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Recommendations for Authors, Public speakers, books etc.

Here you find some helpful sources to expand and build up your knowledge and skills around Transformative Work, Sacred Plant Medicine, Inner Processes, Shadow Work, etc.




People to look up for youtube talks / books etc.

- Dr Dan Siegel

- Dr. Gabor Mate

- Dr. Joe Dispenza

- Michael Brown

- Byron Katie

- Prem Baba

- A.H. Almaas

- Loch Kelly

- Robert A. Johnsen

- Dieter Duhm (Terra Nova)

- Vivian Dittmar

- Christina Kessler

- Alice Miller

- James Fadiman

- Allan Watts

- Ram Das

- Albert Hoffmann

- Strassman Rick

- Andrew Weil

- Huxley, Aldous

- Shulgin, Alexander, & Shulgin, Ann

- Sandra Ingerman (shamanic journeys)

- Charley Morley (Dream Work)

- Peter A. Levine (Body/Trauma)

- Terence McKenna

- Dennis McKenna

- Joseph Campbell

- Goldsmith

- Michael Pollan

- William A. Richards

- Mark Wolynn

- Prof Stanislav Grof

- John Welwood


- Psychoactive Plants, Encyclopedia / Christian Rätsch etc.

- Listen to Ayahuasca, Rachel Harris

- The Fellowhip of the river, Dr Joseph Tafur

- The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge , Jeremy Narby

- Mindsight, Daniel Siegel

- Facetten der Einheit, A.H.Almaas

- The end of your world, Adyashanti

- Diamond Approach, A.H.Almaas

- Perfect love, imperfect relationship, John Welwood

Research, talks & articles


- Heffter:

- Maps:

- John Hopkins Psilociybin Project: Psychedelics research history & the mystical experience

- John Hopkins Survey: Psychedelics Use and Addiction

Ayahuasca research

MAPS supports research into the safety and effectiveness of ayahuasca-assisted treatment for drug addiction and PTSD.

Gabor Maté: Jungle To “Civilization” - How Plant Medicines Can Promote Health In a Toxic Culture

ERIE presents: From Mystery to Integration with Rachel Harris & Joe Tafur

- third wave

Drugs in the Bible? Interview with Reverend Danny Nemu:






- Reality of truth (depak chopra)

- Neurons to Nirvana

-FREE Episode | Psychedelica: Psychedelics And Consciousness

Transformational Addiction Recovery Coaching / Psychospiritual Coaching

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