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Values & Phylosophies of True - Journey

Basics that influence my work in facilitation, mentoring, and holding space during the retreat or in 1:1 sessions:

Why choose a retreat or 1:1 sessions with me?

Does the following resonate? Is this what you’re looking for…?

1. I love being on the ground and having my antennas up to listen to higher wisdom.

2. I have built up a connection with my diets and my maestros from the Mahua lineage in a profound way

3. I believe in individual truth and that everyone already has the inner wisdom and deep knowing

1. Being on the ground and using antennas for higher wisdom

1.1. Being human, living with the physical and the subtle in oneness

We are humans. We have two feet, two hands, a body, a heart, and quite a specular mind. I think we can all agree on this.

In my view, fostering alignment and attunement awakens a huger for knowing, and an empowerment with sources of the universe.

Plant medicine helps us to open our senses, in whatever way this means for you. Sacred Plants can remind us that we are connected to God, and that we have magical powers to navigate through life.

I’m again and again fascinated by the remembrance of what we can create and what we can do as a human.

My approach in working with these strong plants is to see how we can live our lives fully. How we can connect to our superpowers and our skills, and how we can deepen into the alignment with who we are here on earth.

A very essential part of working with Plant Medicine in the Shipibo tradition includes the Ikaro (healing songs) and the transmission and connection to higher plant wisdom by a skilled experienced Shipibo Healer. The Ikaros work with your energies to open you, to connect you, to clean you, and to support you to find your place in the “Universe”.

This work can create new harmony within you, but it’s up to you how you do your own part. The energy work is a co-creation between the Shipibo Maestro, the plant intelligence, and you.

Every symptom we experience – mentally, emotionally, and physically, shows us something about ourselves. Some energies might not be flowing well in us and through us. Sometimes there are chaotic patterns or blockages which need to be harmonized and aligned so that we’re fully connected and able to live to our full potential.

It’s possible to learn this type of Energy Work on the path of dieting plants. Committing to the path of being a student of higher plant wisdom is a long-term training to learn about energies, healing, and what lays “in the hands of God” (higher intelligence).

This subtle work can however become more complicated when we travel deeper into your make-up, and into the root causes of what is wanting or needing to be transformed within you.

These experiences can leave someone in a state of “flowing”, “flying”, or a little disconnected from practical life and having to get their feet on the ground.

My approach is always to remind people of the importance of being connected to the ground. To stay strong on earth while we’re learning about subtle universal energies in our own individual way. Remaining connected into the earth is the power where we can finetune our Atenas to the higher subtle universal intelligence, which we can learn to have access to.

The way how I invite our clients to process and digest new information is to allow them to let all flow and ripple out into daily life. This can happen very naturally and easily, but sometimes it needs our full participation and effort of focus and attention to let our new alignment of energies to change our life.

In the process of leveling up, often old structures might break. I’m here with offline and online support to help you to implement and integrate. The whole process of letting energies flow in new ways mostly just needs space, which is your responsibility to create in your own individual way.

Connection to the world of “Sama” (plant teachings/plant world): A tree teacher plant is deeply rooted down into the earth, and is growing into higher worlds of consciousness

I love being in the medicine space, drinking Ayahuasca, learning about subtle energies, learning how my shipibo Maestros channel the plant energies and working in the field of the individual human.

The subtle work is fascinating.

At the same time, I love living in the physical world. I enjoy being a human. All the things we can experience, the choices we have, and the guidance we can receive from the higher universal wisdom in living in the physical world are fascinating.

To live a whole life we need to be open, playful, and joyful in all these different dimensions to access our full potential in being self-leading humans.

Self-leadership, healing self, aligning self, and taking responsibility for this is for me an ongoing process. To take full responsibility I need to be aware of my powers of thought and feeling, and how I act in my body with my voice and actions.

I love to remind you that we don’t have to go through our learning and healing too seriously.

The more playful, joyful, curious, and gentle we are, the more malleable our brain is to integrate new information and to change energy structures.

Our brain is a powerful machine. We just need to learn how to use it, to be able to connect to the different layers of energy.

The brain can do a lot more than manage our thoughts. It can guide our attention and focus in all areas. Where attention goes, energy flows, right?

So for me, the learning with Ayahuasca and the learning in our Masterplant Diets (Sama) is all about how to live and integrate our different layers of energies in our human life and the accesses we have through thoughts, thinking, intentions, feelings, body sensations, our doing, our acting, our response, reactions, and our way of living in reciprocity.

We’re living “creating machines”, and the more we become aware, the more we can use the power of choice.

The higher plant wisdom can remind us of our powers and capacities and how to take conscious responsibility to create an aligned life. Creation happens from the inside out, and aligning our life affects our surroundings.

