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Don´t narrow down your freedom

Hello everyone out there, I trust you are all well.

A few weeks ago I made the decision to take a break from organizing and facilitating retreats starting October this year until next year August. It feels very freeing to give myself the gift of some more time and space for myself. My sense is that I need some free time to flow and listen to my intuition.

There might be new creations flowing through me and I want to honor and celebrate life outside of the jungle and outside of the typical plant medicine space. The plants I have dieted are all inside of me and want to express and flow in life with me and through me.

Strong big trees need much space to grow fully.

Since 2018 I was facilitating and organizing a lot of retreats every year. It got my main source of income and I felt very inspired and aligned with my work. I am endlessly grateful for the support of the universe, the plants, and myself to work in such a special sacred field. It is one of the biggest gifts to provide space and guide people through their healing and learning experiences with Masterplants. To witness and experience people who are healing, becoming more whole, expanding, leveling up, and putting effort into their growth. Wow, what an honor... You guys are the "creme de la creme" of humanity!

It is a wonderful job to see again and again how we all grow and learn together. This leaves a footprint of trust and hope inside of me about humanity.

Since 2015 I spent much time by myself in the jungle to diet and participate in SAMA´(Masterplant Diets). Ufff no words can express my gratitude for these learnings and teachings. Probably I have received many 100´s or 1000´s of hours of sacred Ikaros from my Shipibo teachers who are able to channel ancestral wisdom from higher realms of universal intelligence. This opportunity to be a student from such a powerful healer lineage is extremely meaningful for me. There are no words to express my thankfulness for that. Thank you to the RAO Nete (plant medicine world). Thank you, God. Thank you to all the life-supporting energies of creation.

I almost did not take longer holidays in these last years. For a while, I notice that I necklace my own free Ute time. I noticed many times over the last year, that my intuition and my body want to slow down. Many times I felt like just staying in my home, being in my garden, writing, reading, taking walks, or just relaxing is what I need, BUT I made work commitments all the time, so it happened again and again that I ignored my inner needs.

Do you know that in your life?? How does it feel when you ignore your own needs? Or even your intuition tells you something and you don´t follow up because of work commitments you have done, how do you experience that?

How do you take care about that?

Mostly I only was about one month at home and then I traveled again to the jungle to hold retreats. Also, I love my online work which I do, when I´m home. I enjoy that. Don´t get me wrong. I just necklaced my own free time. My online work I will continue on about 3 days a week also during my retreat break.

Isn´t that funny how I teach others to take time to integrate, nourish themselves and listen to their intuition?? I started to ignore that to some degree after my intuition and listening to higher guidance guided me to create True - Journey in Peru and to experience a wonderful life here. The more beautiful True-Journey was growing, the more grateful I felt about my life and my expanding work.

But there is one thing I noticed lately, I started to put more pressure on myself as there was fear sneaking in that I could lose all that again. This feels very vulnerable to share that here with all of you. There was fear inside of me, that I would lose all that if I don´t work hard enough. This whole energy caused pressure and created inside of me sometimes an imbalance. I´m very glad I could identify that. So taking a break means also breaking through this belief again!!! I have done that many times in my life, before I lived in Peru.

So here I show up again for myself. Let´s not be navigated by old limiting beliefs which narrow down your freedom.

There is an interesting thing I observe with many people I know who work in the healing field. They often work a lot, pushing their selves to the limit, and don´t take much time for themselves. Most of us got out of typical society's tight structures and then we continue pushing ourselves quite intensely sometimes in our new work and new life we build up.

The interesting part I see is the reflection from an individual living in a different land/culture and doing internally the same as the society/collective from their home country. There is way more to write about it, which I won´t do here and now.

I love learning in the field of plant medicine and because I appreciate my life, myself, and my ongoing studies with the plants I decided to take this break to honor my own integration and my own needs at that point in my life. The trees and plants I was dieting/learning with want to grow inside of me, all the received information need space and I want to allow myself to find out how these energies want to be expressed in me and with me.

One of the core values I committed to is that the life I live needs to feel inspiring for me. I want to feel connected and I want to feel aligned with my work, my life, and my relationships.

We are all the time growing, expanding, and changing, which means we also need regular to calibrate ourselves, so we can adjust our own inner growth with our life, our relationships, our work, and so on.

Right? Do you agree? What does this menas for you?

One new evolvement I already can share: In addition to our jungle retreat, and mountain retreats there will be a Beach Masterplant Retreat right on the ocean after the break in September 2024. Watch out for the news.

When I participated for the first time on the beach in a SAMA (plant diet), I noticed the ease and lightness coming in my dieta space and in my teachings. This alchemy from a beach life with a serious deep dive with strong Shipibo Plant Medicine was fabulous.

I love playing in the water, listening to the waves of the ocean, walking barefoot on the beach. Yay, all that is possible together with the learning with Shipibo Medicine after my break.

And let´s see what other new inspirations will come...

I´m very grateful for our upcoming groups in July, August, and September in our Jungle Location this year too.

Looking forward to these journeys with all the people who decided to come, join, learn, and expand... You are all amazing!

Much love from the Sacred Valley,



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