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​Ayahuasca Integration Back into Modern Society: How long does ayahuasca integration take?

Originally, in different kinds of tribes, when a person came out of ceremony he/she got treated like a “holy person”. The family or the tribe created a space where they celebrated her or him. It was like a new birth and a new beginning. Various rituals were followed and they welcomed this “new individual”.

A ceremony or the use of Sacred Plant Medicine was often a kind of “rites of passage”. So the person was usually supported to find their new role, and to follow their new visions.


Space was given to the individual after the ceremony for time to contemplate, evaluate, focus, and interpret the new experience. The family and tribe protected this sacred space.

Clinical neurology has shown that it takes at least two days to create the first new neural connections after certain neurological destabilizations.

Most of the people who are visiting ceremonies go straight back to society or their usual environment after the ceremonies. Often we are surrounded by people who have a huge resistance to Spirituality and towards the work with Sacred Plant Medicine.

Most members of modern society don't know about the proper use and effects of Entheogens.


They are not aware of the strong healing effects and the Integration process which is very essential. Often there is fear and insecurity regarding the experiences you had and all the accompanying new thoughts, emotions, and connections which are coming up for you.

Our new thoughts and realizations can shake the system we live in and challenge the ideas of the people we live with.        


In our modern societies, the mystical experience is not something that most people take seriously or give much value to.


Ayahuasca integration into society - importance of a plant medicine and an ayahuasca community along with spiritual based activities


For integration we need to be open to the Mystery, we need to access it to stay open and in the flow of our integration. We need people to share this experience as well. We need a tribe who supports our individual transformation, otherwise, it is difficult for the new flowers to bloom. If we only meet resistance we can quickly fall back and our new visions can get buried and forgotten.

The modern society is a “guarded place”. Most things are controlled in a rational way to keep it all safe and maintain the common structure.

This is the opposite of what we need for our integration time! To give us the option to unfold things in new ways, we need a safe space to share and reflect, a space where we receive consent and approval, and where we can ask for reflections to understand ourselves better.

In case you have friends and/or family members who are open towards a holistic transformation, who have some experience in this field, including having an understanding and access to the Mystic infinite idea, this is a huge benefit. Use their reflection support and understanding.

If a community to share the experience is missing, this could also be a good reason to book some Integration Coaching sessions, especially for the time right afterwards.

True Journey - Ayahuasca Integration & Masterplant Integration Coaching
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