Malcolm, (Sweden August 2022.)

I decided to embark on my journey to self-love through plant medicine in August 2022. This was such a powerful experience that still positively affects my life over 2 months later. I have been able to hone into and trust my intuition more than I ever have. I give all of my thanks to Juana, Ute, Jenna, and the kind Shipibo family. Many of us came into the retreat with no previous experience with the medicine and Jenna and Ute guided us with gentleness and grace. Throughout ceremonies and days in-between, they were able to hold a safe space for our emotions with deep compassion. I’m still in awe of their abilities of intentional listening and asking such profound questions that I still find myself reflecting on regularly. From the amazing home-cooked dieta meals to the natural sounds of the jungle, Pucallpa was the perfect location to rest my mind and body. I left feeling empowered and refreshed and continue to feel so. I recommend this retreat to anyone who is considering beginning the path to return home to themselves. Thank you and much love to Jenna and Ute.

2022 July / Private group / Collaboration with Venture Beyond

Alice 30 years old

My ayahuasca journey started in 2018 and I have been to two different retreats previously. 

Those retreats were amazing, but I was still confused and didn't process properly after each ceremony as my intention was basically the same the whole way through. 

I did not clearly understand what Plant medicine was showing me and trying to teach me in each ceremony, but merely guessed like it could be this or could be that. 


I learned from Ute and True Journey that it can be very important to have the right intention for ceremony. This truly helped me with understanding.

Ute gently guided me throughout my stay to fully realize what each ceremony could mean to me. This was the first time I had experienced it this way. I feel from the bottom of my heart that it was the right approach for me. Every day felt like putting together a puzzle, my own journey.

I really could not have done it without Ute's guidance, always allowing me to listen to my heart. I feel so much gratitude what I learned at True Journey. Finally, I can say it loud “Trust myself, love myself, forgive myself”


Ute is a facilitator and a guardian angel. I can't express enough how important your presence was and what you brought to my journey. It was very heartening and comforting to know that you were there in the maloka, looking out for me and that you sang an icaro to us during challenging ceremonies. 


Thank you so much. Love to you, Maestra Juana and all the beautiful family who looked after me. 


I am very happy that I was led to True Journey and that I believed in it and participated in this retreat.

I sincerely hope that one day I will be able to hear your beautiful icaro again.

August 2022

Naomi, 49 years, Japan

It’s hard to put into words, even a month later, my feelings after sharing a retreat at True Journey.
The level of dedication, guidance, humility, strength and compassion shown by Ute and the wonderful family here is beautiful and all you could possibly ask.
Having attended two previous retreats, as illuminating and healing as they were, the opportunity to diet an additional masterplant, in my case Noya Rao, which Maestra Juana specialised in, was extremely rewarding. I would say this is very important in order to gain further insights and a deeper healing.

Ute was always available throughout the retreat. Guiding but with the ability to bring out one’s own personal truth. It is your journey after all. This is a rare gift.
To be supported in such a way, with gentleness and respect, is hugely important, especially if you are considering working with ayahuasca for the first time.
Ute's insights, together with Maestra Juana’s knowledge, wisdom and power, make this retreat invaluable.

The accommodation, food and welfare were excellent. Always with a smile! The family at True Journey are very knowledgeable and always at hand. You are very well looked after.

I would highly recommend True Journey: to heal, to grow, to move forward and to realise the strength you hold within you.

September 2022,

Jonathan, English, 50 years old

14 day Masterplant Retreat, December 2022, Sacred Valley, Luke

22 day Masterplant Retreat, November 2021, Jungle Retreat, Iris

14 day Masterplant Retreat, December 2022, Sacred Valley, Talia

14 day Masterplant Retreat, July 2021, Jungle retreat, Danu

14 day Masterplant Retreat, July 2022, Jungle retreat, Jacklyn

14 day Masterplant Retreat, July 2022, Jungle retreat, Lauren

14 day Masterplant Retreat, July 2022, Jungle retreat, Sheila

"Ute is an honest and straightforward and most of all gifted healer. Her intuitive, down-to-earth approach to therapeutic one on one sessions was incredibly attuned to the work that I wanted to do with her. She is a spectacular listener. She helped me set-up intentions and work on blockages that could keep me from fulfilling those intentions. I highly recommend her as a resource if you are especially interested in how plant medicine work done in Peru or elsewhere can be integrated into your daily life. She's incredibly sensitive, well-meaning and generous."

