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Past - Present - Future: including ancestral healing in our trauma work

I want to create some space for gratitude to my parents and ancestors.

There is so much wisdom, knowledge, experience, and intelligence passed on.

We live the way we live because our ancestors and former beings learned, evolved, and further developed. Thank you for that. Thank you for being strong and thank you that you have learned to survive. Thank you for allowing me to be here and experience this life.

I talk a lot about unlearning and changing patterns, to liberate and free the self from the past. At the same time, I´m always in my heart with compassion and gratefulness for all the former humans from my lineage.

I want to give acknowledgment and thanks to all the ancestors who survived their challenging experiences, faced very difficult situations, and made it through.

I´m the sum of you all guys!! Thank you for making me alive.

It did not start with one, we are a chain of transformation, aliveness, biomass, energies, and full of mystical unknown dust from all existence.

Because I´m interested in liberation and transforming limitations and maybe some of the healing we do goes back in the past as well, I like to look at what I see as my responsibility in my present situation.

We know there is a big impact on what our parents, grandparents, and so on passed on from generation to generation.

Welcome to the human experience.

Life has been different, to survive meant different things, and the culture and society required different habits and attitudes.

I know that both of my grandparents and grand grandparents survived 2 world wars for example.

Trauma jumps generations.

I would say that there is a tendency of feeling the stress of fighting in the world war from my grandfather to some degree.

Also, there is the tendency to feel fear from my grandmother and grand grandmother that their husbands are not coming back. In both generations, they died in the war and did not come back.

I was not there but I have the tendency to feel that.

I did not experience the 2 world war, but I feel the after - effect in my own experience in the present.

Ancestral transmission is important to be aware of. As it affects you in moments when you get triggered.

We grow up with imprints and tendencies.

In the process of healing ourselves, we also send a ripple effect back in time in our ancestral tree I can imagine.

Also, we try sometimes to deny looking back and examining the lives of our grandparents, etc. Maybe because I think/I feel it is too much. I prefer to look forward.

But all that I deny from the past it won´t be integrated. It will be a continuing trauma.

Everything I don´t examine I carry with me.

Denying the past makes it keep living.

Is it our life purpose also to integrate the legacy that is passed on to us?

We are walking with that, no choice.

The choice is do I pass it on or do I examine it and transform it.

So I stop the process of passing it on.

What do you choose?

Our energetical bodies are millions of years old. It does not just have our age, as we sometimes think. Actually, it carries information from millions of years.

Our system is developed through our ancestors.

We are not a white sheet and also our grandparents are not a white sheet.

Here we are with all the wisdom and pieces of information in us.

Multigenerational legacies:

When the father Is violent and aggressive, the child gets small. Shame gets activated but also the father transmits to the son “hey this a man who is angry and strong”. The son maybe will learn “this is how a strong man is.” Or “Having control gives power. To overpower someone is what strong men do."

Was (is) that not a big effect in our world?

“Family pathology rolls from generation to generation like a fire in the woods, taking down everything on this path until one person, one generation has the courage to face the flames- That person brings peace to his ancestors and spares the children which follow” (Terry Real)

This work is not just for you. It is for the generations. Past and future are combined in the moment of now.

Do I go to choose Door A or Door B?

How do you respond/react in certain situations?

Especially in intimate relationships, our traumas get triggered. If both partners are conscious and willing to heal together this is a wonderful opportunity to show up to really live mature love and intimacy with self and others. Wounds that got created in a relationship you only can heal in a relationship.

Are any of the following reactions familiar to you, when you feel triggered?

Do you get reactive?

Do you separate?

Do you numb?

Do you dissociate?

Fight, flight, freeze, or fix are the common responses of Posttraumatic Stress.

In these states, we feel stress. People around us can notice that we are not ourselves. Some people afterward can not remember details because their brain switched off.

Breath is your friend - Urgency is your enemy.

I talk about situations where you are not really in danger. I talk about situations where feeling unsafe & escape is getting triggered from the past.

What is it really what you wanna do?

Can you get into a higher observer role?

Can you observe the part of you which is hurt and angry?

Can you go out of your hurt and pain? Can you create space and witness your hurt parts?

Are you able to stay peaceful and honor the part which goes angry, scared, frustrated, and sad? But not reacting to that?

If you can create this space, this is a big step. Congratulations!

How do you choose your words?

How do you choose the energy you are talking with?

Think about and talk with your partner about what is door A for him/her and yourself (reactive pattern/ know old pattern/trauma response) and what could be door B for him/her and yourself.

How can you remind yourself and support each other to choose Door B, the door which is consciously chosen?

How can you support your loved one and stay true to yourself?

How can you create a conscious space for both of you to move on and through together?

Urgency and reactivity versus finding a calmer space.

Listen into your body if there is energy moving urgently, this is mostly reactively triggered old energy. Try to take a breath and see how you can expand the space, slow down, and can respond wiser.

Creating a space to choose Door B will be very rewarding, not only for yourself.

Choosing to step out of a trauma response will create much shift in you and in your life.

Choosing a new door will open other new doors.

You are in the process of creating a new pattern and letting an old pattern die.

Healing and transformation are happening in the past, present, and future while you creating this space and choosing differently.

You create a new and wider space of awareness in your whole system if you can change trauma-based responses in your life.

Our protection mechanism mostly wants to run away from pain. This is natural and was helpful and survival in the past in dangerous situations. In the present, we often react to this old pain and our system reacts “with running away patterns”. This might be literally running away, this can be an internal shutting off, a separation from the real moment/from the presence, this can be a numbing of emotions, this can show up in getting absent and dissociating.

Not being present is something that in a spiritual scene often gets judged. If you work with trauma, you might explore that this is a trauma response. It has not been safe for your ancestors or yourself in the past to be present. Being present was unbearable.

If you notice in which moments you disconnect you might find out more about the root cause (trauma).

Through certain practices, you can learn to feel again safe being present.

Practicing awareness about these mechanisms coming from the past, getting aware that these reactions come from the past, and learning to take responsibility to change is very powerful and changes energy fields far beyond just your individual self.


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