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  • Ute

When do I perceive and experience through the filter of “what I think I know”?

This type of “learnt knowing” is so ingrained that it is so real for me, that I can´t imagine to perceive the world without it.

I think I am that and I think the world is that.

I talk about the filter, which feels so normal and real, that I need a while to realize where I´m talking about.

Can I make a difference of direct experience and the experience where I perceive through this filter of learnt knowing?

For example I watch around, what do I see without labeling it?

Can I perceive without that my mind automatically makes something into something?

Just as a practice: when you sit somewhere save and calm, practice just so perceive without using filters, and then check which is the different quality of this experience?

What do you notice is different?

I mention that, only to get more aware about the inner feeling how different we can perceive, so we get more aware when we automatically using filters. For being more aware about our perception and what we make out of it, for me this is an interesting inquiry.

I don´t say stop using your filters or fix them.

I just suggest let´s learn more and more to notice when they click in and maybe block ourselves to have a real clear direct experience with presence.

When consciousness penetrates presence, then we are able to go deeper and to touch truth.

For this reason it is good to notice when we think we touch truth, but we might experience through a filter and miss the real touch.

There is a difference to think this is true, or to really deeply experience truth.

My intention is to notice more and more the variety of my different ways of perception.

I love to inquiry about learning different ways and angles to realize and to touch reality.

The “bare" and "pure" reality. As a human I guess, we only can talk about subjective reality and subjective truth.

No one can experience in the same way like you or me. Only self, only I can experience the way I do.

When we focus and identify our blockages, with the intention to see through them, so we can have direct real contact without (learnt knowing) filters, then we get to know a new angle about reality. We experience and touch presence differently.

I don´t say this is “THE ANGLE”, I say a new angle.

Because I don´t know how many more angles we can explore and find, and I don´t know how much fuller and more total reality can get.

I guess "total reality" is infinite. I can imagine it is too much for our human experience. ;-)

For me it is faszinating to explore and to allow to let unfold what ever appears. I love to learn to use more and more different angles & doors of perception, with the intention that my subjevtive truth can expand.

I'm very grateful for the humans in my life with who I can share this inquiry & playground.

Realizing more angles and different entrances, brings a bigger range of perspectives, which brings freedom & peace (when integrated well).

The picture gets fuller and more spacious. The playground for being a human expands and new learning and teachings are arising through expansion.

Life gets more and more comprehensive/rich when we are able to connect our psychological patterns with the infinite particles of consciousness.

New dimensions are opening up, when we identify our filters of "learnt knowing" and realize they hinder our direct experience with presence.

The brilliant thing: we can learn to see through them :-), so they don't block anymore.

We are awareness versus there is awareness.

This is a true-journey ;-)


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