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My ancestor's trauma is not a burden.

There are different approaches. I can relate differently with my ancestors in my work of healing ancestral trauma. The way how I relate will influence my experience.

In my personal life, I had recently a breaking-through experience just because I noticed the difference in how I can relate to them in my healing work. I have to say plant medicine helped me with that, but also you can do this work totally without the support of plant wisdom.

If I see them through the lens of fear, sadness, or anger then I´m still caught up in my own “little one” whom I look up to them. In that case, my processes might feel heavy when I feel their trauma, it could feel like a burden.

When I “stand up”, when I raise my awareness more in a 4 Dimensional way. I feel more than just the ancestor, myself, my own body, my emotions, etc. I meet and relate to my ancestor from a higher place of seeing, a higher place of consciousness where I fully can see what he/she went through. I´m able to see the full picture, not through my filter from own experience or stories about this family member.

This gives me compassion, deeper seeing, feeling, and understanding.

Here again, my favorite number 8 horizontal comes into play.

If I create an energy flow with the 8. I see the others' trauma, I see the ancestor in an equal way, not caught up in my own ideas/hurt/judgment then the energy is felt in a liquid higher understanding form. The energy/emotions flow and are not stuck. It does not feel in my body like a burden.

WE process the energy in a flow-through feeling not carrying a burden.

There is a resonance, not a burden. It is transformative energy.

Versus if I let the trauma and heaviness lay over me, what I allow to happen when I see and meet my ancestors through the lens of my own filters.

"Moving up" and feeling them through and with consciousness detached from my own experience levels up our energies. Here liberation gets accessed.

When I´m unconsciously inmeshed with the energy from my ancestor, it is because I identify with the process. I suffer, I´m attached, I might fight with “I´m not him/her”, etc. There can be locked-up qualities and locked-up intelligence part of it.

When I open the field, when I move into an equal relationship (remember the horizontal 8) then there is a “wow” experience, there is a sense of true connection instead of being meshed up.

This process of a 4-D experience, where you witness the energetical process can free your life. Creative energy is unfolding as energy is in flow, life is flowing, limiting past energy got processed. Trauma individually, ancestrally, and collectively is transforming in that moments.

In my experience, the personal inner process needs to happen before consciousness is moving me up to relate differently at some point in my learning. For me, these different forms of relating must have been experienced.

There might be a first experience of burden or suffering, why you in the first place choose to dedicate your energy or focus to your ancestors and the trauma healing where you include them. Right?

Often people experience a new feeling of “permission of existence”, a sense of freedom, space, and groundedness after they went through that process.

Honoring the ancestors instead of carrying their pain. Getting aware of the resources they also bring into my life.

Often when they are finally seen and felt through you also their potential comes to the surface in you. There can come the sense of new strength and life force inside of you as the tubes are now open and flowing.

Connecting to the ancestors in that way can lead you to a new felt “resource of consciousness”. This clean ancestral connection and healing work are bedded in bigger resources, this is bringing the spirit to its full power. This is life-changing when you look at the new potential based on your energy flow and your ability to be present without the luggage from the past (or with less luggage).

Through that comes a new experience of attunement with bigger resources or I could say an attunement in bigger resources as well.

Enjoy!! Healing work has so many rewards - freedom, liberation, creativity, and a deeper and deeper sense of who you are or should I say who we are ;-)


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