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Psycho Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring
- Personal one to one sessions & Online Sessions -

I offer online psycho-spiritual mentoring & inquiry alongside my work with Sacred Plant Medicine.  These sessions are a personal guided psycho-spiritual journey towards self-mastery and inner inspiration.

Psychology and Spirituality are two sides of the same coin, they cannot be separated when we see them from a liberated condition.

"Psychology is an ongoing experience from self, spirituality is the transcendence of the particulars" (A.H.Almaas).

Humans and life are magical and beautiful. I believe in our potential, power, and in our ability to create from the inside out. I trust that we can grow and learn with life in a "holistic and sacred" way regardless of what appears.
Instead of calling something a problem, I call it a project.

What do I mean by living life in a holistic and sacred way?














We are aware and conscious that everything in life is connected. We are able to feel held by the "Universe", and we can perceive a "bigger picture". We are able to trust and believe in healing and in wholeness. We have the capacity to accept and find peace and liberation deep down, also in challenging and difficult times. Even if situations seem devastating, we can see how important it is to be open, to learn, and to grow with whatever is appearing.

I provide the space in my sessions to offer the experience of the sacredness of life, and how we are embedded in a web of consciousness.
My intention is to remember that life is unlimited. We're in a human experience, and we're always able to learn, grow, heal, and transform.

I trust that we can live our life and find personal truth and alignment independently from our circumstances.

Prem Baba said: "Spirituality is contact with reality, contact with existence beyond the realm of imagination. This awareness of reality frees you from suffering. When all this imaginary thought is removed, truth remains."

Learning to touch presence means for me to learn to touch reality.
Learning to distinguish what is our inner fantasy/imagination/programming and what is really there involves touching truth, gaining clarity, and coming into true power.

It is my understanding that the missing space of spirituality very often is a reason why many people have lost touch and connection to their true being and life.

Naturally, humans are holistic beings. We are born super connected to everything and gradually, we learn to feel, think and live separately. At some point in history, many societies became disconnected from a spiritual lifestyle, as did the typical medical and therapeutic treatments.

The space of "beingness" got forgotten, instead, it got filled with "doingness".


Today we see more clearly than ever before, how disconnection from spirit, disconnection from nature, disconnection from cosmic laws, and disconnection from universal wisdom has caused more and more suffering on our whole planet.

Humans are very comprehensive beings.
That’s why we need to be open and curious for all parts of us and around us, when we want to live a balanced and connected life. If we exclude and separate, this reflects in our inner and outer world.

Humans need space to remember their pure beingness. If we want to be able to live a healthy life, we need to create space to remember who we really are.


Separation is the opposite of healing. We need to remember to be whole again.
To be healthy, we need to integrate everything that appears, and to find the space to connect instead of separate.

Looking for guidance in life means that we need to include all of what is and not exclude anything.

We are humans, with a powerful mind, with strong emotions, with a physical body, and with a spiritual connection.

We have so many natural gifts, we just need to learn to truly align and organize them more precisely.
It's all about focus and attention.
What do you believe in?
Where do you like to give your energy into?
This is what becomes alive.


Psycho-Spiritual mentoring - what can you expect

​Do you want to gain your true power to create?
Do you like to take responsibility?
Consciousness and responsibility go together.

How much are you willing to face your inner truth?
How much do you want to metabolize your personality from your historical self to your present self?





To inquire about who you are and how you became who you are, is obviously a personal individual process. For me this the most interesting work to be engaged with.

Are you ready to leave the comfort zone in order to find real true integrity in yourself?
If we really want to feel liberation in our life, we need to be open to let go and “there will be times when it's not about feeling better, instead it will be about better feeling”. (Michael Brown)

At part of the journey towards truth we need to allow ourselves to feel. This is part of the hero's journey. To face our anger, to face our biggest fears, to face sadness, and to learn that all pain is passing by if we're able to let energy flow and reality unfold in its own ways.

This is the process to mature to an older, wiser and experienced human. We only get there through our emotions.

My intention is to provide a safe container for all parts of the journey.
I'm here with you.

With my blend of coaching, mentoring, and inquiry service, I offer to be on your side with love and compassion. 

I believe in liberation when we allow truth to appear, which includes to learn to be vulnerable and to allow everything to come to the surface.
I remember and reflect on having trust and faith.

Healing and transformation happens in its own time and space.
Our job is to show up and be clear with our intentions, if we choose to heal.


I love to remind you that on this journey of inquiry, there's space to be playful and joyful while diving deep into our experience.
During our sessions I encourage you through reflection and insight.

I work with people because I believe in their possibilities. I believe in the power of change and growth, if you are ready and want to do the work.

​​​​"If you take 100% responsibility for the way you are, you get a brighter tomorrow, but if you
don't take responsibility for the present and you blame your past, work, society, politics, parents, partner.....for the way you are, you have forsaken your future before it comes.
To say that we are wounded is one thing, that we are stuck, that is another thing, then we say we are a victim, that is the opposite of healing." (Dr. Gabor Maté)

My intention is to create a present and compassionate space with you wherever you are on your life path.

Your true being is invited. In our sessions I offer to see and feel you.

I provide psycho-spiritual guidance wholeheartedly.

Included in my work are different training and ongoing learning in different psycho-spiritual approaches, my years of dieting master plants in the Shipibo tradition, my intuition, and my general experience of working in the field of healing and healing education.

Do you like to explore together?
Discovering your options and potential?
Finding the roots of your most pressing matters?
Shifting dynamics through acknowledging and observing?
Transforming patterns through and with deep compassion?

What do you need to bring to our session?
Openness, curiosity, and motivation to explore.



I´m not a certified Therapist. I´m not replacing any kind of therapies, neither can I give consultations around medical treatment.

I offer compassionate psycho-spiritual coaching, psycho-spiritual inquiry sessions, transformative and integration coaching to support you on your path. In many cases it can be very beneficial to use my services in addition to any other therapies or treatment. There is no contradiction in using a coach and doing for example Psychotherapie. The combination can make it more holistic.

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