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Integration is learning by experiencing

Integration is learning and happens while we are living with more awareness our life. We realized or learned something that showed us that we would like to take responsibility to change or to do something a little bit different.

It is a choice.

Do I want to integrate? Do I want to create a change? Do I want to take responsibility for my own life? Or do I prefer to limit myself and blame the surrounding so that I would not have a choice?

Saying this might trigger some of you, I´m aware.

Before I continue talking about Integration I want to clarify what I mean when I use the word “healing”:

When I talk about healing, I talk about taking ownership of self to shift something that is blocking me to live healthily. I talk from a point of view of expansion and wholeness. I don´t share the view that something is wrong or bad with me or you if we decide to heal some stuff. I talk about including everything and creating a whole map, to heal my own relationship to all my parts to create harmony and balance so I can find peace, joy, and alignment in my life.

This way of healing also includes professionals who I choose to support me on my journey of getting more aware of what my responsibility is on my personal healing journey.

The professionals I talk about include you in the healing process.

It is definitely not the way that I go somewhere receive a pill, receive plant medicine, receive Ikaros, receive a coaching, receive some bodywork and then I´m fixed.

A clear NO. In my opinion real healing only can happen if you are an active part of your healing process. You need to show up an engage.

The path of healing I talk about includes learning, commitment, and choosing responsibility for own mental/emotional/spiritual, and physical health.

It is all about understanding your own power and not giving your power and responsibility into the hands of someone else as we often know in the typical western medical system.

What means being healthy for you? You can define that by yourself. What does Health mean for you?

We might have individual focal points depending on how we choose to live and depending on our circumstances and the present moment where we find ourselves.

For me, it means taking care of my mind, my heart, my spirit, and my body.

I decided for my life that it is important to experience peace, balance, harmony, fulfillment, activity, a good sleep rhythm, and a strong body. If this is the case for me, this is my very optimal place to be.

If I feel energy and life are flowing harmoniously and I feel I riding the wave in a content way then I feel very happy and this is my high state of being.

Very often in my life, I don´t feel that way and I need to accept that as well. There lies for me personally much work, to accept, to be, and to feel grateful and loving if I´m not 100% in alignment with my absolute well-being.

For me personally, in these moments my intention is to see what are my parts to take care of or to be with so I´m good and aware.

Sometimes this can be a long process. For example, when I have problems in my work, in my intimate relationships, or with my old parents then I need to learn to ride the wave with all that comes up.

How can I ride a healthy wave if there are emotional challenges? How do I learn to take care of my own wounds, pain, and grief? How do I integrate that in my life, so energy can flow towards wholeness instead of separation and limitation?

How can I take care of myself best as I can to be in alignment, to respond from my wise parts, to put the right boundaries, and to create a space for healing and growth when “shit hits the fan”??

How can I use a “messy situation” to grow, learn, and as a healing opportunity?

Which people are with me and which are not sharing the same values around healing and growth?

I like to be aware of what health and alignment mean to me. So I notice when I need to shine the light of awareness on certain parts of my life to see if I want to choose to do something different about it.

Mainly for me, this starts inside of myself. It is about my inner work. If I´m clear and peaceful and loving inside of myself, this reflects automatically outside in my actions.

For all these reasons healing and learning for me goes together. Because first I need to get aware, if something is not healthy in my life, then it is about realizing why I´m not healthy or where lays my responsibility to take full care of myself to create a healthy life.

When I get aware of in which moments and how I like to implement new awareness in my life, here is for me integration happening.

Theoretically very easy and simple.

Practically we sometimes deal with resistance. Often the root of the resistance is fear. Changing patterns that we created in the past to survive, is not often that easy to let go of.

A lot of compassion is needed.

Discomfort, anxiety, loneliness, and fear can come up, which moves us easily back into our comfort zones or holds us in our familiar patterns and blocks us to move into something new and more spacious.

Very often we start to notice fight, flight, and freeze responses. Maybe old patterns of defense which we did not experience for a long time or maybe never were aware of.

In the process of changing patterns, very old stored wounds and traumas can arise. This can be experienced as scary and destabilizing.

We might have the experience that we feel worse than before we started our conscious healing journey.

This is a healing process. It can be strong and not easy.

It is good to ask for help from someone who can help you to remind you who you are and where you like to go in your life.

To help you to guide you to a place of empowerment, where you learn not to be dominated by old wounded old parts or feelings.

Our nervous system often needs to be upgraded, and we need a save place for that, there can be many lessons showing up how I learn to create a safe space for myself. In that process might come up a totally new idea on how to create healthy relationships or how to relate to self and to the world in a new way.

In healing deep traumas our nervous system can be a great teacher for us. Finding a new way of awareness and integration including consciously our nervous system can be a deeply psychological and spiritual learning experience and can give us a huge portion of awakening.

The nervous system carries quite high intelligence and can be very interesting to create a compassionate relationship with this whole organism each of us carries and is integrated in.

Integration flows in our whole life and if we are really committed to change and if we carry deep anchored trauma in us it is a huge maybe never-ending journey. Some practice, skills, and in the best case community, people who go through the same and understand you are very supportive. A deep understanding of these processes can make it much easier.

Being deeply felt, seen, heard, and acknowledged by others supports the conscious field for all of us to connect, flow, grow, and liberate our full potential.

We can not just do that alone ourselves, as humans we need connection.

Connection and communication are key in our learning and healing experience. Reflections are a natural way of realization. We as a human are part of a whole organism. Each is a wave in the ocean of consciousness. We are not separate beings.

Said that it is as well important to have space and time for yourself and to create your own sanctuary where you can build up a loving experience with yourself.

Sometimes we set linear goals for our journey of growth.

This might end up a little irritating because learning and healing happen in an organic flow.

Often the energy goes where the process is ripe, the opening is happening when it is ready. If somebody opens up, certain energy starts to flow or goes in resonance with something that happens. There might be a backflow to some childhood wounds/trauma, family material, or even ancestral things.

When we go through our healing, learning, and expansion experience holistically, with everything we integrate we increase our energy flow. Because we unlock patterns and allow them to flow more fully with life energies.

In this process, we open the future. We create a bigger world. We create expansion in our awareness which is the soil for our creations.


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