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Application process for an Ayahuasca Retreat and/or

Shipibo Masterplant Diet


Please make yourself familiar with the information on this website about Ayahuasca, Shipibo Masterplant Diets, Ceremonies, our retreat details (jungle/mountain), Preparation and Integration. 

Check-in with yourself if the information about the Shipibo Maestros and the facilitators resonates with you.

You need to read and agree with the Medical guidelines and the Pre- and Post Dieta restrictions.

In case of any questions or concerns, please reach out so we can communicate about it.






Please send me an email for pricing & payment information:

I will send you an email about the registration process.

1. A questionnaire for you to answer

2. The disclaimer that must be signed

3. The retreat agreement to be signed

After I receive all three documents I will contact you.

I will offer you a 15-minute video chat so we can connect in person to get a feeling for each other.

If your participation in the retreat feels good for both of us, only then you can make the payment. Your place is saved after I received the payment.

Once you have your spot safe you will receive an email with preparation material to support your process of self-inquiry. Also, there are Preparation & Integration online calls included in the price.


In case you'd like to book an additional preparation and integration package, let me know.

In case of any questions please send me an email:

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