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Ayahuasca Preparation & Integration Coaching:
Spiritual & psychological preparation and integration for those working with Sacred Plant Medicine

Preparation and integration is key if you want to create a safe learning and healing process with Sacred Plant Medicine.

There is immense potential in working with sacred plants for learning and healing. There are unlimited opportunities for psycho-spiritual healing, holistic learning, expansion of consciousness, transformation, connection, self-empowerment, creating alignment, and exploring truth, etc.

For this reason I love to use the time of preparation and integration to provide guidance, coaching, and mentoring on your journey.

What do you need to know about Preparing to Drink Ayahuasca?

In the moment when you decide to take part in a ceremony, an ayahuasca retreat, or a master plant diet, your process often starts immediately. Useful emotions, thoughts, happenings in life, reflections, signs, etc. may show up. Everything that shows up is brilliant to observe and I encourage you to collect the bits and pieces which you can take consciously with you into your process.

 Integration post ayahuasca retreat

After your experience, your process is still unfolding. The Shipibo healer would say that the plants continue to work with you. This window can last for many months or even years. Things move and became unlocked, and now it is up to you how you integrate your experience mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially etc..


It's a beautiful opportunity to plant a new garden.


We are especially open and accessible afterwards, so this is a perfect time to build new neural pathways through focus and practice, to release old patterns no longer serving us, to create new patterns, and to invite new visions.

Engaging in a ceremony, Master Plant Dieta, or any other kind of transformational work, is about more than the initial experience, as impressive as it may be.


Psycho - spiritual Inquiry &  integration- create a safe learning and healing process

I want to support you as you bring sustained change into your life, to help transform patterns and integrate new insights into your daily routines.

I love to explore the interface of the invisible world and our daily modern life. I love to provide support in order to help you to create and manifest, as well as to discover with you the connection between different aspects and dimensions which you experience, so you are able to perceive the whole picture.

This can be a beautiful, fascinating, and also challenging process. It's ongoing depending on our degree of commitment and awareness. It's possible to prepare and integrate without a coach/mentor. This depends on your personality, your experience, your skills & tools and what you are going through.


How do I provide Spiritual Coaching and mentoring?


My intention in our sessions is to create a compassionate, present space to deepen our discussions and conversations depending on your intentions.

I offer to guide you towards authenticity, vulnerability, clarity and your true feelings. I want to explore together with you where your intentions are and what you like to work on.

To work with Sacred Plant Medicine gives you the opportunity to explore yourself through a new lens of perception. I offer to guide you in your process. My intention is to show you how fascinating this work can be. Even if you have challenging times, there can be a lot of playfulness and creativity while doing the work.

The process doesn't need to be so serious. Humor is great to shift energy in some moments ;-)

I offer support with identifying dynamics and unconscious drivers, finding the roots of pain and suffering, exploring different ways to process emotions, which patterns and belief systems are dominating your life, healing trauma, creating a new relationship to uncomfortable emotions, and whatever shows up. I'm here to hold a present, compassionate space for you.

My intention is that you feel safe as possible during your whole journey. I want to invite vulnerability and create a space for all kinds of emotions. Only if we let go of protection, may we be able to connect to who we really are and where we can find our truth. Jesus in the bible already said: "If you know the truth, the truth will set you free".

To invite truth, often we need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We need to trust and we need to feel safe. For this reason I offer the whole package of preparation & integration.

Your preparation and integration work will depend on your needs and wants, your preferences, how much time you want to take before and after, how many sessions you sign up for, and what pressing matters are in each present interaction.



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