Harry H., about 54 years,

March 2022

Hi Ute,

Thank you so much for your time and presence last Sunday. I found it very supportive, and helpful in both clarifying my intention and soothing my anxiety. I especially appreciated the somatic approach and gentle inquiry into my experience. The warmth and safety you offer is very inviting. It was also helpful that you offered many questions for my consideration. The depth of our encounter, considering that we just met one another, is evidence of your genuine skill and presence. I will likely reach out in April, after my retreat, to continue the integration process. 



Early 60`s, March 2023

Masterplant Retreat April 2023

Jungle Location Peru

Masterplant Retreat April 2023

Jacqueline visited us for the 2nd time for a Masterplant Retreat.

Thank you, Jacqueline.



Thank you so much for your compassion and curiosity. Our session allowed me to connect the dots of two years' worth of parts work, many plant medicine journeys, and group work. That provided massive downloads helping me integrate countless hours of introspection. Thank you thank you thank you.

Bailey, 31st years old, United States

June, 2023

Preparation Session

Hi Ute! 


I really appreciated our call, it was very supportive for my process and I had a big release afterwards. I'm grateful to move forward in my dieta with this extra clarity and trust in the intelligence of my body. 

Thank you! 

Paige, 25 years old, June 2023, United States

Preparation Session

Anjum booked 2 times a 10-session package with me over the time of a year before she decided to embark on a Masterplant Retreat with us. She takes her preparation and integration to a very deep profound level in her process. 

Thank you Anjum for your courage and thank you for participating in a SAMA / Shipibo Plant Diet with us. l

Thank you for allowing me to witness this long healing and learning journey.

Thank you for this wonderful Testimonial you have created!


14 day Masterplant Retreat, July 2023, Jungle retreat, Jess

Dear Ute,

Never before have I experienced my “shadow” past pain so deeply, as well as, with such great profound peace, gratitude and healing. In the silence, I was shown quite clearly how I arrived to this spot in my life. It has infused me with a great respect for myself and my continued path. I deeply honor my courage, spiritual growth and creativity. There's more layers to unfold and your kind listening, wise healing and loving support has impacted my life greatly. There will be time before “Aya” and a time after Aya - my pure vida.

“Thank you” feels insufficient, Bless you and perhaps I’ll join you at the beach next year for more transformation! Love Amy


Also,  because of my many encounters with Tarantulas, I looked up the spiritual meaning:  lol - these very much resonated with me.

  • They bring a message of change to belief systems and drop away anything false that was conditioned as a child. 

  • They symbolize strength and power, courage, determination, and perseverance.

  • They seek to create the reflection of your heart’s hidden desires, & to fulfill your dreams through the wisdom of what you weave.

  • Tarantulas are considered sacred and represent the need to connect with one's spiritual path




It is said that before entering the sea
a river trembles with fear.

She looks back at the path she has traveled,
from the peaks of the mountains,
the long winding road crossing forests and villages.

And in front of her,
she sees an ocean so vast,
that to enter
there seems nothing more than to disappear forever.

But there is no other way.
The river can not go back.

Nobody can go back.
To go back is impossible in existence.

The river needs to take the risk
of entering the ocean
because only then will fear disappear,
because that’s where the river will know
it’s not about disappearing into the ocean,
but of becoming the ocean.


Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931)

A Lebanese-American writer, poet, philosopher and artist

This poem reminded me of the Ucayali River -

Amy, USA, 55 years

July 2023


14 day Masterplant Retreat, July 2023, Jungle retreat, Private Group with Honeycomp


14 day Masterplant Retreat, September 2023, Jungle retreat, returning tree teacher student Jacqueline

This was my first retreat with True Journey and Ute as well as my first sama (dieta). I was fortunate to
have had two maestras during my time: Robertina and Manuela. I could not have wished for better
maestras and especially during ceremony one could feel the experience and connection they have to
the plants. Words alone cannot capture the depth of their work; it's an experience that must be
personally lived to be truly understood, and getting the chance to sit in ceremony with Robertina and
Manuela really is an honor.
As it comes to the retreat place itself, I soley have positive things to say: The food was exceptional,
the tambos had all that you need (including mosquito nets) and the option to get daily
massages/vapor baths were very helpful during the sama. The host family was very friendly and
always made sure one had a good time and everything that is needed.
Regarding Ute, I could not have wished for a better facilitator. I found the preparation sessions to be
very helpful, during the retreat she was always available to talk, particularly during challenging
moments. The entire retreat was very well planned and organized; Ute was always in control of any
situation. All that gave one a sense of safety that allowed me to go very deep in my process.
For those seeking an authentic experience in a traditional way that directly supports the Shipibo
people, with small groups guided by powerful curanderas, and the added support of a highly
professional facilitator who emphasizes integration, True Journey is the place you've been searching
for. Thank you, Ute, for providing this truly unique and life-changing experience.

