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Spiritual arrogance? A shadow on the path of spiritual learning?

Spiritual this a natural stage for anyone who chooses a spiritual path as a fulltime job for a while?

Recently I have met some people who were very committed to a deep path of spiritual learning and I noticed quite an arrogance how they talked about their practise and their teacher.

Of course, I immediately used this trigger within me to look inside myself and see why it upsets me so much.

And yes, as is usually the case, I saw a part of me that also had arrogance. I clearly saw that this arrogance was more active a few years ago and in the last few years, maybe since 2020, it has dissolved more and more.

Now I wonder if everyone goes through it. I believe that if we have good and well-known teachers, that it can happen naturally for a certain period of time, that we maybe imagine something about it. This can lead to arrogance, with the idea that we are following a very special path.

We give our path, learning, training a lot of life force, time, invest our resources and experience a lot of change, growth and perhaps have a few “awakening moments”.

We choose the teachers who seem best to us and are of course proud to be their students.

It can quickly happen that we consciously or unconsciously develop a pattern or way of thinking, such as "I am something better", "What I am learning is special or more special than what others are learning". "My teachers are the best", "I am special", etc.

I see that there is a fine line between having a healthy sense of pride, as you naturally see your teachers as very good, otherwise you wouldn't choose them as your teacher. And the attitude that my teachers are the best and others are less good. It's very clear to me that I choose my teachers because I feel like I'm in very good hands with them. I know they are good, so I study with them and offer groups with them.

It is extremely important not to put down other teachers, traditions and methods. Or to treat them with arrogance.

It is important to express honestly your experience. Of course everyone should be able to express themselves honestly and authenticly.

However, this arrogance exists in many spiritual groups. I would say that I often observe that at some stage of learning and growing. On a healthy path you notice this and see what it is connected to. Often old wounds, fears, self-doubt, etc. could be connected with this.

Arrogance can cover insecurities or be an unconscious coping strategy. As we know, unconscious coping strategies often go back to childhood.

I've noticed this spiritual arrogance in younger people before. Recently I have to say, I have seen it in middle-aged and older people too. It really made me think more about that topic.

I'm grateful that I could see it in others. This gave me the invitation to look more honestly and clearly into myself.

I found it so shocking on the outside that I could see it turning to dust inside myself. That feels good. Thank you.

In these observed situations lately, other teachers and other methods were really belittled with jokes and statements and one's own methods and one's own teacher were exalted very highly.

I was quite surprised about what I observed. There seemed to be no insight either.

When we are on the path to becoming a healer or working in the service field where we work with subtle energies, we can create shadows and invite or generate low vibrations if we live with this arrogance or hold healing space for others.

As I said, I discovered it within myself. I'm grateful that I became aware about that pattern. I will be very sensitive to observe it further mindfully within me on a subtle level if it arises.

I am still convinced that many people who call themselves healers or shamans should not call themselves that. I am also of the opinion that we should raise awareness among newcomers to the field so that they choose their teachers carefully and mindfully. Not everyone who claims to be a teacher etc. is good and healthy for you.

For me, this is different than putting my teachers on a golden throne and speaking badly about others.

Personally, I am extremely grateful for my plant allies and Shibibo teachers, who are very good shamans for me. They helped me so so much.

And yes, over the last 9 years I haven't found any that seemed better for me.

Clearly, that is my personal experience and how I resonate with the way my Teachers work.

I know very well that there are many different paths, methods, traditions and teachers.

Different methods, plants, energies, practices etc. have different angles and approaches. I value diversity and I encourage everyone to find their own path.

I totally get it how important it is sometimes just to choose one thing, and we might go into "this is the best and most faszinating".

This is great and we need to be aware that there are other ways for other people. Everyone has their own individual learning and life path.

Gratitude for all the different healing and learning ways. Honor for diversity of Healing. Respect the path of each individual.

The knowledge that everything is ONE and that we are all connected and that different paths and views are the nature of our wholeness is more and more natural for me...



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