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Co-Facilitator & Teacher for Yoga/Movement Classes


Iris was born among the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy, and some of her first favorite activities were to climb trees, and to pick wildflowers and herbs.


Thanks to her curiosity for diverse cultures and languages, Iris got to travel and live in different continents, and thus to cultivate a kind, understanding, and empathetic nature from a very young age.


Iris' fascination for self inquiry led her to become a student of Yoga in her early 20's, and to deepen her practice with several teacher trainings in India and Europe.

She studied under renowned Hatha Yoga lineages, but also more modern styles such as Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin Yoga.

She later began to share this practice at different locations around the world and in her former home base of Berlin.


Her interest in holistic healing found further satisfaction in the paths of Ayurveda and Bodywork, as well as with a TRE-Training (a somatic technique that assists the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma).


In 2017 she arrived in the Brazilian Amazon where she began to grow and learn with Ayahuasca and other plants from the jungle.

A year later she started teaching Yoga and studying from the Shipibo tradition in one of Peru's most renowned Ayahuasca centers.


Ever since, Iris has felt the calling to keep walking the plants path, and did so by dieting different Master Plants from the jungle, and by her commitment to an apprenticeship with the Andean cactus San Pedro.


One of her Master Plant Diet with Maestra Juana from the Mahua lineage, as well as the immense gratitude for the support received in her own trauma healing journey, inspired Iris to be in service to the plants and ancestral wisdom by assisting Ute in her offerings at different locations of Peru.


All classes led by Iris during our Master Plant Diets are going to be an intuitive blend of breathwork, meditation, gentle stretching, Yoga asanas, and mindful movement.

Simple and practical tools will be shared, aimed at grounding, connecting more deeply to the body, observing the mind, refining the ability to tune in with oneself, and listening to the subtleties of the inner universe.

These somatic practices go perfectly well hand in hand with the Shipibo medicine, and are meant to provide a safe and supportive space while navigating the plants' world. 

Integration is happening all the time and these offered classes by Iris will provide a space for you to connect to your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and with the energy of the plants. 

Next upcoming retreat with Iris: Ocean Retreat in September 2024.

 Co - Facilitator

olivia sans tambour.JPG

Olivia is a change facilitator. She supports those who wish to transform and live a life more aligned with who they truly are.


After 10 years’ experience in change management consulting, she embarked on new adventures in 2014 which led her around the world, in search of questions about herself and life. She dived deep into different spiritual practices: Yoga & Mindfulness, Reiki, Astrology, Holotropic Breathwork, Transpersonal Psychology and Coaching, Spiritual Hypnosis, Shamanism and Plant Medicine work. She eventually got certified Yoga, Transpersonal psychology coaching, and Spiritual Hypnosis.


She started her work with plant medicine in 2018. In that time Olivia and Ute met the first time in a well known Ayahuasca Center in Iquitos. In 2019 Olivia started studying with Manuela Mahua on a regular base. For True-Journey it is a great honor to have Olivia in the team, as she is aligned with the same shipibo lineage.


Olivia has facilitated and guided others in retreats and plant diets/Samas for a few years now.


She speaks French, English and Spanish, and is currently learning Shipibo.


With her strong and cheerful spirit, she is here to support you wholeheartedly in some of our retreats.

Next upcomming retreat with Olivia: She will work as a 2nd Ceremony facilitator together with Ute in the Jungle Retreat in August 2024.

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