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Where the chanting of the shaman, the words of a Sufi and the observation of quantum physics meet

Where does a thought come from? Where does it go?

Do you know the feeling when you perceive your body like a cloud, your eyes closed, only here and there maybe you feel a point that presses or pulls, you do not perceive your limbs, neither your shape of your body… Space and time do not exist in this experience.

This is a state that many of us experience during meditation or very relaxed moments.

Sometimes this state of "not being" or "being/resting deeper and deeper" can be refined to a point where we do not identify ourselves.

How, with what and from where do we create? Who creates and causes? Who is responsible?

I like to see the individual as responsible, which is not to be confused with guilt or judgement.

Responsibility is clearly correlated with the degree of consciousness we are experiencing. The more conscious we become about cause and effect, the more conscious we become about our own creations. The more aware we become of our potential of effect, the larger the window of our perceptible responsibility becomes.

For me, it is enormously powerful when we realize that we can create an "inner space" with which and in which we can explore and experience the human BEING more consciously.

On closer inspection, inner and outer space is relative, depending on your experience. Do you know what I mean?

In the same way we do not "create" space, space is always there.

We only create the conscious access to an empty space to explore and let energy move and unfold in a natural way.

I am talking about an open, unlimited space in which we learn to surrender into, to let go, to trust and where we can experience to respond to life in a more free way.

When we are in this space of consciousness we realize more and more the connection of "re-sponsability" and respond. We get more aware about our freedom how to respond, and we experience as well more clearly how life responds to our responds.

Through this conscious shift our interaction and the dance with life turns into a different dynamic.

This experience can open up a new feeling of freedom and spaciousness in your daily life. You realize that every moment you have a choice how to "answer to life". This experience is weaved together with the pure essence of the present aliveness. Can you relate to this?

This is not about the illusion of trying to make everything easy, wonderful and positive. It is about recognizing a deeper truth, realizing it and integrating it into everyday life.

This open space offers the chance to discover, stabilize, explore and consciously use your connection to all that is. To realize your experiences in life in connection with the universe.

Your opening to this open space, as a direct experience of consciousness and presence, gives you room for mobility for everything that the direct experience of being present makes appear.

This in turn gives you the opportunity to check and observe (implement) the connection between effect and cause.

Here you can find a new rhythm for your Life Dance, reshape relationships, learn to grind and cut your experiences and perceptions like a diamond. I like the metaphor of the diamond in this context, because it also allows the exploration of reflections and mirroring, both on a micro and macro level.

Experiencing this empty space creates a kind of new learning, healing (becoming whole) and interacting with life.

The more we interact with this open space, the more we realize our choices and responsibilities, how we "re-spond" to life and in which degree we are “re-sponsable" in life.

In the Shipibo tradition, in which I have been learning for several years, a part of the "energetic work" is put into the "root" of all "appearance", for example in the root of a thought. The one who knows can open a field of vibration, they open certain channels, and they start to sing a healing song, which is called icaro. Through focus and concentration, through the power of the word, the frequency which gets channeled from specific master plants is sung into the energetical pattern.

At some point depending on the skills of the shaman, he/she opens the “world of the root” of the appearance and cleans it, straighten it and fills it with good vibrations.

How sacred chants (ikaros) and the power of words manifest energetically in a punctualized way and affect the person and her/his subtle energy field is another great "sacred science" in itself. People often speak of an energetic operation, instead of a surgery on the physical body, they operate on the energetic field.

Learning about this sacred and holistic way of channeling Ikaros is a traditional training, where you have to participate over many years.

In shipibo the name of this training is “sama” (in spanish called dieta).

It includes regular participation in ayahuasca ceremonies, taking various plants, fasting and isolation in nature.

Even physics, or at least some representatives of it, say that if we break down to the subatomic level, a human is 99.9999 made out of atoms (subatomic particles)/subtle energy and only 00.0001 made out of physical substance. The question for me has always been, why do we humans pay so much more attention to the physical world than to the subtle world?

If we look back historically, we can find different reasons and hints why people have forgotten and unlearned to pay attention to the subtle world.

If someone looks into quantum physics, he also discovers that we direct energy by observing and paying attention. The mind has an effect on the world.

There are many ways how we can maintain and practice this connection, for example through rituals, words, chanting, smoking mapacho (sacred tabaco), burn incenses and working with setting intentions. Mind-Body-Spirit practises, only to mention the most common ones as yoga, breathwork and meditation are powerful tools to connect and open up.

