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Can be Sacred Plants our teachers?

When we diet plants, the plants are our teachers. How much do you like to include humans who are teaching us something through words, concepts, and ideas?

For me, this topic is an ongoing theme as I really like to learn with the plants, in ceremony, and whatever appears for me between the plant realm and myself, in the field of my awareness and in form of any reflections in life, etc.

In my learning, there are times when much information is flowing and at other times there it´s more still.

Do I want to fill my learning with other human's knowledge and experience when there are themes I´m still tapping into the unknown? Or do I trust that the plants, higher wisdom will teach me exactly what I need to learn when the time is there?

Am I confused when other people talk about certain concepts and ideas which the plants never showed to me?Do I compare what I´m learning with the learning from others?

How much to I take in from other sharings and how much do I just listen but allow myself to come to my own conclusions?

Most of what I learned with and through Shipibo Plant Medicine over the last 8 years came not to me because other humans taught me that through talking. My Shipibo Maestros are not very talkative, plus we don´t speak the same language properly, so there never was profound communication through words possible about something I go through. Of course, there were many little chats, I could tell when I experience a blockage, fear, new worlds opened up, certain energies I see, etc. 

They always gave me short hints, comments, or responses. Always in a way that it gave me a little direction and then I had to see what this means for me or if it means something for me and how I integrate it with my “Ute mind” in my “Ute world”.

Some of my Shipibo Teachers sing in a way, that I´m learning to understand.

They repeat certain phrases or tell me during the ceremony just one word or sentence to describe what is energetical happening, so I can give it my attention to learn through my own seeing.

Luckily I also have friends who are dieting plants. It is very helpful sometimes to share an experience, but honestly, I always felt that all our journeys and perceptions are very unique. Rarely someone has the same experience as I  have and vice versa.

For this reason, I feel our learning with the plants is very unique and if we put concepts or ideas from others over our learning, there is a high risk that we lose our individual learning and processing because it goes through a filter what someone has said.

I like to express that this way to encourage you to listen deeply inside you and to be conscious of how you take in ideas/teachings from others.

Also as facilitators, we need to be very careful with that in my point of view. I give my best always to share and speak in a way to pasajeros to encourage them to find their own understanding and their own way how they integrate certain information and experiences.

When the energetical worlds of higher plant wisdom / universal wisdom open up to us to teach us and to heal us to get more whole in our human life, this is a huge gift and it goes much further than any words or concepts from humans can go.

It is a big honor to keep and perceive that in your own ways and to learn to trust in yourself on this journey.

I trust that we all have in us a self-healing force. If we learn to allow to let go of certain "darker aspects" they move toward the light. Energy wants to be in flow in wholeness. This is the nature of energy flow.

We need a big portion of trust, which is a path of learning as well. And yes sometimes we need help from someone who knows to make our energy flow design "nice" again, so it is connected to "God"/the light fully.

To guide people when they are struggling or asking for help, is important and can be very healthy for their journey. When people feel overwhelmed of course it is good to support each other and to hold a safe space.

I just want to shine some light on how we do put ideas into another mind which influences their own experience and relationship to the work with Plant Medicine.

Right now I´m studying with other Longtherm Noya Rao Students and here are some I can feel and see that they know already something in the way how they sing their Ikaro.

I can sense that some are well connected to the Noya Rao energy in a deeper integrated way,  as they diet every year for a couple of months.

For me this is very nice, as mostly when I diet or I´m in a ceremony, there are only very few people who diet for many years in a dedicated way.

I notice that my mind would like to ask them a lot of things to get maybe confirmation for my experiences or what I´m seeing. It is interesting to observe this pattern inside of me.

Why would I need confirmation? Why would I need to hear how others put “their learnings” in words for me?

Very important for me is to listen to the Ikaro from someone. Many teachings I learned while I was listening to the Ikaro of my Shipibo Maestros. There the energy from the plants gets transmitted. This is how the plants teach you and connect to your world.

This way we learn to be present, focused, and receptive and how to show up for these higher energies.

Another very important learning is to sing to the medicine and with the medicine. This way you interact and connect more actively.

These learnings are marvelous and miraculous. Much more expansive than any words in general speaking.

Of course, talking with others on the path is as well wonderful. It is beautiful to walk with other humans on this path of learning.

There can be many challenges and it is nice to feel held and understood and to support each other.

The learning I feel needs to come through the plants, as we might have the tendencies as we are so much used to it to learning with reading, listening to a human, and the urge to know and understand with the mind.

Learning about energies is more expansive and it invites us to open deeper ways of feeling, seeing, and observing than just our mind can do.

In the past sometimes I met people who did not understand that my way of learning with Plant teachers, does not additionally include reading books or to participate in Classes or Courses.

Sometimes I was doubting myself because it seemed that my learning is kind of slow and not much progressing.

Now I see more and more and  I´m grateful that I did over the last years my “Ute thing”.

Even though it was sometimes a little frustrating but there was the trust that I´m learning in my own way.

I can see that this was, is and will happening.

Gracias dear Plant Spiritis, gracias to my Shipibo Teachers and gracias to myself.

As anyone knows who walks this path, it is not easy.

You get again and again tested in your trust in all kinds of directions.

Much love & kindness to all of you out there (or in there).


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