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Private ayahuasca retreat & program - a personalised plant medicine experience

There is the option to create online support for you connected with a Masterplant Retreat or also without any plant medicine work. 

Also, we can create an in-person individual retreat in the Sacred Valley.

You can stay before or after a Plant Medicine retreat where you can receive sessions and treatments to support your preparation and integration process.

To best plan and organize the time and space, let me know about one year ahead. 


 You don't feel the call to drink Ayahuasca right now?

I love to offer different types of modalities to explore, inquire, create space together and dive deep with you. This is possible in person in the Sacred Valley or online.

I have a network with different teachers for Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, and Massages.


Here in the Sacred Valley, we can include trips to Sacred Sides and Hikes to Lagoons and mountains.

Also, there are options for Microdosing and other plant support in more gentle ways.

Let me know your intentions and we can talk.

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