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Psycho - Spiritual Inquriy & Spiritual Healing - Questions to Ask Yourself

Psycho-spiritual inquiry itself is the adventure of consciousness. Psycho - Spiritual (Self-) Inquiry as a spiritual technique develops the natural capacity of human consciousness. Life can be experienced as a continuously self-revealing unfoldment while we discover and it uncovers our deepest truth.
Isn´t that fun??
Practiced inquiry is a dynamic, exciting, open-ended exploration towards our immediacy of our experience. It can create space to find self-leadership. A space to get a sense of True-Nature that guides the "soul's inner journey".

With all questions, we include the responses of our body and what we observe in our inner spaces.


  • Belief structures and underlying beliefs: When did you create certain beliefs, how did they serve you in the past, and what are they doing now with you? How do they show up in the present moment and block you from responding openly and fully to the present moment?


  • What kind of stories are you telling yourself? Who do you think you are? How does this limit you? Beliefs and narratives are often copy mechanisms, which we created in earlier life, to protect ourselves, etc.. In which moments do they come to play, and how can you hold them with compassion?

  • In which situations would you like to respond with more presence? Do you have the feeling that certain experiences in the past are dominating you or blocking you from responding to present situations?

  • Did you experience any Trauma? How does it show up in your present life? Which patterns did you create out of the trauma? How is it limiting you?

  • How do old memories influence the way you respond to certain situations in your life?


  • Do you know the difference between implicit and explicit memory? How can you allow implicit memories to turn into explicit memories, so you get more aware of yourself and your reactions?

  • Who (which part in you) is willing to look at yourself? Who is choosing to grow? Who is choosing to be honest? Who is choosing to be open? Who is choosing to be curious?

  • Have you ever recognized different parts in you? Don't worry, everyone has them. It can be interesting to discover what functions they have.

  • Which part in you wants to do this work?

  • Is there a part that has resistance and wants to shut down?


  • Who do you believe you truly are?


  • Do you believe you are your personality? Or can you see that there is a true essence in you which has nothing or very little to do with your personality?


  • Do you want to explore what is the difference between your true essence and your personality?

  • What do you want that other people see in you? Why?

  • Is there something that you don't want seen? Why?


  • Can you recognize a defense armoring when you are with other people? In which moments does it play out? How can you get more aware of when it's arising?

  • How can you live more in your full potential? How much are you aware of your options to express and create? Do you sometimes experience that you feel blocked being you? 

  • What is really inspiring you? What do you love to do? Where do you want to put your life energy into? What brings you joy and happiness?


  •  What does mental and emotional hygiene mean for you? How can you work through it?

  • What about your boundary setting?


  • Do you feel a call to get to know yourself better? Are you ready to explore core beliefs and patterns which prevent you from stepping into your true potential?

  • endless list of questions comes into my mind..


If you do sessions with me we create space to observe what is happening in your inner space, and outer space, how are your body sensations, what are you seeing, and experiencing, how is energy flowing, how is the texture, qualities, temperature, etc.

Are there sounds, words, memories... We create space to BE with all that is there. Are there parts or energies which want to say something??

We are curious and we invite playfulness to be with us, so energies can flow and move...

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