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Metabolizing Personality

"Metabolizing Personality" is a expression I heard from H.A.Almaas in one of his talks.

Any pain, any not fully felt or processed emotion or any unresolved trauma is causing contraction in us (or around us). This can reflect in different ways in our bodies, in our way to express, in our emotional and mental life, in our relationships, how we make decisions and so on.

When we allow to give all the parts which feel contracted attention, when you learn to create space for these parts in you, then it will move from contraction to spaciousness.

“When you feel any tension, give it attention!” (Dr. Gabor Maté)

If we learn to allow ourselves to experience these suppressed emotions, trauma and memories can come up. Old wounds can open up again, sometimes it leads to high sensitivity and it brings up vulnerability. This part of inquiry work can be very delicate, depending where you are at, don´t hesitate to ask a professional for help to guide/support you through the process. Only if we are able to let it come up into our awareness, we can take fully responsibility for our healing process. We need to feel and understand the dynamic.

It is not about wanting to change, pushing or fix self. It is about finding compassion towards self and just noticing what is happening. It is about accepting self and about feeling whole with all your parts, also the painful ones.

Healing means to get whole again, this means acceptance from every little thing in you.

Our suffering is accumulated from childhood. So we need to go backwards to notice what is happening in us, understanding it for what really happened.

Healing is about taking ownership and about taking responsibility. It´s not about blaming self or others.

Energy is changing by just making space for it and allowing it to be. Just to experience it, brings more clarity. We recognize that patterns are memories and this built our structures.

When we allow self to feel our contracting and limiting fields of our emotions, we create spaciousness, along with this we can experience a sense of emptiness. Emptiness can bring uncomfortable themes and emotions up, if you continue your personal inquiry journey emptiness will get at some point a rich and full field.

We get closer to the essence, a true natural essence, which we experience as something different than our personality, which was build up through our stories/environment/raising up etc.

With what do you identify? And what does it mean for you? In creating space you can find stillness and it brings you closer to your truth.

The constructs of mind are the filters of our experience , which separates us from immediate experience. Recognizing the filters discharges them, we get more immediate.

Sense of being a person of presence, independent of what was happening in the past (story).

You don´t do this work to get a better self image, you don´t need a self image.

This works leads you to getting to know yourself better and to learn to live more true, life gets more authentic, which is the source for truth.


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