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Traditional Shipibo Dieta

Traditional Shipibo Masterplant Dieta

What is a Traditional Shipibo Master Plant dieta (called in shipibo SAMA)? 

A Shipibo Masterplant Dieta (called a "Sama" in Shipibo), means you get the chance to build up a new relationship with another plant energy and wisdom. In our retreats the other plant get added to the Ayahuasca experience.

How is a master plant diet different from an Ayahuasca retreat?

I see the Ayahuasca as the door opener to the World of the Master plant you are dieting. It depends on the plant and the shaman whether you drink your diet plant before the ceremony or on other days during your Diet (retreat).

With the other plant you can receive healing, a deeper connection to spirit, teachings, and new awarenesses. This can happen in addition to that which you receive from Ayahuasca.

Every plant has a different frequency and carries special information on a subtle level. The plant energies can open a space of different states of consciousness and let you experience new perspectives. To do a Shipibo Plant Diet (Sama) means that you create a new partnership to another Masterplant/World (in shipibo: "rao nete"). This connection and interaction reflect back on you and on your life in some way, depending on your intention and how you integrate your experience.

A Masterplant Dieta (Sama) is a kind of school, a University of spirit and shamanism.


All skilled healers in the Shipibo tradition have done many Dietas for many years to gain their knowledge, strength, connections, and skills. In the early years of their journey, Plant Diets are often done in silence and in isolation, to be in deeper connection with the plant spirit. The "Sama" is about learning to interact with spirit, self, and life in general. Who can really know what it includes? From my perspective, to do a "Sama" is its own science. 


​My maestros say that every tree which you diet from has its own world. These worlds carry old ancestral wisdom, which you can connect to in its own time and own space. To connect to this energy and ancestral knowing and understanding requires openness, which you can't navigate with your intellectual mind. Patience and trust are key.

The first step in this traditional learning about energies, consciousness, and life is to start with a plant diet and to show up fully. Nobody can predict how it will unfold for you. It is an individual process. It needs trust, patience, and focus.

If you decide to dedicate yourself to do a Dieta/Sama, there are different things you need to know. During the retreat, there will be fasting times. This schedule of eating and fasting can vary depending on the Masterplant, the healer, yourself, and your process during the dieta.


Pre & Post Plant Dieta Preparation & Integration

There are specific rules to follow before and after the Dieta. Please read the Pre- and Post Dieta restrictions/recommendations.

After the Retreat it is up to you, how you choose to create this new relationship with this plant spirit.

Your transformation, integration, and your new connections depend on how much you are willing to commit to consciously creating your path of life. The energy of the plant which you were dieting with can be with you and guide you for the rest of your life, depending on how much space you give your integration work and how you connect to spirit. (Integration)

To do a "Sama" means you get the opportunity to create a connection, to create reciprocity, to create an interaction between you and the "rao nete" (Plant Medicine World/Energies). How you manifest that in daily life is a journey of continuous practice, reflection, inquiry, and recalibration.

It's a practice of integrating consciousness mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually in your daily life. 

Integration Coaching can be very beneficial in this process.

The reasons to do a Dieta can be different. The plants work with the mental patterns, the emotional areas, the physical body, your spiritual being, and much more. How the "Sama" will unfold for you depends on where your intentions are, plus there is a higher wisdom, spirit or “divine director”, something that we as humans can't know, which is “guiding” the content of your lessons and your experience.

Every plant has different characteristics and works in different subtle ways, often the Maestro/Maestra decides which will be your Plant Teacher or Plant Doctor. We can discuss this beforehand. 

Doing a Dieta can open and change your view of how you perceive the "visible" and "the unseen or hidden world". That’s why this path was, and still often is, the path of a healer.

If you have specific health issues please contact me so I can speak with my maestros about which plants would be good for you. In some cases, I could arrange a longer Dieta with you depending on your intentions and requirements for healing.

There is an entire universe of intelligence and information that can open up and work with you through Ayahuasca and Masterplant Diets / SAMA. These experiences take place within an infinite network of consciousness, comprising of all the micro and macro cosmos of our universe.

So, many things will simply have to remain unspoken ;)

In the end we all create and live our own reality.

It´s a unique experience to commit to a Masterplant Dieta with my Shipibo Maestros if you feel ready to do the work.

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