Integration & Sharing Circle

Every month I offer 1-2 online Integration & Sharing Circles - donation based.








There lays so much potencial in connecting, reflection, feeling felt, being seen and being heard!!

My intention is to learn, grow and expand together! It is important to remind each other on our true nature, on our strength and our responsibility to live life self empowered and authentic.

Guiding life from inwards instead of being guided from the outside means for me that we take ownership. When we can connect to our inner wisdom, invite others and encourage others to create out of inner true inspiration there lays for me the power of creation and well being.

This is a path of self mastery and we need other humans to reflect each other and to support each other. We need to explore our shadows to bring them in our consciousness so we are not guided unconsciously. We need to embrace our gold and our dark with compassion.

To connect to who we really are, we need to learn to be vulnerable.

We only can learn that with each other together. For this reason I feel inspired to create a space where we can share and hold a space for each one to be authentic.

To develop compassion and true responsibility is necessary to "unblend" / distinguish inner parts, to gain clarity and understanding who we really are.

This is a path towards self leadership.

A circle can be one space where we learn to connect to self and each other to find more truth through the reflection and attunement with each other. 

We are not separated beings, a separated mindset is causing sickness on all layers as we can observe daily. We are a part of a whole.

With these sharing circles I want to contribute and provide a safe space where we remind each other on wholeness.

Let´s share, being authentic and vulnerable.

Who can participate? 

Everyone who wants to integrate, learn, heal and connect to inner knowledge and wisdom to create life with full responsibility and inspiration. If you want to discover your inner landscape, you are curious to self inquiry and you want to find more full potential inside of you you are welcome to join.

The circle is for people who used Sacred Plant Medicine and people who had other transformative experiences.

In life it can be difficult to show and share honestly how we feel. With this circles I want to invite you to let go of restrictions and limitations, let´s share out of our heart and see, hear and feel each other.

To be real, means to feel. There lays the power of getting in full own strength and authenticity. 

If you feel like it could be beneficial for you to share out of your heart, you are full heartedly invited. 

Integration means to become whole and implant new realisations and experiences in our daily life.

It is a continueous process. If you feel you are on a path of integrating and transforming, come to ur circle!!

Practical Information:


Group: maximum 8-10 participants (minimum 3 participants)

Where? zoom meeting/online - you get the link after emailing me

When? usually on a Sunday at 2pm Peruvian time

Next date: message me!!!

Contribution? by donation (nothing expected)

Time frame? 1 hour - 2 hours (depending on group size)

language: usually in English

(also I´m open to host a circle in German if there is interest !!)

registration: send me an email:

OTHERS: if you have a group of people, we can organize together for you a "closed circle"

Intentions for our circle:

Creating a safe space, where we can be authentic and true.

Compassion is the base of creating a safe and trustworthy room to meet each other.

Everything what we share is confidential.

We don´t project our judgments or opinions outwards.

We practice to listen deeply. It is not a dialog.

There is no agenda besides having the intention to be present and attuned with each other.

You don´t have to share words, if you don´t want to. 

You can just be there with us and listen, or if you feel like you can share as deeply as you want to.

Listening to another experience has the gift of reflection and sometimes we notice a missing piece for our own process.

Creating a field of resonance can evoke feeling felt, being heard and being seen for who you are in this present moment.

Our minds and our consciousness can connect which can create a space for realizations to be emerged in between of us in in self individually.

Connecting to the body, mind, emotions, sensations, thoughts and everything what is there is encouraged and invited.

Finding empowerment and moving towards self mastery is a potential what lays in everyone.

Psycho-Spiritual Inquiry means for me putting the focus on questions and the energy comes from a place of trust that we all have our answers inside of us.

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