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How do we hold our sessions?

The sessions will be online via zoom usually.

In case we are in the same area, we can meet in person.

What do I offer:

  • Preparation & Integration support around Sacred Plant Medicine 

  • Psycho-spiritual inquiry session (a blend of coaching, mentoring, and inquiry journeys): You can book a continuum care package for a longer period of time or single sessions.

  • Online talks & lectures about: Preparation for & Integration of Sacred Plant Medicine experiences; Shipibo Healing Tradition; Ayahuasca & psychospiritual healing; Masterplant Diets in the Shipibo Tradition; Psycho-Spiritual Inquiry (Alignment Work; Processing)

  • Psychospiritual emergency support 

  • Online Sharing Circles

Application & Prices

You can contact me personally for price information.

I offer special prices for example for a package of 10 sessions.

In case you are struggling with your money situation, let me know.



Also  you can book & pay straight forward a session with me, just use the Calender below on this side!

What ever your own personal preference is :-)






















I´m not a certified Therapist. I´m not replacing any kind of therapies, neither can I give consultations around medical treatment.

I offer compassionate psycho-spiritual coaching, psycho-spiritual inquiry sessions, transformative and integration coaching to support you on your path. In many cases, it can be very beneficial to use my services in addition to any other therapies or treatments. There is no contradiction in using a coach and doing for example psychotherapy. The combination can make it more holistic.

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