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Where do psychology and spirituality meet?

Where is the natural interface in the process of consciousness in itself?

The more I see through and understand my psychological patterns, the more inner space opens up inside me.

Through the opening of this inner space, I develop a new relationship to myself, to my being and my doing. These inner changed relationships are reflected in my experience and perception on the outside.

My relationship to myself, to my being, to others, to what I do or don't do and in general to my environment changes.

When relationship changes, interaction changes, meaning changes.

My intentions, my mental, emotional and physical movements and communications change.

Questions and self inquiry often starts in the process of expanision and transformation.

What am I giving? What am I receiving? Do I see the flow outwards and inwards separately or as one flow?

What am I choosing? Am I choosing?

What is important? What gains priority? What do I give importance and essential meaningn in my life?

What is my anchor?

What do I use as my compass?

How do I dance through life? How do I touch texture in life?

What does balance mean?

What does integrity mean to me?

How do I experience presence?

When I psychologically create transparency within myself and incorporate this into my daily life, I need a specific practice. Without a daily practice, I don't create integration of new patterns. Our conditions are usually stubborn and need a certain practice to create and form new neural pathways.

Creating new habits, new neural connections needs consistency, repetition, positive feelings and will/focus.

When we choose a practice, such as meditation, inner observation, mindfulness training, yoga, or so, we find the greatest success when it is applied mentally, emotionally, and physically. We want to integrate our new insights/patterns on all levels and use all our powers to internalize and allow consciousness to penetrate.

The deeper we dive into our conscious integration and transformation work, the more experiential and insightful space opens up for us.

At a certain point we enter a space in which we perceive more subtle energies. There is no way around this, because when everything that exists is broken down, we encounter more and more subtle energies.

This transition of our perception, is for me the moment which I call a spiritual experience, because it goes into finer levels and in this regard usually further experiences break down, which allow one to experience beyond the rational edges of experience.

Our experiential space expands beyond our everyday habitual experience and perception expands, resulting in deeper learning, understanding, processing and integrating. Our perception widens. We experience ourselves in the field of consciousness in a different way.

Spirituality for me means to experience oneself as part of finer energies in context and connection with the universe, linkages and connections that grow out of rational understanding. This does not mean at all to lose the connection to rationality (!!), we can also speak of transrational thinking and experiencing.

Transrational means that one has a rational understanding, with the knowledge that rationality has its limits and to recognize truth one goes further beyond the rational.

A true scientist acknowledges mysticism, knowing that not everything can be explained rationally and pure scientifically. A true scientist embraces mysticism and recognizes the wisdom in the unknowing (Dr. Daniel Siegel).

The experience and perception is naturally an individual one, that is the nature of things.

For me, the word "inquiry" means to ask questions instead of giving answers.

The basis of my work and inner attitude is that I have absolute trust that deep knowledge and wisdom lies within each of us, we all carry our own answers deep within us. Therefore, I focus on questions and let the answers come naturally instead of focusing on the answers.

Do you understand the difference? The energy comes from the source of that trust of what the knowledge and wisdom lies within everyone and that by engaging and practicing all of our wisdom centers, we get all of our questions answered.

Often our different intelligence centers are numbed or covered because we have forgotten to use them in the course of our lives. Very often this goes unnoticed. Most of the time we have learned that our head dominates as an intelligence source and have forgotten to include our body, our intuition and our feelings.

Through psycho-spiritual inquiry and a daily practice, we connect with our deep knowing, which becomes accessible to us again on a daily basis. We experience a new fullness and connectedness and then often realize how disconnected we have been living and experiencing before.

I call this work, when we question ourselves "psycho-spiritual self inquiry". It is my absolute passion to guide and hold space in 1:1 sessions or in group sessions to dive deeper and to explore together what lies deeply in you.

Connecting to one's own intelligence centers and integrating them into everyday life to make truer choices for oneself is just one example of where psychology and spirituality can meet.

In order to get closer to myself, I must first become aware of the extent to which patterns of thinking, believing and feeling influence and affect me in life.

When I become aware of this, I realize which patterns strengthen me to be authentic and in alignment with my true self and which patterns prevent me from being fully me.

We start to deal with "me", "being", "ego", "dynamics", "patterns" and so on, this is where many of us still get along with purely psychological explanations. Also when it comes to liberation, detachment and transformation of patterns one can relate this on a psychological level.

Mostly, however, while someone is engaged in the connection with himself more intensively, the person begins to address consciousness , which usually brings with it, that someone begins to get curious about meditation. Meditation practice opens the possibility to sit inside of self and evokes new perspectives towards consciousness and self.

