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  • Ute

Integrating the echo with my feed on the ground while listening to the universal divine radio

I realize more and more these days how much I enjoy and like staying on the ground and living life in this world.

The more I feel comfortable and safe with my emotions, the more I feel at home in my body, and the more I feel good in and with my mind and who I am as Ute. The more I enjoy being on the ground in this world.

I love my antennas, listening to the divine radio and experiencing other levels of consciousness as an integrated part of my life is essential and belongs for me to stay on the ground.

The more I´m embodied, the more I touch the ground and feel my roots, the more I can listen to my guidance and fine tunes that which universe sends to me and use the information which goes through my "canos" in my inner being.

We as humans are powerful beings.

We have legs to walk, hands to do things, a brain to think, and a heart to feel and we can expand these energy centers and connect them in a way that can give us a powerful place in the universe and be connected universally.

This is awesome, isn´t it?

I´m not a bird and I´m not a butterfly. I like to walk and use my consciousness to open, expand, and reach out to other levels of awareness to feel, receive and understand wholeness. At the same time, I like to be connected to the ground where my resonance with what is happening can connect deep down, and at the same time I have a body, a temple to receive and echo the information in an integrative process.

If my feeds would not be on the ground the information would be received and integrated in a very different way.

I love having feeds and hands and a body to echo, to resound, to bring information into existence, to shape and to form energy into manifestation in different outcomes.

Being "in-formed" by higher wisdom is magic. Allowing energy to flow through in order to go into reciprocity in a personal individual way and to use that to create, to learn, and to heal can cause powerful transformations internally and outside.

If we want to bring change into the world and our lives here on earth, we need to stay on the ground. As a human, we have the responsibility of how to respond and how we choose to create. Go for it!

Trees can be wonderful teachers to show us how to stay connected below and above. As internally and externally. How to dance with the wind and the storm. How to transform the rain, the light, the warmth, and the cold....

Thank you to my Tree Friends. Thank you to my Samas (shipibo diets).

Thank you to my Shipibo Teachers.


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