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For Integration space is required

Everyone talks about integration and you can find vast amounts of information about it.

The most important thing for you is: to create space. We need to create space to support ourselves to be whole, to integrate, to relate, to create, to build new bridges, to keep energy flowing, to connect, to observe, and to be aware.

The most important aspect of integration is to create space to feel and hear yourself. Bringing awareness to what is really happening within you.

Noticing when you slide back into old patterns and also noticing when fresh new energies are asking to flow freely.

Making space for when fear or insecurity starts to build, and noticing when you slide back into old habits that you have already recognized as limiting.

It is important not to ignore what you have understood and already learned or what you are learning. Remember to what you did commit during your reteat. Promises and Commitments with the energy from Higher Plant Wisdom are powerful energies. Bring them in alignment with your life.

Integration means making space for awareness. Allowing energies to emerge, allowing structures to change and energy to evolve.

Planting your new garden with all the new seeds of consciousness you have received. Be honest and clear with yourself and notice when you are aligned and when you are not.

In between these experiences and observations many things can happen. What does alignment means for you?

What are your values?

What do you use as your compass to be authentic, true and aligned?

In the whole process, how is the relationship with your self?

How do you treat yourself?

How do you talk to your self? How forgiving are you?

What triggers say “hello?” When do you notice them?

How are you able to create space for your triggers and to take full own responsibility?

How are you able to create sustainable change in your life?

How do you balance "your to-do list" and "your to-be list"?

What type of teacher/guide are you to yourself? Playful? Funny? Compassionate? These are good qualities to create a healthy learning environment :-)

After working with Ayahuasca and strong plant medicines, the time for integration is a sensitive window that offers fertile ground for radical introspection, new evaluations and it provides you a field to see what is really healthy, good and needed from you and what is not at all serving you.

We can notice how many things we only have done based on patterns rather then a real need.

I highly recommend to take precious care towards owning your inner and outer spaces.

It is a great opportunity to create change and relate to life and its ongoings in new ways. Here can grow a big life changing path.

For most people challenges do come up. Big transformations can cause doubt, insecurities, bring up uncomfortable emotions etc. All this is natural and often a part of a transformation. Changing structures also often breaks old ones, this can cause chaotic situations or can bring up pain. How can you hold your self? Trust? And move on into something what feels true for you?

To fully let go and to invent self or parts of self in a new way is often not the easiest thing. And it can be the most rewarding things you ever have done.

In these times it is good to have someone who can provide reflections and help you with self- inquiry in order to understand yourself better.

One of my intentions is to help you realize that you can take ownership of your inner dialogue in a holistic and compassionate way.

In this process we sometimes need to "unblend'' different parts within ourselves to feel our inner essence and to find our voice and the powerful leader within ourselves. "Unblending" parts means creating inner space to recognize the difference between True Self and some learnt programs which want to influence you. Finding the true leader voice in you.

How can I be my own compass while united with all that is? How can I stay centered when I also can be swept out to sea by my own emotions? What if I feel like I’m in a wild carousel? How can I find calmness? There are many ways.

I like to find individual ways that work and fit into your daily life. Ways which resonate with your own personality. The Wisdom and Truth always lays in ourselves. My joy and inspiration is to support you to find your inner treasures, in order that you can be your own guide.


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