Marko, 26 years

September 2023

Hi I’m Lukas,

This is my testimonial for Ute’s True Journey 42 day master plant diet (Sama).
This was my 4th retreat with True Journey and it keeps getting better. I build a deeper
relationship with the plants and gain a greater sense of confidence and trust in myself by
learning to navigate whatever the different plant medicines or everyday life brings up for me that is hiding away in my being wanting to be seen and given a chance to speak up.

I’m happy to be a student of this authentic mode of “shamanism”. The ancient original - ever-evolving Mahua Shipibo way with real-deal no bullshit healers. Lord knows nowadays many people think that playing a nice song they heard somewhere or performing a concert is shamanism but in my view it is not and that mindset can be dangerous in my view/experience.
The way I see it, it is hard work that takes a lifetime of humbling to develop the maturity and connections to the worlds of the helping spirits that a healer (guide) of spiritual medicine uses to channel healing energy. It isn’t always feel-good butterflies, fairies, illusionary visions, alien worlds and bubbles. In my experience, sometimes love is metal. Eagle, lion, jaguar, bear like.
Fire like the core of the earth or seemingly cold like the darkness of space. Not everyone has the balance between these things to help navigate another's darkness with PURE love. Or the guts, the patience and the experience or the know-how to channel this kind of love to places in a patient when it’s really bring the message of the medicine through in a responsible/safe way. Even if they really want to wear the shaman hat. Some people just aren't there yet but think they are while ignoring the places inside of them which need work to be able to cleanly channel healing energy. In other words, spiritually bypassing. Living in ideas instead of reality. I’ve played my role in this too! I've definitely ignored the truth to live in a fantasy. I say this because I feel it is important to mark the difference between a lot of what I see nowadays in plant medicine or other spiritual work and what goes on at True - Journey with the Mahua healers. There is sobriety here. And knowledge is useless without that. There's no faking the funk here with the Mahua healers or with Ute in my opinion. From what i’ve experienced...
Everyone does their best to bring out authenticity in a humble way and sometimes this can
appear offensive. But that's what I appreciate the most. That I can have outside support
reaching to my real being and not the stories or illusions I cast upon myself to hide. Sometimes dark, confusing, maybe scary things come up and what’s needed is a wise, tender, gentle, caring, non-judgemental, ruthless warrior of a person to guide through turbulent areas in one's being. Maybe this sounds scary but I choose my words with care because I really want to put the message out there that this type of work isn’t for everyone. This is what real soul exploration sometimes looks like. Sometimes it is great, windy, blissful, sex thrills and sun bathing. But not always and one shouldn’t - in my opinion, expect that.... Please take this with a grain of salt as well because I feel one shouldn't take themselves so seriously ;D. But it is this kind of (tough love) work.... If needed!; that brings through the most profound results. The things that are really life changing. The courage to remember about oneself. The things that really shift the perspective in one's life and allow them to live hand in hand with a birthright freedom and cosmos granted safety of true authenticity without the burden of old traumas or stories. And sometimes it is just pure awesomeness! I don't want to ignore that aspect as well! The way I see 
it. True authenticity includes responsibility and humbleness as well as power which leads to one's true path of embodying bliss, instead of it being just a whimsical idea or fantasy of petty to sometimes even brutal tyranny. Living trapped in a mental illusion while the body is in great pain.. True bliss, joy and laughter can be bridged to one's bodily reality instead of “spiritually
bypassing” but the work has to be done and the plants met halfway in integral integration. I say this as I go about this path myself as a student. This is what I've learned. It comes with
challenges and tests but I don't want to sound too hard because there is plenty of softness and compassion as well. Through my so far experiences with True-Journey I’ve learned and feel a greater love I only once thought was a fantasy. And the path goes on!

September 2023

Hi Ute 


Brief feedback with love and gratitude -


Pivotal gentle guidance directing my awareness within.Encouraging my inner teacher & innate wisdom to express from the core of my being.Felt medicine of being received & listened to that goes beyond words, woven with an open heart & sincere curiosity. Both pre & post ceremony integration callls were something I didnt know that I needed & have played an integral part in my healing journey.Thank you Ute.


Shane / September 2023

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