This brings with it that new experiences in and of consciousness can open up.

At some point in this process, a person begins to notice that there is more space to explore. The own investigation and observation starts what lies between your so called I and the rest of existence. Often the following questions arise from a deeper level, "who am I?", "why am I here?", "what do I want here?", "what fulfills me?", "where do I come from and where am I going?", "where do I stop and where does the other/the outside begin?".

You start asking for deeper meaning, which leads to deeper knowledge and deeper discoveries.

Many people first go through certain phases in their life before they come to the point "mmmhh there is something missing". Often we unpack everything first what we have learnt and try it out what our parents and environment taught us.

In ancient times, the spiritual journey often didn't start until the last half of life. Nowadays, most people start earlier with the search for more depth, our world and life currently shows us suffering in earlier stages of life, which leads us to notice that maybe an important part in us is missing.

Every suffering carries the possibilty to point to areas which are laying in the unkown, so we can learn and find out what do we really need to be healthy and well.

As children or teenagers, most of us asked themselves these questions about meaning. Often we grew up in an environment where there was no place for these questions and curiousity where we come from, where we go after death etc..

Adults around us often were afraid to deal with these questions, or we experienced adults who followed some rigid religion or belief, which seemed more restrictive than liberating to us as children/adolescents.

This could have been a repulsive impression about spirituality for one or the other of us.

For me, connecting to your whole self including subtle energies in the context of the forces of the universe is a self empowering and liberating realization. As it gives you confidence in yourself and in life, and shows you the way to your inner power what leads to empowerment and self mastery.

Of course there are infinite ways, traditions, forms and practices for you to tap into empowerment and wholness.

From my perspective, the world and humanity would be in a healthier place if the majority of people maintained this connection to own inner power, light, trust and strength.

Rarely have we grown up in an environment where we were taught how to use our intelligence center, our power of thoughts and feelings in a powerful way in connection with energies outside/our environment.

Seldom were we taught that we are responsible for all our creations in life and that we should have confidence in a self-determined life. Rarely have we been taught that we can share with each other from a place of abundance.

Most of us havn´t learnt that we should support the dreams and imagination from each other and creating together from a source of trust and love.

How many of us learnt to use the word "but", after talking about a dream which you would like realize??

Often we´ve learnt we have to adapt and we have to put our dreams down. This took away our own power to create fully with inspiration. The good news: we can connect to this inner source of inspiration and creativity which is connected to our true inner being and essence. It is a process and a path of remembering and liberating. We can get whole again with our inner true being & source.

To me, recognizing personal responsibility, self-empowerment, authenticity, alignment, focus, presence, connectivity and mastering one's own inspiration can be fully explored and learned when we allow psychology and spirituality to flow together in a natural way of experience. This conjunction needs to be experienced.

For me, this is the most natural thing in the world, that the awareness around energies, bedded in consciousness and spirituality is part of life or better said this is life in itself. All life emerges out of consciousness. Energies and universal forces are the basis of all life, mysticism and consciousness permeates all life.

So why humans are ignoring where they come from? Why are still so many humans show resistance towards the word spirituality? Why not tap into these forces and consciously see ourselves as part of the whole and align our lives accordingly.

Unity instead of separation?

It's time to remember again and reconnect to your full potential. Together.

The closer we get to ourselves and the more we realize which forces lie within us, the more differentiated we can consciously choose our actions.

Our doing and acting is important and it becomes more and more defined the more we give meaning to our consciousness.

The more conscious we become, the more we bring our being, actions and doings into alignment with our soul/spirit/our full being and ultimately with our purpose and fulfillment.

The more our actions are aligned with our true self, the fuller our being and life feels.

The more closely we bring our actions and being into alignment, the more we can resonate with our individual truth and the more subtly and personally it is reflected back to us.

Isn't that the goal of everyone, before we leave this body, to look back on a fulfilled life? A life in which we have felt the full power of vibration and being in flow?

Let's do it together.

It is important to create space in life where we can connect individually and unified as a whole to ourselves and to all that is.

Coming into resonance and feeling that we are in flow with life is immensely powerful and for me my orientation. It always needs a fine inner and outer tuning, calibration and reflection.

Vibration with the present moment, its true being and a clear intention is a constant interactive dance.

I love fine tuning life more and more while encountering mystical aspects. It is exciting and thrilling and the best part is that it gives you self-empowerment when you realize how you are in constant resonance with everything.

It is a path to Self Mastery.

A path on which you open up your full responsibility for your creation.

A path on which you realize more and more what the power of integrity means.

I love to be playful and joyful on this journey. I love to learn and reflect with each one of you.

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