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"a little journey": TRUTH

Jesus: I´m here to show you truth!

Pontius Pilatus: What is truth?

Jesus: "If you know truth, it will liberate you"

From which place do you ask the question “what is truth?” If we ask this question from an intellectual/rational place, we won´t be able to fully get it.

To receive truth you need your mind, your brain, your heart, your gut and your intuition. You need all your senses you have :-)

When you are able to stay open, curious and if you can let go of identification, concepts and limiting stories, you can experience truth.

If "what is truth?" is questioned from the ego, it often carries hunger for power, can be rooted in materialism, and when steaming from the egoistic mind, it comes from a position which is actually denying truth, and this doesn´t work.

Pilatus represents the thoughts, the ego, the materialistic view. Jesus represents the universal and unlimited part in us.

From which energy do I ask this question?

What are the filters? Is there a part inside of me which wants to control or manipulate the answer?

It is challenging to speak about Truth, because Truth is an experience and words can not capture it.

How do you put the experience of love into words? Which words do you use for joy or the experience of ecstasy?

“Truth seems too great and words too small for the job. Nevertheless, we may use words as a bridge to the experience of Truth. We use words to transition from the state of mind to the state of no-mind, which is a state of stillness and absence of obsessive thinking.

As your questions get answered, your mind slowly becomes less agitated and begins to quiet down, so that it becomes more receptive. “ (Prem Baba)

It is then flooded by consciousness, which ultimately gives way to the experience of Truth.

The mind seeks to understand the Truth. It wants a rational answer, and it gets all worked up in search of that answer. But real answers can only come when the mind quiets down. With a quiet mind we deeply comprehend rather than just superficially understand Truth. This profound comprehension allows us to experience Truth, and only through experience can knowledge transform itself into wisdom.

The Shipibo Maestros always say while working with Ayahuasca: “trust in the process”, “be present with the plants”, “give your process time”. The experience with Sacred Plant Medicine can be a definitive guide for us on our journey to truth, because we can pass through our concepts and ideas which often block us, to see clearly.

Make room for your experience, to let everything unfold the way “it wants” to unfold. Even if knowledge helps guide us at first, there comes a point when it will have to be abandoned in order to make room for experience. Experience transforms knowledge into wisdom. If knowledge does not become wisdom it poisons us rather than making us wiser. Do you know what I mean?

In all our life, I believe it is very important to be connected to our intellect, our heart and to our intuition. When we work with the plants, it is very beneficial when we can let go of our thoughts and everything we think we know.

This can be a big door opener to connect to truth.

“when you know truth, it will liberate you” - to get that we need to be fully open and let go of the facts we think we know.

No one can tell you what truth is, only you can walk this path and actually experience it. You take that journey all by yourself.


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