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  • Ute

The LIGHT takes care .. if I let go and allow.

What if I fully start to integrate what I saw and understood recently that ALL of my grief, pain, hurt, worries etc will move to the light if I allow it.

That's it.

I just need to allow it to go and then I'm free and liberated.

Is it that easy?

I saw it. It is as giving it all in the hands of God and it moves into the light and transforms.

A deep place of 100% trust into the power of THE light.

I mean 100% with all you have. That is the place where it really happens.

Do I not trust that this is REAL? Why? I saw it and I know deep in me this is the power of ..... (what ever word I put there it will be too limiting). Maybe you know where I talk about.

Not sure what holds me back to let go 100% 🤔

Could I not be me anymore?

Would that be a problem?


Am I scarred to let go and to be free?

Does someone know where I talk about? 😅💛

I'm really grateful about what I'm starting to understand. Only not sure how long I will need to fully integrate.

The school with my Tree teacher is so wonderful. Thank you my dear Friend within ALL.

I'm in a state of deep gratitude.

Wanna join our Masterplant School?? (Dieta) 😇🌳😇


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