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True – Journey

Long Term Training Program

"A journey into being a space holder for yourself and others"

Learning to be a Facilitator with Shipibo Medicine

Duration: about 1 - 2 years

Starting time: flexible

We design that individually and in the flow - this is a rough idea - contact me to talk about

This Plant Medicine Facilitator Training is designed to cultivate your personal practice and exploration with dieting plants. The core objective is for you to heal yourself with plants while simultaneously learning more about the dieting and facilitation process. During your diets with True-Journey and our Shipibo Healers, I will provide guidance and facilitation to hold space for your healing. The program will allow you to first hold space for your own inner processes and move towards holding space for others.

This long term program will be personalized and will organically flow based on your individual needs. The teachings and topics will unfold in the present moment through your own process, and later on through practical applications based on group dynamics and activities that arise.

If we want to work with others on a deep level, we need to be clear about our own relationship with our own emotions. We need to be aware of our own patterns and triggers in order to not project our issues on our clients. Having clarity, integrity, coherence and energetic awareness will open the space for your clients to be in alignment with their own healing process.

Remember that you cannot give that which you do not have. You can only guide people as deeply as you have gone yourself. You can only create safety for others if you are able to create safety for yourself.

My mentorship style stems from my belief that we all possess unique capacities to hold space and to guide others on their journeys. My intention is to support you, share my experiences and reflect with you, so you may find your own methods, abilities, qualities, gifts and ways of working with others.

My experiences working in Medicine Spaces and Therapeutic Settings have guided me. My intention is that sharing my knowledge with you will serve you in finding your own authentic and true path as a Space Holder and Facilitator.

True-Journey and other medicine spaces are in need of experienced facilitators to bridge different realms so that higher wisdom from the plants can be well integrated and used. For this reason, I feel a strong call to create and share space in order to provide opportunities for learning and growing.

Requirements: There are no specific requirements needed to apply. Experience in facilitating groups, dieting sacred plants, and knowledge of practices like Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, somatic experiences, and others, can be extremely beneficial. These activities can help you and might bring forth certain skills in the process.

Psychology and Therapy approaches can contribute certain ideas and models that can be very helpful for your process and the facilitation structure. Those with backgrounds in these fields are encouraged to apply.

Please also apply even if you do not see your skill set reflected.


Part of the application process includes a video call where we will discuss how you can best contribute to the program.


Before committing to the training together, you need to diet with us. So you and I can connect and you can connect to our maestros and the plants. This needs to be experienced before we plant the next steps.

This Program includes:

1. Participation in Shipibo Plant Diets

2. Private Sessions & Guidance for Personal Work:

  • Self Inquiry; Psycho-spiritual coaching; exploring and finding the root of mental and emotional patterns;

  • Awareness about the own "wounded healer" – gaining clarity on personal motivation to step into the role of a facilitator

  • Approaches / Processes

3. Preparation & Integration Support

4. Practice: First step: practical training in a helper role & task to observe as much as possible;

5. Practice: Second step: Internships: Assistance during a retreat

6. Reflection and Supervision before/during/after the practical training / internship


More details:

1. Participation in at least two months of dietas with True–Journey as a Plant Student to learn and heal. These two months can be spread over the course of two years. At least one month needs to be in our Jungle Location.

Check the retreat schedule 2024:

Ayahusaca Masterplant Retreat Schedule 2024 (


2. 15 private sessions (online or in person)


Only if we are aware of our own emotions, triggers, and traumas, can we hold space effectively for our clients and participants. The sessions will be a blend of coaching, mentoring, and psycho-spiritual and compassionate inquiry. We'll schedule our meetings in an organic flow around your two "personal dietas" and your two "practical trainings".

In the private sessions during the episode of your training I offer psycho-spiritual inquiry sessions to you. We also explore and reflect about your personal exploration from the stance of your own "wounded healer". Do you frequently encounter the same blind spot? Is there a need in you to help others? What triggers you? When and Where is the space not clean because you mix up your own personal issues in the field? Etc.

This will happen online and in-person as required during and after your internship. Explanations, ideas, descriptions, knowledge, and experience will be shared about different approaches in Ayahuasca Retreats and Masterplant Diets. You will also receive insight and information from me about different processes that arise for people in this work.

You will learn about these topics through your own participation, our 1:1 sessions, observations, talks, and reflections during your practical experiences and internship.

3. You will receive beneficial and important material about preparation and integration guidance. You will join talks and circles, and you will receive your own included preparation and integration 1:1 sessions from before and after your diets.


4. Practice: Step 1: Practical experience: You will help in at least one, one-month retreat with small tasks (after the two months of dieting practice) related to retreat logistics and maybe during the ceremony. Your main task is to observe yourself and others, in order to notice what is happening inside you and around you.

You and I will have regular meetings and talks about your internal and external observations. We will meet daily for an average of 30 minutes, which will happen in an organic flow. The meetings during this retreat don't count as the 1:1 sessions you have in the package.

If you would like to combine the learning process with a Diet experience, you are welcome to do so.

5. Practice: Step 2: Internship: Assistant Role during a one-month retreat: We will create an exchange role for you in this retreat on a case-by-case basis. You can again choose to diet in combination with your learning process. We will create an exchange based on how you feel, what you have to offer, and what the need for the retreat space is.

How we create the exchange depends on your educational background and experiences in this field of work. During this retreat, we also will have regular 1:1 meetings to reflect on the dynamics, work roles, space holder topics, processes of the guests, etc.

6. Practical training/internship Guidance: Some of your private sessions we'll do before and after your practical experiences.


The Practical experience opportunity and the Internship will be decided case by case, how and when we feel that you're ready to step up in a helper/space holder role.

We'll advance with an organic flow and observe how your own personal process goes and the process of being able to hold space for others. Everyone brings a different personal background, diverse experiences, and skills into the training. Sometimes there is more personal work and training or more dietas necessary before it is the right time to step into a helper and facilitator role.

For this reason, it's essential for us to always be in communication and to clarify where we are in the process.

Important: I can not guarantee that we will do the 2nd practical step of the Internship. I need to be clear that we need to leave it open. It will not come as a surprise. We will have transparent and open communication the entire time.


There is an application process for this program. In this process, we'll talk about where you are at and I'll be transparent in my communication with you about where I see you on this path.

If you are interested, please contact me:


This Training Program is new and just starting to grow. The whole idea is still in process and there will be changes and exciting new components will be added. I will communicate everything with you and will consider your input. I will soon share this program on Social Media, on my website, and in the Newsletter.


Write me an email if you have questions, or ideas or if you are interested.


With much love,


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