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  • Ute

Choose your THINKing...

Reality unfolds in multidimensional ways, there are causes behind the effects, you will never fully know or understand. There are always mystical aspects, where the rational mind can´t find an answer. Could you let go of trying to find an answer and just remain open to all kind of possibilities? Thank you rational thinking, you are doing a very good job. I acknowledge you, you help me to survive and I need you to walk with me through my life. But in some cases, could you please step by side, relax and let go?? Stopping trying to control with finding rational answer to feed certain parts in you, is that possible?

Dear human can you practice to feel safe with uncertainty? What happens for you if you accept fully uncertainty?? Is there somewhere freedom and peace in that??

We are human beings and we can use many different ways to think, to understand and to perceive, don´t just limit yourself and only use the rational part of your intelligence.

What about if we create a complete new way of thinking, feeling and operating in us, where we connect all of our different ways to think and feel. A way of operating where we consciously decide when it is time to think in separate terms and when is it time to think only in relational and connective terms.

Can you try and practice to think in a way or construct, where you really see everything in everything? Could you open up to see reflections in everything? Could you experience a oneness in everything?

Could you try to think the "not thinkable"? How does this make you feel?? What happens when you fall into the space of the "not thinkable"? Rational mind, are you able to let go and fall???

What if we can get more aware in everyday life, when we consciously learn do decide which road we go with our thinking, when does it make sense to see limited ways and when is it important to see the unlimited? What if we learn to choose consciously which part in our brain we use? What if we learn to hold this space in between of firing thoughts, where we choose which way of thinking is the most healthy and whole way in a certain situation?? So we can choose when it is time to compare, seeing differences and when is it important to think in oneness and connection.

What when we stop to judge the one or the other way of thinking?? All the different ways of thinking are gold, often we are just too unaware to apply them in the right moment.

Let´s get to know our patterns better, to create more space of consciousness in us and let´s learn to integrate our own "thinking machine" in a more whole context.

If I make friend with all my different ways of thinking, I also might do new peaceful friendship with the humans on the planet. From the unlimited perspective it could go even more far... ;-)

I believe and trust that we all as humans can learn to elevate our way of thinking. This will effect our own mind and the big mind/cosmic mind/collective mind.

This will effect the energy and information flow in relationship with our environment and will step by step effect and impact in "rings" a bigger field and huger domain (I love the "rings" from Rainer Maria Rilke).

Let´s learn to think with more awareness, let´s use the gap before we fire certain neurons in a certain direction, let´s learn to focus on your choice how we think.

Let´s support each other, we are all teachers and students to the same time.

"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." (Viktor E. Frankl)


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