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Plant medicine & ayahuasca Transformation & Integration of Consciousness

What does it mean to heal?​

We can also ask ourselves the question, what does integration and healing mean globally for humanity?

Every increase of awareness we start internally, we also find our individual ways of transferring our healing/learning into the outside.

This means integration and healing for me.


Connecting and harmonizing different parts/worlds/thinking/ways of life/traditions/people/seen & unseen dimensions etc, and finding the power, strength, and magic in this linkage and in this circuit gives pure liberation and creates many new possibilities.

Do you know what I mean by that? 

Isn´t this fantastic?

​Do people change and what are the changes after ayahuasca & sacred plant ceremonies?

There is an ongoing process of integration of consciousness, if we really want to manifest our inner learning and healing in the outside world.

Unless you transform insight into action in your life, it is going to become merely a memory and this can cause frustration.

For these reasons, my studying has focused very much on the processes of integration and healing, both inside and outside of sacred plant medicine experience.

A great transformation begins when we observe our minds and emotions with curiosity rather than fear and avoidance. Inviting all our thoughts and emotions into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them. We can calm them without ignoring them. We can hear their wisdom and receive their teachings without being terrified by their screaming voices.

There are moments during a transformation process where it´s useful to figure things out in solitude and by oneself. There are also key moments for growth and development where it is useful to reach out to get support from someone experienced and trained. 

Integration means getting whole.
Integration means making our life and environment a more whole and meaningful place.
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