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The silence beyond the noise

Be anchored in stillness.

The silence, the zero zone behind all the noise.

It is omnipresent.

This fields are always present, if we access "it".

It lies in the mysticism of being whether we connect with the same silent energy or whether there are different zones, fields, worlds, dimensions, frequencies or spiritual worlds that offer us their anchor.

It's not important to imagine finding out.

It is of utmost importance that you have a place of silence with which you can anchor yourself.

This place offers strength, calm, wisdom and clarity in every moment.

Having a connection to this stillness and calm is more than worth its weight in gold.

This energy, this connection lies much deeper than superficial thinking or feeling.

In my experience, we need to train this “muscle of consciousness” so that we have this connection even when everything around us seems challenging and chaotic.

For me, this connection is one of the greatest and most important gifts.

My Dietas / Samas with my Shipibo teachers and the plants helped me on my way. Plus the integration and specific tools for keeping the light of consciousness alert and sustained.

There can be certain triggers that cause fear, nervousness and thus a separation.

Once the nervous system is out of straight alignment. If the straightness and direct flow is shifted on the subtle level, then in my experience the separation from this magical place of silence also happens very easily.

For this reason, it is very important for me to make sure that I have a regulated energetic nervous system. For me this means that the “currents” flow is straight and balanced.

There are many inner exercises and practices for this, depending on what suits you and what you feel called to do (be).

It is important to build awareness that shows you how to stay aligned and how to take care of yourself internally so that your thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony with you.

Consciously paying attention to my holistic health and expanding my awareness so that I am attentive to signs of any kind of slippage is extremely important for deep well-being. This is the only way I can use my full potential and therefore create and be with and in my full potential.

This is entirely the responsibility of each individual. A life responsibility?

This state is ideal for the body, mind, heart and spirit.

Everything I feel and live I radiate and has a ripple effect on my relationships and those around me.

All the qualities and characteristics that I create internally, I also create externally.

My inner waves also become outer waves.

Being connected to the field and the power of silence gives clear divine power in navigating life, which continues to sow itself like a seed.

I am so very grateful that I know this place of strength and silence.

Fortunately, if my nervous system goes into overdrive and becomes overwhelmed, I have help and ways to find my way back to this strength.

Thanks to all my “helpers”. Thanks to the wonderful energies that working with special master plants gives me.

Thank you nature, thank you great universe...

I do my best and sometimes I forget... I do my best to train this muscle to the magical field of silence again and again.


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