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Trees can be a teacher: how to stay grounded, rooted, and connected below and above…

How to cultivate a seed, let it sprout, and grow into a huge tree.

How to use the rain, the wind, the air, the sun, the moon, the earth, and all that is to be in harmony with the forces of the universe.

How to use other energies and forces to grow instead to destroy?

How to honor what is happening and use it for our learning and expansion instead of going into a downward spiral?

How to grow and learn together even if it seems it could destroy you.

Shifting and changing energies through your response.

Which energy do you choose?

How can the energy you choose change your surrounding?

Which responsibility do you choose for yourself?

Which space and time do you create for yourself to gain clarity and raise your awareness?

Are you willing to question the structure you have created in your life?

Changing structures and energy flow needs focus and attention.

When we raise our awareness, when we want to level up sometimes the shift is smooth and easy, but sometimes structures break which can be painful.

In case it is painful, see how much the pain is teaching you. Going into pain always opens a world of healing and reclaiming who we really are.

If I feel the tree energies and learn to embody the trees I have dieted and carry with me, they always give me a sense of how I stay in my process and stay my ground. How I hold myself and how I hold others around.

I deepen how I feel my roots, how I feel my body, and how I feel and sense higher connections above.

Sometimes there are moments when the pain, the sadness, or the fear can get “overwhelming”. My mind and my body go “that´s too much”. There can phrases arise as “ I can´t do that”, “I don´t want to do that”, “Leave me all alone”, “I hate that”, “I hate life” and so on….

My samas (diets) with my trees helped me to find again and again the way back into trust and into the deep knowing “I can”.

Finding the dance with the different winds, and energies, experiencing the trauma responses, feeling the depth of sadness or fear, and learning and practicing, again and again, to be rooted in the ground (of god) and being connected up to the light, these dances are a calibrating and shaking off periods which always bring so many endless growths.

Learning the dance in life from the wisdom of the trees is a huge honor for me.

I love to offer these learning experiences to others who feel the call, together with my shipibo maestros.

Thank you dear Trees and plants. Thank you universe for holding me and teaching me to hold. Thank you universe for sharing wisdom and connection with me. Thank you to my dear Shipibo Maestros and the Mahua lineage who guide me through my learnings since August 2016.


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