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Trauma Healing & Plant Medicine Mentoring

Why is Trauma such a big thing?

And how is trauma not only in an individual experience..?

For the last few years in the healing field, people have started to talk a lot about trauma. Ten years ago the word trauma was not commonly used outside of therapy, clinics, or in some therapeutic institutions.

Now everywhere you can participate in different trainings or healing programs all over the world to learn about trauma

Trauma Response


People talk about trauma response, nervous system regulation and dysregulation, the limitations in life as a trauma response, how we create certain patterns based on trauma, and how we can learn to release and heal our traumas.  

But why is trauma such a hot topic today? Why did it come so strong in the awareness of healers and practitioners in the field of different medicine and healing approaches?

Here are my thoughts and experiences.

I'm very thankful for Dr. Gabor Mate, Thomas Hüble, Dr. Richard Schwarz, Dr. Dan Siegel, and many more who have influenced the movement of "healing trauma" worldwide over the last few years. I was, and I am, very interested in the topic and grateful to be able to learn about trauma with different modalities and teachers.


​Trauma & Limiting Beliefs

Globally I think it's very obvious that we as humans and humanity are dealing with our own created limitations.

If you become aware of how we as individuals limit ourselves, you can see how this affects our collective conscious fields and our global situations. This limitation affects us immensely, and we create pain in a continuous loop within ourselves, others, society, nature, and the planet. It may even go much further. Through our individual trauma we created limiting beliefs, which is why we react in a separated or limited way in life, even though it causes us pain. This may sound a little extreme. I just want to pinpoint why trauma became such a strong topic in recent years, and why I feel it's very important to become aware of our own traumas.

I acknowledge very deeply that there are different types and degrees of severity. To be very clear, I'm aware that different traumatic experiences can have different effects and cause different types of pain. Some of my teachers use the expression big T and small t, just to bring awareness to this distinction in experience. 

My intention is to acknowledge that if we don't bring consciousness and understanding to the cause and effect of our own traumas, then we continue to create harm. We continue to weave pain in our lives and our surroundings. 


Create a space of flexible response to stop a trauma response

For me, a life of healing and wholeness means a life where we can respond freely. A life where we can choose our response consciously, in which we're aware of the situations in our past when our system created limiting patterns in order "to survive" or to stay safe.


These moments are important to understand. Only then we can understand which limiting patterns we created that today navigate us and prevent us from being free and totally present with what is.

These events caused us to contract inwards, to stop flowing freely (on a subtle energy level), and made us believe a limiting idea about self or life. To develop compassion and heal these structures in us, we need to be aware of the causality of trauma.


​Ayahuasca & Healing Trauma - How can plant medicine help?

In my learning with Shipibo Medicine, I learnt to see the root causes, where energy stopped flowing, and where it was disturbing our "beautiful design".


These limiting structures developed by trauma in our system of a functioning human (humanity) cause separation, nonalignment of who we naturally are, disconnect of our deepest truth, and the impairment of our full potential. I know this sounds intense. But can you see what I'm talking about?

It's up to each of us which responsibility we choose to take on. We don't need to be superhuman. The fact is, if we don't heal these things in us, we continue to create these limitations, pains, and wounds.

Not only to our own children, but also to ourselves, friends, partners, family, our environment, society, and the whole ripple effect further out.

We all live in a highly traumatized world, and we have the choice to change it. 


Do you understand what I mean?


The benefit of healing trauma is freedom

When we heal our own trauma, when we learn again to think, believe, feel, create, respond and live freely without fear, pain, and limitations, then we create a more free field around us.


Plant Medicine helps to change the flow of energy

The whole energy flow goes through many different dimensional fields individually, ancestrally, and collectively, and I believe even further and deeper, which is beyond the comprehension of our own minds.

Healing individual trauma has a ripple effect.

Learning with the plants in diets, and learning with my Shipibo Healers, has let me see these limitations deep down in the root of the cause of present occurring interrupted energy as a contracting field of energy. My Shipibo Teachers call this "susto".


From these limitations, we created patterns where the energy of "God"/"Creator"/"Source" is no longer naturally flowing.

Our energy flow gets limited based on the patterns we created to survive. When I say "we" I talk about all the people who lived before us. These people also shaped and formed to some degree our inner architecture and inner (outer) matrix. As we do for the future...

The word "trauma" and the whole idea about it can help us all to go deep into the root cause of the limitations we experience in the present moment, and to face the truths of what happened in the past in order to set us free for the present and future. 