In the beginning was a breath, then the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God….. Does this sound familiar? We find that in the bible related with the creation of the world.

Every word can be filled with conscious content and good intention. Every breath we can honor and formulate our words with. Every word carries consciousness and life in it.

Isn´t that beautiful?!

There are and were societies in which the keeping of the word were considered as the reputation of a human. It is the greatest good and "at the end of your human existence" this is all that remains!

Integrity and inner coherence are an interesting topic for me. When our thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment a human is in his highest potential to send out clear signals. In this state his energy field is coherent. When you sense this, you notice your dance with life get´s a certain energy.

Clear source - alignment/integrity - manifestation.

Where is the source of your word? Where is the source of your responsibility? Where is the source of the root of your thought? Where is the source of your life? Where is your responsibility for manifestations? What do you declare as your responsibility?

I come back to the emptiness and this unlimited field of consciousness where every human is embedded in.

It is up to every individual how to use certain practices that help us to remember to be present, to be consciously connected, to be in alignment with self and thus to be in our full power.

Einstein said that energy and matter are interchangeable, so this applies to our mind and matter.

At some point in the course of human evolution the internal belief arose that humans are victims. This deep belief took away the strength and power of man. Humans let themselves down and forgot about their strength and power of effect, resonance and creation. Man let himself be guided more and more by the outside and forgot about his true potential.

Humans are creators and we create the world with our mind (thoughts, emotions, attitude).

Energy is the substance of all matter and responds to our mind.

What I would like to remind and point out is that we can access these empty space of consciousness all the time. We are consciousness! These empty space is full of potential and is the root for new creations.

From my shamans I learn to see how they clean the space of the root from thoughts and fill it with "good energies". These ancient shamans know nothing about quantum physics and subatomic particles. They just channel what they learned from the Masterplants and from their maestros.

They are still consciously connected to different dimensions, they can experience and connect them. They have not forgotten to be a bridge and to have their feet in different worlds.

Each one of us has the ability to take consciously responsibility for being and doing (causing).

Instead of scratching at the surface, we can go deeper and look at where my "re-sponding" to life arises from and what does it mean for me to take on "re-sponsibility" for this?

Here begins the fine alchemy and the cutting of the diamond.

In this inner inquiry work psychology and spiritual experience meet.

A 13th century Sufi once said: "God needs the human, and the human needs God". Without a human being, God would not know what a God is. In this mystical teaching, it is said that man perceives God's creations, thus God lives. Man needs God to live, because God is the living presence. The human is seen as a bridge between all consciousness, all possibilities and potentials. The human can connect the "not visible" with the "visible", if he does not deny his own power! Man has the ability to be a link between subtle and physical levels, thus becoming a creator.

Some may not like the word God, for me it represents pure consciousness, which permeates all life and existence, just like the Buddha.

Entering open space to explore consciousness and responsibility for life is my theme: Here is one of my favorite quotes from Viktor Frankl: "There is a space between stimulus and reaction. In this space we have the freedom and the power to choose our reaction. In our respond lies our growth and our freedom.“

This man was in a concentration camp as a Jew, and even in this situation he could recognize his freedom by having the choice of how to respond to his situation.

This space we can integrate in between of own reactive autopilot programs, beliefs, emotional patterns and dynamics. When we are able to create this space in our inner experience, we can choose with more awareness our respond.

This empty space offers you the chance to connect with its inner source/God/goodness, which can connect you with your "in-spiration". It can also be said that it brings you in harmony and exchange with Spirit.

The potential that we can experience through conscious responsibility and creation is far beyond my imagination. However, I know that it carries the feeling of "fulfillment" and "meaning" within it, which has a healthy effect on life. The personal experience of meaning in life leads to the sense of fulfillment and it is proven by brain scans that this has a positive effect on our synapses and processes in the brain

(for example shown in Alzheimer Research).

It is my absolute heart's desire that we humans remind each other how we can be a strong bridge, which remembers to create more and more consciously and so we create and live with inspiration.

Being in the dance of pure direct creations means the experience of bliss.


I offer online psycho-spiritual inquiry coaching and mentoring.

In Peru we also offer retreats together with my Shipibo healer and sacred plant medicine.

In case my writing is resonating with you, or you feel the call to inquiry more about yourself, please feel free to contact me.

In love, Ute


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