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True - Journey Online Course Library is still in creation - will be published soonish.

Until we are ready, we have a little foretaste here below.
A small mini course for free!

True-Journey Library

True-Journey, as I do, is evolving here and there “as I do”. True - Journey and I are learning together over the years, with everyone who is part of it.

Thank you to every participant of our online offers and retreats over the last years

I feel excited to create a new project.


A True-Journey online library!


The opening of the Course Library will need some more time. Life is wonderfully busy, rich, and full. Right now I don´t have enough time and space to create full-time videos and written documents. I decided to go with the flow and trust that I will create this library step by step in it´s own timing.

Via Newsletter and Social Media I will share the opening of the Library.

For first participants, there will be special price offers for these courses. 

My idea is that it will turn into a constantly growing library with different courses and content.


Generally, I intend to share and help to remember ways to live in connection with our full potential. My wish is that we all live a life where we share all our abilities and inspirations. Living an aligned life gives each and every one of us the ability to use our powers and intelligence in a healthy and balanced way.

Let´s always be open and curious to learn together and to support each other to evolve. 


Further content ideas are:

  • How to grow into the role of a facilitator

  • Tools/guidance for preparation and integration

  • Offers for daily practices and rituals to stay fully connected/aware

  • Awareness of your inner being and learning how this affects your energetic boundaries

  • Teachings about mastering the energies connected to your plant diet (Sama)

  • How to keep your Arcana alive and in high frequencies (protection after retreat)

  • Integrating the plant teachings and energies into your daily life - finding a natural routine that flows easily with you

  • Staying aligned with energies that you consciously choose

  • Offerings of tools and methods to become more aware of what you create in every moment

  • Increasing awareness about the alignment of thoughts/emotions/desires/spirit/decisions, etc, and the connection with your own creations

  • Responsibility for the energy you feed and create

  • And much more!!!


If this interests you then check the following video out. If you have a certain topic you would like me to share about in the library, feel free to send me questions, themes, etc… I will do my best to include them. If there is new inspiration coming from you then I’m happy to offer something in exchange!!! I value reciprocity.

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