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Ayahuasca Retreats & Shipibo Masterplant Diets:
2024 Schedule
Do you want to bring your own group? We also offer private groups. More information here!

A Journey Led by The Feminine:

Masterplant Diets with Maestra Manuela Mahua, Robertina Mahua & Maestra Juana Silvano Teco


I'm pleased and fulfilled to offer a space where you can diet with my female Shipibo Maestras. I feel honored that I know them, can learn with them, and am able to offer this space for you to receive their work too.

​Facilitating retreats that combine my maestra's work together is very special for me. I've been learning from Maestra Manuela since August 2016 and from Juana since February 2017. Manuela Mahua was my first Maestra in the Mahua Family. She connected me to the wisdom of her lineage and opened me to the magic of the plant world.

Manuela recommended her cousin Juana to me in 2017 when she became busier with group work and had less time to work individually. Since then, I have frequently been dieting with Manuela and Juana.

In 2018 and 2022 Robertina was working with Manuela together in my diet times. I highly appreciate being introduced and connected to Robertina's work as well.

These 3 female elders are powerful and unique.

To offer the magic and work of these strong women together feels like a big blessing. They work mostly with the same plants, and in combination, their work aligns harmoniously together.

Peru 2019-44.jpg

15. - 29. August 2024

14 nights with Maestra Juana

If you want you can combine this Jungle retreat with our following retreat on the beach in Peru

  • Dieta Plants: Noya Rao or Bobinzana

  • A small group of maximum 10 people

  • 14 nights with 6 ceremonies

  • Private room & private bathroom

  • Location: Jungle / Pucallpa area

Peru 2019-45.jpg

02. - 30. September 2024

14 nights or 28 nights with Maestra Juana

If you want you can combine this Beach/Ocean retreat with our retreat before in the Jungle in August.

  • Dieta Plants: Noya Rao or Bobinzana

  • Group of a maximum of 13 participants

  • 14 nights with 6 ceremonies: start: 02. Sept. or 16. Sept.

  • 28 nights with 13 ceremonies: start: 02. September

  • private huts & private bathroom

  • private rooms & shared bathroom

  • Location: BEACH / OCEAN in Peru.

Gilberto Mahua.True-Journey.Retreats.jpg

Maestros Gilberto is available for private groups in 2025

  • Dieta Plants: Many different plants are available

  • Maestro Gilberto is famous for his wide range of different Masterplant Diets he can offer

  • Private room

  • Location: His home close to shipibo village - Ucayali region

There is a gift for you!

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The ebook comes with a link to a video playlist where additionally certain themes are shared and explained.

Enjoy! I hope it is helpful for your journey.

With love, Ute

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