Ayahuasca Retreat or Masterplant Diet?


Wholeheartedly I offer Sacred Plant Medicine work together with my strongly respected and honored Shipibo Maestros/Maestras in Peru.


In our retreats you can do an Ayahuasca retreat or you can decide to do a Master Plant Dieta. For people who are drinking for the first time, I often recommend to start just with connecting with Ayahuasca. 

Ayahuasca helps your cleansing process and gives you a first introduction what it means to work with strong plants in the Shipibo Tradition.

It gives you the opportunity to build up a relationship to the subtle energies and the shamanic worlds.

To have some time with Ayahuasca Ceremonies before can be a good preparation for a Master Plant Diet. Also I want to say that many people drink the first time Ayahuasca with us and start directly with a Masterplant Diet.

If you already have experience with drinking Ayahuasca in the Shipibo Tradition and would like to go deeper in your own healing to do a Masterplant Diet is the next step.

A Masterplant Diet can give the opportunity to journey further into the shamanic world.

A Shipibo Master Plant Dieta means that you drink another plant medicine besides the Ayahuasca. This other plants can open other worlds for you to learn and to heal.

In shipibo language it is called "Sama".

The decision to make a Sama means commitment. It means to take on full responsibility for your path of life. Full responsibility for your learning and healing in life.

When you are familiar with the energy/world of Ayahuasca, it´s very interesting to explore the difference in experience when you add another plant, another energy. In this step, when you add another plant, certain realizations can arise through distinguishing between these different energies and their effects on you and your life.

There can be a great learning experience which you can miss if you start directly with a Master Plant Dieta (Sama).

Here a little metaphor, you can imagine it like this: If you are traveling to the top of a mountain, you can hike to the top, or have a plane drop you on the top. A plane might be faster, but if you hike (starting with pure Ayahuasca), you may encounter aspects of life on this mountain, see what is growing there, who is living there, sense the effect of walking, learn how to breath when it gets steep, have conversations and interactions. Throughout the entire journey you are available to meet and explore different things, to expand your awareness. When you arrive at the top of the mountain, you arrive there more prepared, with more knowledge about where you are. You are already more connected to spirit, your orientation skills already got some training in this new world, and you can receive in a special way the things which are waiting there for you. 

If you choose to do directly a Master Plant Dieta, ask yourself why you wouldn’t prefer to take the path step by step. Check in with yourself, ask where does this wish comes from? 

In the end it depend on your commitment and your inner call.

In case you are already on the path of working in the healing field, a Masterplant Diet/Sama can be very beneficial to make your work more clear, straight and aligned. 

Ayahuasca is an amazing door opener and has huge cleaning properties which help you to understand the unseen and the seen world, both internally and externally.

To start directly with a Master Plant Dieta could leave you feeling overloaded, the integration could be more challenging.

My general recommendation is to walk the path with these Masterplants in the Shipibo Tradition step by step instead of going straight in a Sama.


We are all very different and there is no right and wrong. It is a personal and individual decision.

We can talk about it.

Some of the Trees you can diet with us have strong healing energies and depending why you want to come it can be a very good additional energy to help your process.

It depends on where you are in life, how stable you are, what kind of holistic practice you have done before and which integration skills you have available.

These days many people start right away with a Master Plant Dieta and they get exactly what they need. 

There is never one receipe which fits to everyone. 

Listen to your heart, listen to your intuition and feel free to reach out.

I´m here to talk with you about different options to find out what feels true for you.