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Stay connected to "LOVE" and diggest pain/darkness

Stay connected to God and diggest horrific events.

The topic of how I hold pain and darkness with love and compassion is getting bigger and more and more crucial for me.

I decided to feed the idea that we are all one. Sometimes I forget and sometimes I notice how a part inside of me is enjoying when I forget and tempt to feed the idea of separation. It is the part which sometimes does not want to be part of this whole madness on earth.

I can experience life as a shit show and I can experience it as the most holy miraculous beautiful thing. These are my both intense sides talking. I know it is all of it in one :-)

On a conscious level, I simply know that we are always one. Consciousness, life-supportive energies, and life-destructive energies are flowing all together and all life is a drop, a wave, a current in the big ocean.

Being a human makes it easy to forget about ONEness as we live in a body and we easily can tap into the idea of separation.

Both ways of living I can enjoy.

Firstly: Being consciously a drop in the big ocean. Seeing for example the aggressive behavior from another person as part of myself is present in my awareness.

Secondly: At the same time, I can judge someone else for his/her behavior and distancing myself completely from that.

I live and experience both honestly.

My higher intention is to approach life through the lens of oneness.

There are both extremes possible to access for myself and many facets in between where I can cherry-pick when I want to see it in myself and when I don´t want to see or acknowledge the reflection inside myself and I choose to separate.

The truth lies in all of that for me - depending on how I live it and which story I tell myself.

I create my own truth all the time.

Important for me is that I see the big picture and that I don´t go into limitation as a protective function or out of my comfort zone.

Even more important I want to be aware and notice whenever I do that.

I´m very grateful for friends and brave people who reflect on me and people to whom I can talk honestly in whatever state I am.

I know that I can be an extreme person. I belong to about 5% percent of humans who can feel emotions/feelings at a higher intensity than average. This was confirmed to me now by some highly skilled astrologers. So when I say "I´m riding the waves of life", this might mean something more intense than when someone else says that.

This is a big blessing to be able to feel so deeply, there is much intelligence involved and it can be experienced as a curse when it triggers a lot of other things in myself.

For a long time in my life, I developed many ways and patterns to numb my feelings/emotions or to control them. Maybe this belongs to my biggest learnings in this lifetime.

Life can be an intense ride for me. Close people around me need to be well-centered, emotionally mature, and wise to understand when I live on the peaks of some intense waves.

I can feel very light, full of trust, loving all, highly motivated, flowing with life, full of ideas, and in the flow of high energies.

Also, I can feel very heavy, feeling all the pain of the world, going into my wounds and feeling hurt to a deep degree.

I´m learning to balance all these feelings and to keep them in my own field, and as we know we are not separated beings, so any state or energy from one person connects to the surroundings.

One of the very big things I´m learning with who I am is:

Feeling Love and Pain at the same time.

Staying connected to "God's Love" and digesting the darkest pain and cruelty.

I want to share that as it feels super important and I´m sure many of you are on the same page:

When we learn to hold any pain with love, high frequency, and trust in the universe/big spirit/god then we help the low energies immediately to be morphorized into higher frequencies.

If you are a facilitator in Plant Medicine Ceremonies you might know about your role in how the lower energies of trauma get transported through different layers up until they dissolve through the organism of light and high plant intelligence. At least this is a way of energy work and shamanism I´m learning.

Same globally. The more humans are aware of that principle of how to transform low energies with our access to consciousness, the more we all can level up. With our conscious access, awareness, and powers we can help to move certain energies into the light and life-supportive fields.

Different practises can teach us to raise our awareness about energies, so we can support this movement and conscious transformation.

I don´t talk about bypassing being passive or avoiding. The opposite: I talk about feeling the pain, feeling the compassion, feeling the fear, feeling the sadness, and staying connected to the light/frequency of God. This way we guide the low energies to move upwards and to get catalyzed and moved towards the resolution.

I see it. If one of you knows what I am talking about, please let´s spread this knowledge and encourage each other.

The worst thing that is happening in the world is: that people are disconnected from the high lightful force / God.

When we disconnect from pure love and trust / GOD, then more and more energies can come in to manipulate us. We can witness that quite clearly if our eyes of knowledge are open.

This could be a whole book if I find the energy to write about it.

Let´s stay connected - let´s learn to help catalyze the pain - let´s stay with open hearts - we all together can feel the pain and send it to the light.


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