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The Ayahuasca Diet - Before, During and After Ceremony

There are some restrictions and recommendations in the time before and after the Ayahuasca Retreat or Masterplant Dieta. The time before you work with Ayahuasca or do a Masterplant Dieta is called Pre Dieta, the time after a Post Dieta.



Ayahuasca Diet & Preparation: Ayahuasca Dietary Restrictions

There are many different opinions about the pre dieta. I suggest the safest option, and the way which gives you the biggest opportunity to be open for receiving the plant energy. The plant works with us on very subtle layers mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and probably on more layers than we are aware. 


Whether or not you feel like you can do a longer fast or a cleansing beforehand is up to you as an individual, and depends on your lifestyle. Taking your pre dieta seriously could make your Ayahuasca experience and Masterplant Dieta stronger and deeper.

I also recommend not to fast in a too intense way. The fasting should be in a healthy manner.


In general I recommend you arrive as pure as possible.This includes all of your habits and all of the things you consume and take in. I don't speak only about food and substances. I speak also about which books you are reading, which movies are you watching, what kind of communications you choose to have, and so forth. In general be mindful about what do you take into your system.

- Don´t have Sex (also no masturbation) for at least ten days before!!

- Don´t use chemical parfumed shampoo, bodylotion, soap,..etc. for at least one week before.

- Don’t take any drugs (plants, chemicals, alcohol etc.) for at least one month before.

- Don´t do any other Sacred Plant Medicine at least two weeks, better one month before.

- Please read the Medical Guidelines! 


Stop eating these foods at least (!) one week before:

- spicy food

- red meat (no soup, no bouillon)

- raw fish

- salt, pepper

- fermented food

- dairy products (cheese, milk, butter)

- caffeine, stimulants

- energy drinks

- carbonated drinks

- sugar (fruits or little honey is okay)

- cacao, coffee (be careful with strong plants)

- oil, no fat (Avocado not very fermented is okay)

- all kinds of strong plant remedies (always make sure with your doctor that stoping is fine)

- alcohol


Post Ayahuasca Dieta & Diet After Retreat

The length of the Post Dieta after drinking Ayahuasca (only Ayahuasca!) depends on how long your retreat was. After a 10/14 day retreat it is good if you are careful with the listed foods from the Pre Dieta for a few days and don't have sex for at least two weeks after a 10/14 day Ayahuasca Retreat.


Red Meat and Raw Fish especially should not be eaten for at least two weeks. In the Shipibo tradition where I'm learning they recommend in general not to eat pork for at least one month post dieta.


If you're using drugs (chemical or natural), be aware that they could cross energetically with your processes and the work which you did with Ayahuasca. The effect of the drugs can be very different afterwards than it was before for you. Wait as long as possible before you start to take anything again. I strongly recommend waiting at least one month!

Using other psychoactive substances can be very confusing and disconnect you from Ayahuasca and the work you just did in the retreat. It can cause big disharmonies in you. Don't risk that!


Of course, your post dieta needs to be approached individually and is completely up to you. While it's your own responsibility please reach out if you have any questions.

Post Diet after a Masterplant Dieta

If you are doing a Masterplant Dieta the Post Dieta is much more serious than a Post Dieta after drinking just Ayahuasca.


It’s very important to stick to the rules if you don't want to cross your Dieta. Crossing the dieta means that energetically your work from the dieta is "not vibrating" harmoniously. This means that "the dieta is not straight". This could effect you mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and can influence in general your outcome of your inner work.

Your healing process can get interrupted and it can put you in a not healthy place in general.


The length and the rules depend on the Masterplant which you are dieting, and on the length of your Diet time. It is very important that we speak after your diet about the details. It's also important to speak with the maestro/maestra.

Post Master Plant Dieta & Restrictions

Most of the time the Post-Dieta is at least 14 days, but it can be for up to a couple of months:

- no sex

- no red meat 

- no raw fish

Be very careful for at least 1-2 weeks with:

- frozen drinks and ice cream

- carbonated drinks

- coffee


At least for one month:

- no drugs

- no other Entheogenic Plants/Sacred Plant Medicine

- no pork: speak with your maestro, it depends on your plant and the length of your dieta.

- no alcohol


Also be aware that other Entheogens (Mushrooms, San Pedro/Huachuma, Peyote, etc.) will influence your work from the Masterplant Diet. We're all different and on a different personal journey, so there's no general rule for everyone. I just want to say be careful and really feel into it or speak with a professional person about it.

On the path with the plants, on the path of shamanism, it's all about learning to listen to the voice inside, learning to become more deeply connected to your intuition and the "Universe".

It's about building up a relationship and a dialogue between "you" and the "higher wisdom" which is surrounding us.

There's never the same rule and guideline for everyone!! But in the beginning some guidance is helpful and can help you avoid hardships and suffering until you find more and more of your own true dialogue with all that is.


Crossing a Dieta can cause huge energetic disharmonies in all realms, that's why I highly recommend you stick to the "rules", if you don´t want to take an extra risks. 

To decide to participate in the work with Sacred Plants means to commit to do the work, what ever will appear. So make sure that you feel ready.

In case of any questions, feel free to reach out.

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