When we change inner structures, this changes outer structures as well.

So yes, learning about subtle energies always includes the ripple effect in the grosser energies.

Magic and shamanism can be used to create bridges between different experienced worlds. To transmit and understand how different “dimensions” are connected in oneness. Learning to align, to create wholeness, and to build connections again and again.

To manage this, we need to stand on the ground and be able to access all kinds of finer layers of our experience.

I’m very grateful to be supported by my Shipibo Teachers, and I feel very honored to be able to offer you this space too. Having the opportunity to learn in connection with a strong “Sama” (Shipibo Plant Diet), to be working with higher plant intelligence, and to be guided by a strong Shipibo Healer lineage is something very unique. This is a path of learning, it’s not just a short visit. We at True - Journey create a container for you to be part of this life experience.

It’s important to bring to life what you learn with the plants. What you do in your life does matter, and for this reason, integration is an essential part.

We build reciprocity between ourselves and the energy world of the plants, while we consciously create space to follow our teachings. We bring our learnings to the outside world. What we receive in knowledge, we give to our surroundings so we all can level up. This means for me, reciprocity with my Sama and the plant worlds.

2. Our retreats are a field held by strong plant energies and our “Samas” by my Shipibo Teachers and myself

I’ve practiced and learnt with plant medicine since 1996, when I was a fourteen-year-old girl. I did not have any teachers or guidance around me. This is not something I would recommend to anyone. The plants just came to me, and it was not always easy. Sometimes my experiences were hard to integrate as a teenager.

Since 2015 I’ve been learning the Shipibo Medicine. Since August 2016 I’ve been committed to learning with the Mahua lineage.

From the moment I began learning with this family, I did not mix with any other Maestros. I remained to learn and drink medicine just with one family.

For a couple of month every year from 2016 and 2019, I was in the jungle and very dedicated to dieting with the plants in isolation.

Since 2020, I continued dieting with my maestros, but a little less every year. Still, I do about two months of dieting per year.

I diet less now because I felt for me that it’s time to be back in my life, to practice and live what I’m learning and healing in myself.

The diet container during our groups has a certain clarity, strength, connection, and alignment because of my connections and own diets with my Maestros.

This energetic network that my Shipibo Teacher and I provide through our connection together is reflected in the group container and the diets of our participants.

Often participants tell me that they felt very held and safe. I think one of the reasons is this “energetic diet web” (in shipibo: ani sama shobo means big diet house) weaved through my maestros, myself, through the space, and then through every participant.

My commitment and my own deep trust in the Shipibo healers and the diets is reflected in the “canos” / energy channels, which creates a safe and supportive space for dieting with us.

I’m very grateful for this unique field of work with my Shipibo Maestros. We’ve created a wonderful network in our groups over the previous years with the diets.

3. My Guidance and the space I hold for you is to find your inner source of wisdom.

I hold one very clear belief in my work as a retreat facilitator and as a mentor in our 1:1 sessions: Everyone has inner deep wisdom and knowing.

Often we are disconnected from our inner voice and inner wisdom of knowing. My job is to create a space using approaches to guide you to find your way back to your own deep inner knowing.

My intention is that you find your own empowerment to remember to listen deeply to your intelligence and wisdom centers. I support you to connect back to your inner deeper sense of what is true and aligned for you.

Everyone has the power of true self-leadership inside. We just need to recover this energy center.

Often we’ll experience different layers of somatic symptoms until we have the clarity we need. Energy shifts happen step-by-step, but not always in a linear way. We’re able to clear what is stuck or suppressed and receive clarity when the time is right and we are ready.

My methodologies use approaches where we work with your body sensations to liquefy stuck or suppressed emotions. By acknowledging limiting beliefs and patterns, we can understand them deeply, and then liberate and unlock any blockages.

In our exploration, we use your body sensations and your feelings. We explore different parts inside of you; Voices, sounds, thoughts, and expressions. We explore your whole being until we find your inner true feeling, voice, guidance, and compass.

This is a process that needs time. There is a high potential that after this work, you’ll know yourself better and be able to live fully aligned and guided by your own integrated compass of integrity and SELF-energy.

Your knowing needs to be integrated into your awareness. This needs some practice and regular self-inquiry.

Everyone is capable to listen and to be guided by inner deep wisdom. Sometimes, we just need to let go of some illusions and to understand the roots of our disconnections.

I love to explore and discover with you. I love going on a True - Journey with you together. We co-create this path.

I will never say that I know better than you do. I might share my feelings and what resonates with me, and I might tell you what I perceive. But I will always give you a strong invitation to listen inside of you. And to develop your own inner deep sense of what is true, for you.

If these values resonate with you and you feel a call contact me.


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