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Radical Compassion

We are all humans and we are coming from the same place. Don´t separate between a victim and a perpetrator. It never started just with the act of a perpetrator, there is always a long story why someone gets to this "monster".

Please know, I don´t want to justify any behavior from any terrible action what someone did or will do. Everyone is 100% responsible for self and need to take responsibility about what they did, doing or will do. When I hear about injustice, about all this stupid , painful, horrible things what humans are doing, I feel pain, fear and I feel so sad.

The biggest pain I feel how politics are running the whole world, how big the lack of spirituality is in guiding humans. So how can the world get guided if there is spirituality separated and not included??

My question now is how can we do better? how can we contribute to heal? Healing is not happening through separation. Healing is happening when we see and experiencing the connections from everything what is. Healing is happening when we realize, that we are all living in ONE big connected world together and that we all influence the bigger picture. We always have been in this and we always will be in this big network of life, consciousness, exchange, interaction... Who knows who of us did very horrible things as well at some point or will do? Who know if not someone of us was or will be a manifestation of hate at some point of universal existence?

I agree we only can be free, if everyone is free!!! Oh yessss..... where do we start, if not inside of ourselves?

To change the way how we think is for me a good start to observe. How much are we conditioned and programmed to look for separation and how much are we able to recognize the same/similarities in everything. How much do we think in terms of separation? Take a moment and go down the root and observe it in a detailed way. And how much would the world and our life change if we recognize the similarities in each one and everything instead of the differences???

If we are able to look into the essence and we are able to the see the similarities, then we are able to approach it from a more divine and holistic view. To connect "parts" by the essence of it, it is to see things through the lens of “God”/through the lens of “wholeness”. If we start there we are able to connect and to love from the deepest point.

I want to remind on absolute compassion. We don´t make the world a better place when we fight or responding with aggression or hate. Everyone is a human as you and as me. Behind every horrible/terrible action lays much unresolved pain, fear and deep deep wounding. My question is more how can we contribute to healing on a bigger picture. How can we hold space for all the humans who carry so much pain in them and they don´t have anyone and they never had anyone who helped them to heal, who hold space for their true being, who loved them or who attuned with them??

How can we respond to horrible actions which are happening all the time on our world, every day a million of times probably? How can we hold compassion for the victim and the perpetrator and also being able to see that the perpetrator is also a victim. What can we do that the “victim” is not getting a “perpetrator” in one or the other way?

How can we hold space with compassion for our world??? I don´t say that we should not take action. People need to take action to "fight" for justice and love, but people need to be in inner peace and fight from there.

What is your intention? So look first inside of you and do your inner work and consider which kind of tools and strategies you like to use..

The world is experiencing manifestations of pain all the time and we are all involved in that. If we are aware about or not, we are all involved in it. How can we use situations which come in the media, come to the public to increase our awareness and to create change in us? How can we reflect on our self how we deal with our own pain, our own emotions and can we be a better catalyst?

How can we create a better support for children and families, so that not so much children need to live with such big wounds, which can be the root of getting a "monster" later on.

I feel compassion for all humans (mostly), when I go inside of myself and take a moment. Even if it is little hard with one or the other... I´m practicing that. Let´s all practice.

When I was in my 20´s I worked with some young men who raped and abused children and young girls. First we got the report about them, when I was reading it, I had sometimes strong emotions and I was wondering how I could work with love and respect with this man, when I know what horrible things they have done. When I met them, I just saw them as a human. I could be present with them, I felt their fears, I felt their insecurities and I could see their huge wounds. I felt much compassion for them what happened to them in their childhood and it always was clear it didn´t start with them. They are the victim of their experiences and they need help. Of course I was clear with their responsibility, also I showed them the options they have to change and that our team is there to support them. I told them they are lucky to have a whole support system and now it is up to them how they are willing to do their inner healing work.

When I met the abused or raped boys/girls or young woman/man, of course I felt as well huge compassion and my focus was how to support them to heal this trauma (and not to let it grow to a limiting way of life).

There is so much more to say and to talk about, but I make a “pause” here... I think I expressed what wanted to be expressed ;-)

This is the dream from many people who are working with holistic healing, sacred plants, psycho-spiritual coaching, meditation, breathwork etc...

I wish all this wonderful techniques for transformation and healing will reach out to more people, especially to the ones who carry so much hate and aggression in them!! There lays so much potential for healing and transformation.

Blessings and love to all the humans and beings out there who are suffering and experiencing injustice!!

And hey, if you can´t feel the absolute compassion where I´m talking about, also that is fine. I also can´t feel that all the time!!!

Love you all !!!


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