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About True - Journey


"True - Journey" was created in January 2018 with the intention of supporting people on their path of finding truth, alignment, and integrity in life. 

This is why I chose the name "True-Journey".


"True-Journey" has 3 pillars:


  • Shipibo Masterplant Diets & Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru

  • Preparation for and integration of experience with Sacred Plant Medicine


  • Psycho-spiritual inquiry, coaching, and mentoring online sessions








Why True - Journey and these 3 pillars?

In January 2018 I'd been learning and studying in the Shipibo Tradition for 2-3 years. During this time I experienced an immense life changing process through the plant wisdom, the work from my Shipibo Healers, and my own integration process.

So my wish was born to share this beautiful sacred path with sacred plant medicine embedded in the Shipibo Tradition, as long as we have these old Healers here on the planet.

I started to organize and facilitate Masterplant Dietas and Ayahuasca Retreats in the peruvian amazon where I mainly lived.

My Shipibo Maestras and Maestros agreed and welcomed working together.​

This was the first pillar of True-Journey. 

The importance of preparation and integration is obvious when we decide to connect to these powerful plant energies. It's part of the healing and transformation process. 

The second pillar of Preparation & Integration Coaching was born together with offering retreats. During the same time I finished my certification course as an "Integration Coach".

​Healing, learning, and transformation in general during life, always means that we need to integrate our new experiences and awakenings into our daily beingness and doingness.

If we want to develop, to grow, to become more healthy, to feel whole, to become more aware, we always need to practice linking different parts together, which is integration.

By "different parts" I mean different experiences, different parts in the brain, different perspectives, different beliefs, different types of people, different ways of thinking, different kinds of worldviews, our past - present -future, our own different ideas about life, different relationships, different attitudes, spiritual and non-spiritual ideas, mind/emotions/body, the invisible and the visible ...and so on.

Connecting all the different dimensions of our experiences needs time, space, and practice. At some points of my own journey I learnt that a mentor who knows about psychology and spirituality can be an essential support to understand, embody, and integrate deeper.

Healing and transformation needs to be experienced on a daily basis to fully integrate.

Again and again I'm fascinated by our potential as humans and absolutely inspired to offer space for exploration, learning, healing, and remembering each other.

Along with my own ongoing unfolding process, I decided to offer outside of the work with Sacred Plant Medicine "psycho-spiritual guidance" where I connect Psychology and Spirituality.

I developed the third pillar of True-Journey: Psycho-spiritual inquiry sessions. 

These sessions are present personal individual journeys, where we explore the mind, body, emotions, sensations, and everything that appears in consciousness. 

The intention is to inquiry, to explore, to heal, to transform and to integrate.

With TRUE-JOURNEY I want to provide a compassionate space for healing and learning.

Let's learn, grow, and heal together.

Let’s remind ourselves what it means to be whole again.

Let's be honest and clear.

Let's hold space for each other to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

Let's see our connections instead of separations.

Let's remember together our true essence.

Let's remind each other to use our wisdom.

"Ani joé canobo! Ani noí canobo!" 

This phrase is in shipibo and means more or less:

“make the pathway full with light and love”

with love & light,


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