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💚Ayahuasca can be a gentle medicine💚

Yesterday I met someone in Lima who never had drunk Ayahuasca or taken any other plant medicine. He said he feels scarred as he has heard that Ayahuasca would take him apart. He said he is looking for more gentle and subtle ways to heal.

I want to share that I had many gentle experiences with Ayahuasca.

Yes, you may get totally shot out or taken apart to give you the chance to live more whole, AND also with the dosage we can influence your experience.

This is important to understand.

The effect from Ayahuasca does not have to be super intense where you completely get pushed out far away.

I have with everyone who participated in our group's video calls before. When someone signs up for the first time we have at least 2 Preparation Calls before.

Based on that I have a sense of how I start with the dosage.

How sensitive someone might be etc.

My Shipibo Maestros and I work in a way where we intend to build up a step-by-step process. The first ceremonies are mostly on the more gentle side. 

There is higher wisdom involved and we can not and also don't want to control the experience. I consciously choose in the beginning to start with a small dosage, so the person can get "a feeling" for the medicine. Having a first "handshake".

If someone brings much fear, there is always the possibility to be extra cautious and we work together through that.

The Ikaro is a huge part of the energy work, as well as the 1:1 sessions we have during the retreat.

Ayahuasca is strong and can crack us open and break through a pattern, so we can evolve and level up AND we can use it in gentle ways if this is appropriate.

Different people and different traumas create different circumstances and we take it from there. It is a healing journey.

Sometimes we need to be pushed strongly and sometimes a gentle approach is very essential.

The beauty and magic of working with higher plant intelligence are that we can learn to give up our control to give ourselves in the hands of higher wisdom.

I like to offer to built up the relationship step by step where everyone has a different speed.

Also with 1:1 sessions I provide working through with you and explore subtle energies and layers. We can do that over several months before you feel ready to join an Ayahuasca retreat with us.

💚 I love to create individually programs with you 💚


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