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  • Ute

Acceptance & Neutral Judgment = Presence

How much do you respect your different experiences and parts which are arising?

Do you notice when you don´t agree with a certain situation and you push it away because a part in you wants to feel differently.

When we look at it, it means you deny an experience, you deny an appearance, you deny what consciousness creates.

Every emotion, every sensation, every pattern, in the end everything what an experience has to offer is a form and shape made by consciousness. Right?

If you deny a certain aspect, you deny the actual present creation of consciousness. The question is how much to fight against reality? How much do you defend God? How much do you reject a part in you which is experiencing something? How much do you reject yourself?

We need our judgment and observation to distinguish in our life and to learn.

The question is are you able to judge from a neutral source? Can you just notice the differences of appearance, to learn why and when it is different, how does it feel different and what are the consequences etc.

Notice when the ego judgment kicks in!! When do you start to compare or when do you measure yourself with a certain standard / idea / wish or desire you have.

If you don´t allow to be with what really immediately is happening, you can´t be truly deeply present with what is.

You only can make room for the gifts of universe and god, if you fully acknowledge everything what is happening for you, the pleasant and the unpleasant.

Full acceptance brings us deeper to the experience of love and peace.

I want to remind you and me and us, that when we allow to make room for our uncomfortable feelings and our discomfort only then we are able to receive wholeness and the real texture of who we are in this world.

Let´s remember together and let´s make room for each other to feel everything what is there. Consciousness is big enough to make room for the pleasant and the unpleasant. This doesn´t mean that we get overtaken by the pain.

In the long run the opposite is happening, if we don´t deny, if we don´t suppress, if we allow everything to be and we just inquiry with our neutral judgment, then we grow and gain true strength.

We learn to accept fully. We learn to be truly present with everything.

This can be a huge door opener to get in contact with our true essence and with living essence.

We learn to dance with the full flow of life…. Vulnerability and acknowledging discomfort are the same door openers as love and bliss - same thing just from the other side.


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