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I accept where I am here and right now

What does this mean?

This means I´m not fighting against myself or my environment, I don´t try to change through push and pulling, I don´t judge, I don´t separate all the time in an automatic matter between what I want or not want…

I talk about deeply accepting the present moment and accepting where I am here and right now. Bringing the meditation in the present moment in the practical every day life.

I talk about this “inner deep activity" of focus and presence.

The noticing what is in the way of being in immediacy with presence.

The ability of looking through the programs.

The recognition when I act out of “I´m a certain person”, “the other is a certain person” or “this situation is a certain situation”.

I talk about a deep state of connection and being with what is, with the awareness what kind of mental quality and program on a subtle layer is involved in my experience/self made experience.

This is not denying or talking things to the positive side. I definetly don´t talk about bypassing.

I talk about inquiry: what is the total reality? Instead of making up a reality based on my developed programs and filters. I invite you and me, to go on deeper layers with self inquiry.

Accepting belongs to my experience of being able to see clearly. Through acceptance the curtain goes up for me. If I´m not able to accept where I am right now and here, it is a sign that there is something to look at for me personally. If I don´t accept where I am in the moment, I block energy to flow.

Here lies for me the "peace of God". Here lies for me the gold of the power of beingness and presence.

This moments of immediacy are for me an important practice in life and in my learning.

It is for me connected to using the energy of source, acting and responding with love, light and presence.

Realizing what are the blockages which my mind/learnt knowledge is putting in the way and finding the way to pass through to what really IS there.

What does the present moment offer me to see and to experience? Do I deny or am I curious and open?

To identify which learnt knowledge is useful and which learnt knowledge creates blockages is key for me in this work of psycho-spiritual inquiry.

Distinguishing and using judgement for the sake of identification what serves and what don´t. Judgement not from the ego source, judgement from the source of presence & love.

When I´m directly in an experience, I respond with full power to the present unfolding. When I´m there presence flows through me. I surf on the back of the present energy, where I can be and be there for my environment with full potential.

Can we help each other with that? through mirroring, reflecting and sharing?

Let´s be supportive, humble and with compassion.

Integrity, honesty and loyalty are good navigators to calibrate the journey of being with true essence of nature.


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