There are tools to set this energy free in order to liberate the self from limiting patterns.

I see often that this "flow of energy that gets set free" also has an impact on our parents, ancestors, and the collective. 

I'm happy that I've learned different approaches and tools, and that I'm continuing to learn how to access these root causes, how to create space to heal them, and how to integrate the knowing and healing process of trauma.

​​What is trauma & traumatic experiences

My learning and observations of how trauma is created are through these situations:


  • a "shock" in our experience

  • we felt alone, and no one was there to attune with us, to soothe us, to teach us, and to show us that energy/fear/sadness/loneliness/pain can move and won't stick with us

  • we froze in a state of devastation/fear/loneliness/desperation

  • a painful/fearful experience got locked up, a part separated we did not have the tools to feel through, to release this shock, to soothe us, to create a safe space for ourself

  • circumstances were not allowed for talking with someone, to share, to be held warmly, to feel safe with others in togetherness

  • a situation was created where we were alone with no resources to feel safe again

  • we experienced separation

  • growing up in a "not feeling safe" environment can make the chance much higher to create an inner ground of mistrust in our inner landscape where certain shocking happenings already integrate in us as a trauma (feeding the limiting pattern creation)

And then, what happens:

  • In some cases the memory is stored only implicitly in our system, mentally we can not recall the situation, but we're triggered by situations without understanding why we are so on fire/reactive

  • There are areas of shame and disconnect in our life that we don't understand. Often there are parts that want to hide and not want to be seen or discovered. Our system develops all kinds of strategies not to show certain parts of ourselves. "We don´t want to go there". There can be big forces/energies/coping patterns around which make it hard to access this part which got outcast in order to be safe.

  • Our nervous system gets dysregulated in certain moments (or many moments).

  • Freeze, fight, flight, or the urgent fixing impulse can be reactions that show there is trauma as a root cause.

  • Limitations in our thinking (belief system).

  • Limitations in our emotional expression and aliveness.

  • We create again and again separation in order to be in control.

  • We're more in the controlling and doing mechanisms than in surrendering, receiving and being mode

  • There is a strong pattern of avoiding, building walls, distancing when something/someone feels too close and vulnerability is involved

  • Feeling safe is a theme that appears in different situations and brings often strong triggers up in you

  • And many more.....

Plant Medicine helps to regulate the nervous system

Exploring the root of trauma with the intention of liberating the self in order to be able to be more present in the now (and future) is for me a big part of my work. I can agree with many of the famous speakers that all of us experienced on some layer a trauma that caused limitations.

We created limitations all over the map. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Separation is the opposite of healing and wholeness.

I worked in Psychiatric Hospitals with children and teenagers before I started to work in the alternative healing field. I worked with many people in the therapeutic field in Germany, and with Sacred Plant Medicine in the Peruvian jungle, who had experienced horrible things in their lives with dark experiences where I was shocked and deeply touched by how horrible life can be. Obviously, there are different degrees of experiences that can cause a trauma response in us.

But all of the traumas create a limitation with different intensities of the outcome and healing work that is necessary.

I want to refer to what Dr. Gabor says: "A trauma is not what is happening to you. It is something that is happening in you as a response to what happened to you."

The meaning is, there can be two people who experience the same situation, and both process the situation differently. One might have huge limiting effects afterward in their life, and the other might live open, free, and feels healthy. We're all different based on how we grew up, based on our family lineage and their traumas, based on how our life has been before, and which resources and skills we have available. (And maybe there are more influences that we can let stay in the unknown for now)

That's why the importance is on what happened inside of you after this "thing" happened to you. This gives you empowerment because you can take responsibility for your self healing. 

I'm here with you in our 1:1 sessions, and in our retreats to support you with this healing and processing journey.

Ayahuasca and Compassionate Space

Creating a safe space where we go slow, gentle, and compassionate is a basic key element for me. We include your body, different sensing practices, grounding exercises, and breathing if necessary. I'm always guided by my "Sama Energies" from my long-term diets with my Shipibo Maestros and the Tree Teachers.

Healing trauma with plant medicine & compassionate inquiry

I trust in our healing spaces that everything that comes to the surface is ready to be explored by you. There is a higher energy of wisdom with us. This is my experience with True-Journey. You can only see and experience in our sessions and retreats the things that you can deal with because you are ready to heal them in your life. You are ready to set yourself free in order to live your full potential.

I did several courses and trainings with trauma specialists, for example, the well-known Dr. Gabor Mate and Thomas Hüble. They both influenced me strongly in my own processes and in my work with others.

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